HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 38



Prudence’s pov:
I got to the office later and headed for the pharmacy section. I bought a home pregnancy test kit and moved to the restroom.

I was just too eager to know if am pregnant yet.
So I can watch what I eat from now on.
Having a miscarriage was and Is never in the plan.

I followed the instructions and in no time, I was waiting to see the result.
One red line means negative and two means very sure positive.

The first line came up and I stared at it keenly.
Oh God…
Please, let the other line…

I paused my thinking when another line appeared.
Oh lord!
Am pregnant!

I was so damn happy.
I have something special and strong with Angelo, finally…

I smiled and packed up the stuff to throw them away. I also took pictures of the red line out of excitement.
My first baby.

Lexi’s pov:
The door of the limousine was opened and I was asked to go in. I took a deep breath before entering.

My boss was on the other seat dressed in a black vest and red suit.
Finally, I’ve seen his identity.

“Lexi Donnaven” he called my name.

“Yes…sir” I stammered.

He chuckled.
“So you’re the young and desperate lady I’ve been speaking with. How old are you?” He asked and sipped from his wine.

There’s a big TV at the end of the limo and many other attractive things.

“Am 23 years old sir” I muttered feeling so uncomfortable.

He smiled.

“Do you have eyes for Rodney?” He asked and I flinched.


“N…no sir” I replied batting my lashes.

“Well, start having eyes for him. I just found out my daughter is his wife. My stupid wife married her off without my consent. I want you to be my inside man…ruin their union. I’ll pay you double of your pay”

Oh my God!
What an offer…

But did he just say Prudence is his daughter. He has been doing this to his don in-law?
What a crazy world.

It all back fired.
I wanted to laugh.
Prudence will hate her dad forever when she finds out he has been hurting Rodney.

“What do you say?” He asked and I nodded.

“Trust me sir, I’ll do everything I can to split them up…” I said grinning.

He grinned too and handed me a Bottle of champagne with a big ribbon sealed over the mouth.

“A gift” he said and i collected.

Looks expensive..

I thanked him and left the car.
His men took me back to the mansion.
Am starting to enjoy this job.

Prudence’s pov:
“Winter tell me where you are so I can come get you” I said into the phone as I stepped into my car.

“No! Stop talking like you care about me!” She yelled furiously and I rolled my eyes.

She’s so problematic.

I called to check up and her and she revealed she’s about to commit suicide.

“C’mon Win. I care about you so much, okay? Just give me the address so I can come get you” I said and she remained silent.

“It hurts!!!” She suddenly yelled and I flinched.

“What hurts? Winter, talk to me!!” I groused.

“I…I…can’t” she said and I could hardly hear her.
“Winter just tell me where you are” I rapsed.

“2…21 stallion street’ she muttered and I took off immediately.

Oh God
What has my sister taken? I care about her alot.

I arrived at the place and rushed down. I looked around and saw Winter lying lifeless close to a dumpster.

My heart starts race as I ran to her.
I did all I could to be able to carry her up and drag her to my car.

She looked so sick and almost at the verge of death.

Mom’s always busy and ain’t keeping a good eye for her.

I stared at her as she laid pathetically on the car seat.

I think it’s best if she comes to live with me at the mansion…

Did I hear Prudence well? 👂

Anyways, We’re expecting a baby soon from the couple❤ but Lexi is up to no good…


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