HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 28



Winter’s pov:
I looked closely.
Oh, I was wrong… It wasn’t him.
I think am starting to hallucinate. Is it one if the signs of pregnancy?

“Why is your attention there?..did you see someone you know?” Mom asked softly.

I shook my head feeling despondent.

She heaved a sigh and took my hand.
“Let’s get you home dear” she said and we walked to her car.

Prudence’s pov:
I arrived home after work and went to Rodney’s room. He was sitting quietly on ha bed but he was backing me.

He was shaking in a strange way.
What’s wrong with him.

“Rodney!..honey” I jibed and rushed to him.

His eyes was red like blood and his veins changing colors – blue, red, green…

I start to cry holding him.
I don’t want to loose him!

“Love, am trying to suppress it” he muttered looking at me tenderly.

“Don’t babe, let’s just do it. Am here for you” I chipped with my hand on his cold chin.

He shook his head.
“That’s not it love, the urges came earlier and I’ve done it but…it’s here again. Why Prudence? Why is it here again?” He said and I could feel his bitterness.

But that’s not right!
The urges come once.
Why is it now twice?
It’s tormenting my husband…

I couldn’t stop crying and he hugged me. I buried my head in his chest.
When will this end?

I sighed and stood up. I took off my nurse uniform. Then my bra and panties went down next.
Rodney didn’t want to look at me.
I knelt before him and removed his belt bringing out his c*ck.
He carried me up and dropped me on the bed straight to missionary.

We were done and I sat up on the bed unclad watching Rodney sleep. He was sleeping quietly and I knew he was half awake.

How on earth did I fall unlove with this guy?

Am doing everything I can for him.
I sniffed and took my phone dialing Angelo’s number.

He picked up after few rings.

I took a deep breath and spoke softly so Rodney doesn’t hear me;
“I change my mind. I’ll sleep with you” I jibed and hung up.

My life’s a mess.

I climbed out of the bed and took a duvet covering my body. I picked up my nurse uniform on the floor and other things before going to my room to have a bath.

Ruby – Prudence’s mom’s pov:
I stared blankly out the window quietly looking at the darkness and taking in the silence.

What’s really wrong with me?

Was the only question dancing around my mind.
Winter is pregnant.
How will her father that cruel man react to it. It’s practically his fault our family is shattered.

He’s a devil in a sheep clothing.
I don’t regret leaving him one bit but I fear what he might do when he returns back to our life out if the blues.
He’s very wealthy and might even throw me behind bars.

Whatever crazy idea that crawls into his evil mind.
But his not the main problem I have now.
Am worried about Prudence.
I try to get myself to forget about this but I can’t.
I feel guilty with what I did to her, She’ll never forgive me.
She’ll hate me when she finds out Rodney’s mom really didn’t like her whatsoever…
She bought her.

😭 I sold Prudence to her.
She said she found out her son was sleeping around with women and doesn’t want her to know about it.
So she decided to ‘buy’ a wife for him.
It’s so stupid of me!

But it’s not much of a crime, is it?

It’s still like a real marriage and he treats prudence well.

The guilt feeling is vigorous and taunting.
Even Rodney doesn’t know that her mom bought a wife for him.

If I confess to prudence what I did,
She’ll hate me for sure.

I sighed and closed the window.

My phone beeped… A message.

I checked it.
From Winter and Prudence’s father…

Why is he texting me?
What does the monster have to say?

I unfolded the message.


I flinched.
Why must it be today I just find out about winter’s pregnancy?
And worse, he’ll put me behind bars for marrying Prudence off without his knowledge.

What do I do?…
I think it’s time I kill that man once and for all…

Lexi’s pov:
I was in my room reading when my phone beeped… A message.
I unfolded it.


I checked the sender…
My boss is coming all the way from China to New York?


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