HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 27



Prudence’s pov:
I spent my morning researching and browsing for doctors specializing in human reproductive organ diseases and all what not.
I couldn’t find any…
They all kept directing me to Angelo.

He’s the best.
I feel like smashing the laptop!
This means he’s the only one that can save Rodney..

I have to succumb to his will if I want Rodney normal and good for me. I feel so depressed and frustrated with the whole thing.

I arrived at the office broken hearted. Even nurse Egna couldn’t cheer me up.

I went straight to Angelo’s office.

I’ve decided on what to tell him.

Lexi’s pov:
I held the tiny bottle in my grip staring at it. I was waiting patiently for the damn maids in the kitchen to leave so I could get to work. They were being really slow.

“Okay, you all should go clean the rooms now, I’ll finish up” I said out loud and they obeyed leaving one after the other.

I looked down at the tea cup and opened the bottle. I poured half of the content in to the mixture and stared before leaving with tea cup.

I met Rodney in his room with a towel low his waist.
I must admit..,
He’s extra hot and good looking.

I love his style and the way he’s too quiet and cold.

I was drooling the whole time.
He was smoking a cigar and operating his laptop.

He shot me a stare and looked away immediately.

“Um…Sir, I brought you tea” I said with the sweetest voice.

“I don’t want tea, get me coffee instead” he replied.

I nodded perfunctorily and left his room.
Damn it!!

What sought of jinx is this?

Thank goodness I left half in the bottle, if jot my boss would kill me for sure.

He pays the people that make the potion millions.

I wonder why he really wants to hurt Rodney this way.
Worst situation for a really hot guy to be in.

I went downstairs and made coffee and added the last drop and stirred.
I returned to his room and dropped it on the table.

He didn’t even look at me once this second time. But atleast am happy he accepted the coffee.

My job is safe and my life as well.

I didn’t want to leave the room.
I kept staring at him..
He’s just too cute.

What is wrong with me? Am never like this!
I think am starting to like him for real.
But am hired to destroy him, not love him.

It took everything for me to leave the room.

Winter’s pov:

I felt really dizzy staring at the TV which was now two before my eyes. I don’t understand myself anymore.
What’s wrong with me.

Mom came home just in time and we both went to see the doctor at the hospital.
She ran some tests on me and we waited patiently for the result.

“Ma’am, your daughter is one week pregnant” She said to mom holding a paper on her hand.

My heart skipped and I shuddered.
Oh no…
Tell me she’s joking 😭.

“What…what do you mean she’s a week pregnant?” Mom stuttered.

“Am being scrupulous about it. Here is the test result” she said and handed mom the paper in her hand.

I looked into it…
Am actually pregnant!
For that man that raped me that night.
What sought of tragedy is this?

I just met him on the road..
I don’t even know his name.

This is the end of the road for me… Am so finished.

Am going to have a child out of wedlock. I’ll be a single mom…
Maybe I deserve this..
Am cursed anyway,
Right from birth.
I tried to stop taking cocaines and other narcotic drugs but i can’t stop cause am addicted to it.
There’s nothing I could do about it.

“Winter!” Mom yelled and I came back to my senses.

We were outside the office.

“I’ve been trying to get your attention but it looks like your mind isn’t here at all” she jibed placing her palm on my forehead.
She looked at my face for a while.

“It’s not your fault my dear. I won’t blame you or make you feel bad about the pregnancy” She said.

I nodded slowly.

“But you know what this means Winter, you have to stop taking illicit drugs and getting high. For the sake of your baby” she said holding me.

I rolled my eyes.
“That’s one thing I’ll never do mom.
Besides, don’t you think I should have an abortion. The rascal doesn’t even care one bit about me” I stated as we left the hospital.

“Abortion is out of the question” mom warned.

I looked at the parking lot and saw him!
The guy who raped me?!!!


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