HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 34



Michael – Prudence’s father pov:
It felt quite good to be home.
After leaving new York for years targeted at destroying my enemies one by one.
And my main enemy is Pascal, Rodney’s father.

He dare back stabbed me and am aimed at ruining his son’s life. I wanted to kill him but on his seventeenth birthday, I figured it will be nice to make him go through series of depression and utmost frustration.

I wanted to make him less of a man.
I know he doesn’t have the memory of what happened that day cause the scientist blocked that part.
Am safe from him knowing am behind his urges and as for the pretty vulnerable girl, Lexi. She hasn’t even seen me for once. To her, am her anonymous boss but I’ll get rid of her soon cause she’s becoming a pain in the neck.

I’m back cause I want to see how Rodney suffers myself.
He even have the guts to get married.
I haven’t seen his wife but I’ll soon.
And am suprised his marriage is still standing when he’ll be sleeping around with women.

I scoffed.

Prudence’s pov:
I was in the bathroom scrubbing while Rodney was in the bedroom.
We’ll find out if the drug worked or not through out today, then in the night, I’ll meet Angelo.

My phone rang from the bedroom.

“Rodney please hand me my phone” I said turning off the shower and tying a towel around my chest.

The phone is water resistant anyway.
I stepped out of the bathroom.
Rodney was staring at me.

“I told you get it for me. Why are you looking at me like that?” I asked.

He was holding my phone.

“Can’t you give me a pet name?” He asked.
I chuckled and went to him.

“Okay, I’ll call you cupcake” I said blushing.
He grinned and handed me my phone which was no more ringing.

He held me by my waist while I checked the person who just called.


What does she want now?
Am busy with my own marriage, she should face hers and stop involving me.

“Mom” I said after picking the call.
I even put it on speaker.

“Prudence, your father was here through out yesterday. I called but you weren’t answering. By the way, Winter knows you’re married. But she didn’t tell your dad, she told him about the rape and pregnancy” she said in one breath.

I sighed.

“Relax mom, I’ll tell dad am married myself” I said.

Rodney leaned close and bit me on my n**ple.
Oh my God.
My whole body vibrated.
I tried not to moan.

“How will you tell him without him putting the blame on me” she asked.

I was about to respond when Rodney loosened my towel with his mouth.
What the…

He moved to my right n**ple and svcked on it hard.

I tried to stop him but I was enjoying it too.

“Prudence, are you there?”

“Yes, am just…peeling some….pepper” I stuttered.

“You’re peeling pepper???” Mom asked.

My brain is not in order.
A moan escaped from my lips and I switched off my phone.

“Rodney please!!!!!” I bemoaned helplessly.

He stopped and kissed me.
“Am sorry, I just love hearing you moan” he said and kissed me on my neck.

I smiled and went to go put on my clothes.

Winter’s pov:
I’ve decided to pin the pregnancy on the owner of the bar I normally go to.
He has a wife but I care less.

Its the first choice I have,
The second one is to commit suicide.

I went to the club dressed pretty as always.
I went in and asked for where he was,
His office.. Good.

I knocked on the door before going in.

He was on a call but when he saw me, he smiled.
He always had eyes for me.
But I deny him s3x every time.

I turned my back and locked the door.
I went to him and pulled up my skirt sitting on his legs.

I touched his belt but he stopped me.

“I’ve been trying to have you for a long time Winter, what’s the catch?” He asked.

Didn’t see that coming.

“Am just horny and you’re the only one that my body yearns for” I blurted.

He’s really not my type.
He’s ugly and annoying and always smile weirdly but I can’t go on alone.

He smirked and left my hands.

I removed his belt and unzipped his pants.
Then I removed my undie.
I carefully sat on him and starts to go up and down.

I don’t even know what am doing.
He lifted me and pulled out.
He turned me to hold on to the table and in one swift, he starts a rough anal penetration.
He’s so big and huge just like the guy that raped me.
The boss starts to ride me gripping onto my hair tightly. Wow, it hurts in some way.
We were done and he pulled out of me.
“That was good Winter, let’s do this again” he said panting.

I couldn’t say a word.


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