HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 33



Winter’s pov:
Dad had left and am now stuck with mom. I know what she’s thinking. I can see pass her face. She’s suprised and shocked that I told dad about the rape and my pregnancy.

She must he devastated.
Well, she deserves it.
She thinks am a child to keep alot of things from me.

Prudence is married.
Yes, I found out.
I was eavesdropping on her conversation with her when she dropped by.
She’s f–king married.

How can they keep such a truth from me?
Is it because am a drug addict…
What sort of reason do they have, huh?

They think am not sensible but stupid.

The door of my room opened and the witch that claimed to be my mom walked in. She held a despondent look and she leaned against the door facing me who was on the bed sulking over the bast*rd in my tummy.

“Why did you disobey me and tell your dad about the baby? Do you know what he’ll do to us?!” She rapsed and all I could do was smile.

“I need to ask you that question mom. Do you know what he’d do to you when he learns that you married Prudence off without his consent???” I asked and she flinched at my outburst.

“You…you know?” She stuttered with her eyes rolling.

“Am not that stupid am I? That explains the expensive jewelries she wears and that white Porsche car! How can a nurse get all that in a short period of time?” I stated clearly bitter.

Why didn’t mom marry me off? Why did she skip me?
It hurts to know my own mom would see me as a completely useless person with no future..

I feel so bitter.
How can she hurt me this way?
Prudence seems to be her shining and most successful child.
God, why did you create me?
Why was I ever born if I’ll just live a shattered and messy life?

“Winter…am sorry” she said as hot tears slid down my cheeks..

I don’t want to live anymore.
Am done living.
I just want to die!

Prudence’s pov:
I slept off in Rodney’s arms.
I was so stressed out.

He’s back.

Lexi’s pov:
“… You won’t even tell me why you’re suddenly back? Am your employee, why can’t you be honest with me?” I asked into the phone.

I was outside talking to my boss.
He’s just too secretive..
What’s he up to exactly?

“The last person to question me this way got a bullet for it. Mind the way you speak to me Lexi cause I can have you killed instantly. Don’t call me again unless you have something useful to share” he said coldly and hung up.

Are you kidding me right now?

He just threatened me. After everything I’ve done for him…
If he’s not careful, I’ll expose him to Rodney. The poor guy needs to know the man behind he’s desperate cries.

I looked around before sneaking back into the house.

Rodney’s pov:
I woke up feeling so lively and hearty.
How I haven’t felt like in a long time. For the last 6 years.
I touched my private area.

I stared at my lovely wife beside me.
Last night was to die for..
She was so good and supportive and I gave her my best.

She slept so peacefully.
Thank God today is sunday..
Enough day to ourselves to have fun in a while

I wonder if the drug works.
I can feel it.
It worked.

I leaned on Prudence and kissed her trailing down her back. She was backing me and was still n’ked. I sucked and bite her neck.
I feel like starring now to kiss her forever.

It’s not the urges.
It’s just for the first time in a while I see Prudence as the most beautiful woman on earth. Her face so innocent and lashes…
She’s a goddess.

I pressed her boobs through the duvet and she woke up.. I chuckled and took my lips to her n–ple. I start to suck on it and she held me signalling me not to stop.
She moaned softly – music to my ears.

“It’s too early to spoil me babe” she mumbled inbetween moans.

I pulled away and kissed her.
She smiled.

“I love you prudence” I cooed.

Her eyes beamed.


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