HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 35



Prudence’s pov:
We spent the whole day waiting and Rodney didn’t experience the urges one bit. Angelo’s remedy worked!

As much as am glad, am also scared.
I was just about to go to Angelo.
My heart was tearing into pieces.

Rodney said he’d drop me off there and wait in the car till am done giving myself to another man.

He isn’t happy either but he’s supportive.
We used his car and arrived at the place.

“Don’t let him svck your boobs, please…don’t let him touch you either just–” he paused and sighed.

I sniffed.

“Please Love, be strong for me… It’s just for a short time then we can be happy for the rest of our lives. We’ll forget about this day I had to give myself to another man” I said rubbing his arm.

He nodded and we hugged for the last time.

I got off the car and entered Angelo’s mansion. It’s huge and heavily guarded.
Oh geez, why must he want my body?
He’s wealthy and can get any p**sy he wants.

I was allowed in and a guard led me into the main house. He directed me to Angelo’s room.

I went there with my legs shaking.
I knocked and the door opened on it’s own.

“Come in” I heard his voice.

I gulped and went in.
The room was arranged and for the fact I was scared to the bone, I didn’t admire it for long.

Angelo was shirtless on his bed smoking a cigar.
I never imagined him to be…bad.

He had six packs and very great abs.

He stood up and walked close to me while the door behind me closed, on it’s own.

He was staring deep into my eyes and he had dropped the cigar.

He put a mint in his mouth and chewed quietly just looking at me – eyeball to eyeball
What is he thinking?

“Turn around” he said and I obeyed him reluctantly.

I felt his hands on my zipper and slowly, he pulled it down.
My dress fell down and am just in my undies before him.
I gulped.

His hands rubbed my public bone
He unhooked my bra and I shut my arms. He pulled down my pantie.
I just remained stiff.

The light dimmed into red.

He sucked on my neck and all I could do was imagine it was Rodney having me and gaining access toy body. He carried me to the bed and got on top of me inbetween my legs.

I tried not to cry.
Oh Prudence…when will the pain end.

I didn’t realize when he starts to suck on my n**ple roughly like he would die if he didn’t.

Don’t moan Prudence my subconscious mind warned.

If I moan, it means am enjoying it.
I felt his two fingers rub on my v and I shuddered.
I can’t believe I was already wet down there.

He slid in one finger and I moaned… Damn it,!

But he’s just an expert and doctor, he knows how to weaken a woman in split second….

He made it three fingers and I screamed like crazy. He tried to kiss me but I pulled my lips away.
No, this lips are for Rodney.

He made my legs wrap around him and then he spanked me on my butt as he fingered and sucked me.
Oh my God!
What sort of pleasure is this??

He spanked me few times more and it was starting to hurt.

“Angelo stop!!


“Just stop!

I was able to beg.

He stopped fingering me and pulled away from my n**ple. I exhaled sharply.

He sat up and freed his stick from his pants.
Just staring at his huge d•ck just like Rodney’s gave me the creeps.

“Angelo….” I muttered as my tears came down. I’ve been holding them for long.

He stared into my face, emotionless.

I sobbed softly.
I tried shaking my head…

The staring competition was severe.
I didn’t know what his thoughts were.

He put his c•ck back into his pants and laid beside me.

“Go” his gentle voice said.
Did I hear him well?
“I said, Go!” he said and I flinched.

I quickly sat up and grabbed my clothes and wore them like flash before running out of his room. I ran like Usain bolt till I was out of his mansion. I rushed into the car and hugged Rodney tightly.

Do you believe in miracles?? 😯


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