HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 25



Prudence’s pov:
Rodney and I settled the horrid fight between them before I went to have a shower and get ready for work.

I was done bathing and had a towel around my dry-wet body. I approached the closet and I felt a presence in the room.

I looked around and my eyes caught Rodney staring at me. I nervously looked away.
When did he enter my room?

Of course, he stood behind me with his hands wrapped around my waist. He rests his forehead on my right shoulder.

“Must you go to work today?” He asked softly and I felt my heart leap.

I know where he’s getting at….

“Yes, I must” I said with a nervous laugh.

“Then give me just few minutes..” He cooed and with that, he reached for the tip of my towel and pulled the towel off my body.


He turned me around to face him and I quickly bent my head staring at the floor.

He chuckled
“Don’t worry love, we’ll be fast” he jibed.

He carried me and dropped me on the bed kissing me. His breath was rough like a pant. He sucked on my neck and I wrapped my legs around him not wanting him to stop.
I hope this doesn’t hurt like the first time!

He stopped sucking on my neck and went for my n**ples. I was suprised they were erect.

I moaned nonstop as he sucked on it with his other hand rubbing up my thighs.
It made me shiver and in no time, am so turned on.

He plunges into me and left my boobs. He starts to ride fast and I screamed in ecstasy. It felt so goodddd.



“Oh…Rodney, please don’t stop!

I wish I could control my crazy moans and screams but I couldn’t.
It just flows right out of me.

Rodney starts to fvck me harder and rough. I shut my eyes with so much pleasure flowing through me.

I can feel it, am going to get pregnant for sure with the way Rodney drills.

Lexi”s pov:
I stood before Prudence’s door listening to her moan so loud and I could tell she was enjoying herself.

Shouldn’t she be begging him to stop?

I thought my boss said the drug would make him turn to a lion completely during s3x?

He said he’d stick would be fast as lightening and destroy the female’s v…

I shuddered at that thought.
I wouldn’t like my v to be torn apart. 😬

I have to tell boss he was easy on his wife. It might mean the drug is not so effective on him anymore.

We need to increase the dosage!
I smiled evily as I headed for the maids quarters so I could call the man. 😈

Prudence’s pov:
“Bye love” Rodney said and kissed me for the fifth time after we made out.

Immediately he let go, I ran into the Benz waiting for me. I would be taking it to work.

I got a text from Angelo earlier,
He said he has taken a look at Rodney’s blood and he happens to know what’s going on!!

Can you believe that?
Am so happy.
Very soon My sweetheart would be safe from the urges. He’ll be normal and we can finally live in perfect harmony without thinking of our flaws.

I decided to meet with Angelo first before going to the registry. Right now, am anticipating to hear from him.

We met at his office and he made me sir and brought out some files.

“Your husband has Ringovorua belrt in his system. It’s a very toxic potion made by…old men popularly knows as SODOM and GOMORRAH. The group of scientists were killed last year by US army. They were real criminals.

“i don’t know how it got into your husbands system but am still trying to find out. The poison stick to his blood reproductive organs which means they’ll leave throughout his lifetime, tormenting him with strange urges..

“I can make a potion that’d kill the RB but… I want something in return” he stated and I flinched at his last statement.

What could he possibly want?
I have money… Rodney has money.
But Angelo is wealthy so,
What could he want?

I batted my lashes and looked sown nervously.
“What’s that?” I asked.

“You Prudence. I want a one night stand” He replied.

(Note: the above name: Ringovorua Berlt does NOT exist!! Just fiction)


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