HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 32



Ruby’s pov:
I dropped the tray of muffins before him filled with hate and grudge. His men are everywhere so I can’t poison him now…

I’ve decided to play nice.

“Go and get Winter for me” he said eating my muffin.
I sighed and went to Winter’s room. She was awake but still in bed.

“Your dad is here winter but I need you to do a Favour for me dear…don’t tell him you’re pregnant. He must not know…for my sake” I said teary.

“But mom, it’s not your fault. I got raped that night. He can’t blame you” she jibed looking concerned.

“Just for your sake hunn” I said taking her hand and we left the room to the dining where her dad was.

“Winter honey” her dad said and they hugged.

“Papa” winter said in a crying voice and her dad kissed her hair.

“My baby. You look sad. Sit with me” Michael said and she obeyed.

“Where’s Prudence” Michael asked and my heart skipped.

What do I tell him? Where do I start from?

“She went to a work center. She’ve been staying there for a while now” Winter said and I felt relieved.
She just saved me.

“How about you Win? How’s your health? How are you really doing?” Michael asked winter.

She glanced at me.
I tried to give her the signs of saying all is well.
Signs of her being happy and safe…
Oh lord.

“Actually dad…something happened” Winter said and my heart leaped beating like a party drum.

“What happened my love?” He asked.

“I…I was raped and now am pregnant” she replied.

Bang 💥
Am so finished.

Prudence’s pov:
I went to Angelo’s office inbetween shifts. I need to take the drugs and then….😱😱😱

I went in to figure he was busy with some students. Our eyes met and he dismissed them.
He came to me and we went to his office where it was private.

“I made two portions in case you loose the first one. Give it to him to drink right after you both have…had s3x” he said the last part quite despondent.

I took the small bottle from him which the content looked like honey. I stared at him for a while – Angelo.

“Where and when?” I asked sarcastically.

“Let’s do it tomorrow night at my place. Text you the address” he said emotionlessly and walked away.

Oh man…
This is harder than I thought.

I called Mom but she wasn’t picking up… What’s going on?

After work I went home. Can’t wait to get to work and solve Rodney’s problem.

I came home to learn that Rodney went to work. He hardly goes out since we’ve been married. Anyway it’s an emergency.

I was glad the moment I heard Rodney’s car drive in. I was already in my transparent nightie hoping he won’t be too tired for us to make out.

He came into the room and just stared at me for a while before coming close. He couldn’t take his eyes off my exposed chest and my n**ples were pointy.

He took off his shirt and next, his shoes went off.
He climbed on the bed and moved into me. He kissed me wet and rough and I reciprocated.

He starts to kiss my neck and back shoulders.
“What are you up to?” He asked softly against my ears. He’s breath was rough and hovered around my neck.

He helped me pull off my nightie and I was naked underneath. He trailed kisses all over my body part and settled at my v. He brought his lips close and soon I feel the warmth of his lips on it sucking deep, his tongue rolling in and out of my p**sy.

Oh God😱😱😱

I spread my legs more for him.
He’s eating me alive!

“Oh yeah!..



“Oh don’t stop!…

I couldn’t contain the pleasure and intense feeling I felt. I moaned in ecstasy.

He stopped and came up kissing me like his life depended on it.
I feel his stick rub at the edge of my v.
Oh damn!
He should come in already!

He teased me some more and am forced to speak out.
“C’mon Rodney. F–k me please” I cried.
I never imagined I could say such… Out of my arousal which was driving me insane.

He finally came in not even giving me a chance to adjust. He start to pound and drill me fast and hard.

He lifted my legs up to my face and he gets a better view of my v as he plunged un and out. I couldn’t stop screaming.

I winced a bit when I feel kind of hurt and swollen.

I opened my eyes slowly and saw him looking at me as he screwed me.
This better be worth it.
By this time tomorrow, Angelo would be tasting me this way…
I panted softly after Rodney pulled out of me. I took the drug from the drawer and gave it to him.

“Drink it love..* I said as tears slid down my cheeks slowly.
He took the bottle to his lips drank all…


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