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September 20, 2020

Cool Stories 22

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HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 36

4 min read



Winter’s pov:
I woke up with my alarm clock ringing. Mom must have set it.
I stood to my feet and wore my flip flops and left the room without brushing my teeth.

Mom was no where to be found.
Since am jobless,
I just fried some eggs and made tea.
After eating, I retired to my room and had a bath. I wore my clothes and made up a little before taking my second breakfast- marijuana.

I was high already.
I left the house walking down the street.
I was on my way to the bar where I made out with the owner. It’s been few days already, enough time to tell him am pregnant. I arrived and met the workers cleaning the place.

“Where’s your boss?” I asked one of the waitress.
She arched her brows.
“Mr Stanley…he’s no longer the owner of the bar. He traveled to mexico with his wife and kids after selling off the bar” she replied.

I heard a loud bang in my head…
Did she just say he’s gone!!

I couldn’t move.
Am I at the right bar?
I looked around.

“Don’t joke with me right now.. Are you saying he left and is never coming back??” I stuttered shocked and scared..

She nodded.
“Why will I lie to you? Just yesterday he left after handing the bar over to his cousin” she jibed looking offended.

I stepped back.
Oh my God.
Am stranded again.

I have no one to turn too…
My eyes welled up

“Are you okay?” The lady asked.

Like a ghost, I walked out of the bar with my eyes wide open and my tears threatening to fall.

I give up.

Prudence’s pov:
You can’t imagine the happiness that filled my soul as I watched Rodney sleep.
I just woke up.
Last night was crazy…
Rodney and I made love in a very special way.
We barely had time for ourselves during this past few days but last night we vowed we would feel each other.

I’m also happy the drug worked.
My love is normal again.
No more worries in my marriage.

I remembered Angelo.
After that night… We’ve been talking though.
It’s like nothing happened.

I sat up properly and reached for my night gown which Rodney tore off when he was damn impatient.
I wore it and got off the bed and went to the bathroom. I got hold of my toothbrush and suddenly a gush of mixed feelings flowed through me and I felt like throwing up.

My mouth was filled with guts and I emptied the sticky stuff in the water closet.My mouth was sticky and bitter.
I washed it off in the sink panting.

“Babe, are you alright?” I heard Rodney’s s*xy voice ask from the bedroom.

“I am, I just…”
I Paused and touched my tummy.
When last did I see my period…
Could it be am pregnant?? 😱😱

Lexi’s pov:
I jerked up from my bed with beads of sweats on my forehead. I think am going insane…
I had a dream about Rodney and I.
We were together in a garden…
He was on top of me and I felt his lips on mine. What could this mean?

I think am falling Inlove with Rodney.
This is way past ‘like’.

Since yesterday I can’t stop thinking about him. Why does he have to be so dangerously handsome and s*xy?
I racked my hair roughly.
Rodney, I love you…

Michael’s pov:
I sat on my lounge chair drinking tequila. No report from Lexi for days now. Is she ignoring me?
What’s that little bird up to?

My personal detective, Ramirez walked in.

He was holding his laptop.

“Boss, there’s something you need to see. But please be ready to take it in” he said

I stared at him with a puzzled look.
What does he mean by that? What do I have to see?

“You asked me to find out about Rodney Carlson. This is his wife…” He paused and turned the laptop for me to see.

My eyes nearly popped out of it’s sockets.


“What the f÷ck is this???!!!” I rapsed.

“I present to you nothing but the truth. She is Rodney’s wife. Prudence Carlson, your daughter” he said and handed me some papers.

I glanced at it..
Wedding certificate…
So prudence have been living with that s3x freak???
What have you done??? 😠😠😡😡


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