HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 30



Lexi’s pov:
I stopped infront of Rodney’s door. I could hear shattering. I ran into his room and met him with bleeding fingers. There were broken tumblers on the floor.

He hurt himself!
I rushed downstairs running like Usain bolt. I grabbed the first aid box and returned to Rodney who sat on the bed quietly.

I sat beside him and opened the first aid box.
I feel he broke the glass out of anger or probably frustration. What’s going on?
I should have been eavesdropping on their conversation whenever he’s with his wife but it’s very risky.

I wiped his bloody hands and he winced a bit.
He’s a human being…

I started to rub methylated spirit on the cut part.
He hasn’t said a word. I felt like starting a conversation.

“What…what happened sir?” I asked with my voice shaking.

He looked away with a grudgeful look.
“None of your business” he said coldly.

Oh geez,
I remained quiet as I finished up with the wound dressing.

I packed everything I used into the box and closed it. I better go.
I stood up to go.
I’ll go and get what I’d use to clean the broken glasses.

“Thanks” Rodney’s cold voice said out of the blues.

I felt suddenly weird.
Like extremely happy he thanked me – he spoke to me atleast.

“You’re welcome sir” I jibed and left the room.

Ruby’s -Prudence’s mom’s pov:
Winter was with the police in their office describing the man while I waited by the lobby.

Oh geez, am so scared.
My husband is coming…
How do I define my fate?

I should have thought about this before marrying Prudence off. I should have known the consequences attached.

But I have to be brave about this.
I can do this… I have to kill the snake before it raises it’s ugly head.
I’ll kill that sonofab••tch.

Prudence’s pov:
Angelo just texted me.
The vaccine or should I say, Anti serum is ready.

My Rodney would be okay in no time!
I’ll have to give myself to that man.

I was about to go to Angelo’s office when I received a call.

Oh my God.
Why’s dad calling me?

Out of the blues.
I haven’t really been in good terms with dad though he’ve apologized a dozen times.
This is because before he left mom, I begged him not to divorce her.

I did everything I could. I went through hell knowing I would grow up with just one parent beside me.

But dad failed me.
He signed the papers-

I picked the call though. If he must call, there’s a reason.

“Prudence” he said with his deep voice.
I took a deep breath.
“Dad…” I called despondently.

“How are you? You don’t call, you never call. Don’t you miss me?” He asked.

I couldn’t reply that just yet.
“I have to go. Am prepping for surgery” I lied.

“Oh, just called to let you know am at Glamour hotel in new York. And I’ll be visiting you all soon. Cheers” he said and hung up.

Dad must be joking…
I scoffed.
No, he can’t be in New York.
Why is he back?

How is she?
Dad doesn’t know mom married me off to Rodney. He’s going to do something crazy. Probably hurt mom.

I quickly turned from the path to Angelo’s office and left the hospital to my car. I need to see mom.

I need to know she’s okay.

Winter’s pov:
“He had…blue eyes.
He’s broad and handsome.
He’s jaw is little below his lips.
He doesn’t have any scar.
He’s ear appears a little from the front of his face. He has long brows.
He has a somehow native medallion on his neck. He has white clean set of perfect teeth…. He’s hair is curly geled.

I said to the two policemen before me. The sketch guy was afar drawing.
I feel so emotional and bittered.
Will they ever find that man?

Mom’s forcing me to have the baby but I don’t want to!

I saw all the pain she went through raising prudence and I. Not financially but emotionally.
It’s alot of stress and I don’t want to experience something like that. Not whe am still cracked up.

I was asked to leave and I met mom outside the office.
She looked moody but quickly replaced it with a smile.

“It wasn’t so bad now, was it?” She asked.

I rolled my eyes.
“Let’s go home, am kind of hungry” I stated.

Mom nodded and we left the station.

We arrived home and the first thing we saw was a white Lexus car parked infront of our house.
Who’s that?

Prudence stepped out.
How did my sister get such a killer car?

There’s fire on the mountain 🔥🔥🔥


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