HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 3



Rodney’s pov:
I folded by arms staring at my maids and guards who trembled before me.

I came home to see the whole mansion redecorated and the cushions changed with pink fabric.

I was bewildered and pissed off.
“What sort of madness is this? I won’t ask again. Why did you change my house without my permission?! “I barked angrily.

They were mute with their heads bent and their hands behind their backs.

“… Your mother sir. She said we should do some minor changes so the house would be comfortable for your bride. “A tiny voice said from the maids.

I scanned through them with my eyes. I caught her shivering.
They are scared cause am always hard on them. They are more like slaves to me.

She batted her lashes as her eyes couldn’t leave the floor.

“What’s your name? “I asked her.
She raised her head staring at me like some movie.

“Lexi. “She replied.

“Lexi, from now on, you”re the new housekeeper. “I told to her.

She gasped.

“But… Sir, what about me? “The formal housekeeper yelped.

“Replace her spot or you quit. “I said going to my room.
My so called wife would be here any minute.

Prudence’s pov:
“Give that back Winter! “I yelled trying to collect my wallet from her.

She wouldn’t let me take it.
“I told you I needed money. Were you planning on leaving without giving me the money??”she ranted and before my very eyes, she tore the wallet in two.

She stuffed all the money in it into her pocket.

I gasped.
“How could you Winter! “I half yelled.

She rolled her eyes.
She took out my ID card.

I tried to collect it.

“Not so fast bitch! “She said.
My head snapped when I heard the ID break into two. She actually broke it! Why?

“That’s for keeping me waiting. “She snarled walking out of my room.

Tears were threatening to fall.
What did I ever do to her. I knew what it took me to get an ID.

I have to fix them.
What Winter just did baffles me emotionally. My sister is ruined for sure. Thank heavens am leaving. And I pray am going to somewhere better.

Am leaving her and her crazy psycho life style.

I took the ID into my hand.
I’ll fix them.
Maybe he can help, my friend, Nestor can help.

He’s a genius.
Once am settled down at my husband’s place. I’ll meet up with him.

Good lord!

I heard mom’s car horning.
Least I forget, she had been waiting for me for a while now.
We were going to my husband’s place, scrape that, my husband’s to be place.

I rubbed my forehead nervously as I jolted downstairs.

Rodney’s pov:
I laid upwards on my bed staring at the ceiling. I felt a cramp right in my tummy. I groaned as I sat up on the bed.

The urge was coming and my head spin really fast. The feeling. The hunger. The thirst! They were flowing in.

I felt my eyes darkening.

“F**k! “I groaned.

Not now.
The horny feelings were purging it’s way through.
I grabbed my car keys and my phone rushing downstairs. I got into my Buggati and slammed the door hard speeding off.

Oh God!
When will this end?

I couldn’t even think straight at the moment cause the feeling was overwhelming and likewise, something above me.

Lexi’s pov:
“He’s doing just fine sir. “I whispered into the phone not wanting anyone to hear me.

I chuckled.
“He just left to go work it out. “I said breezily.

“That’s great! Keep a good eye on him for me. And tell me if he starts to meet someone new. “I heard from the other line.

“Should I keep an eye on the new wife too? “I asked.

“No. She’s not a problem since she’s dumb enough to marry a s3x damaged man. “He replied.

I heard a car’s ignition on as it ascended into the compound. Someone’s here.

“I have to go. A car just drove into the compound. “I said and hung up.

I smirked as I deleted the call history containing his contact.

I dressed my uniform as I came out of the pantry closet in the kitchen.
Time to go meet the guest..


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