HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 24



Prudence’s pov:
I glanced at mom who was staring at me keenly. I faced Winter.

“Oh, It’s not mine, it’s my Co workers ring” I replied blandly.

She took my hand and looked at it closely.
“It looks expensive”.

I nodded and quickly brought my hands down hiding it from her.

“Please spend the night Prudence” she said and sniffed.

I looked at mom.
She was shaking her head telling me not to stay.

No. I have to stay with my sister, she needs me.

Rodney’s pov:
I felt Ike going crazy when Prudence called and said she’s at her mom’s place and she would spend the night there.

I really would miss her and I don’t know if I can survive without her.

I was at the balcony smoking a cigarette cause I felt cold.

I just finished mating with a lady.

Everyday seems like a deja vu…
I need to get over this and show Prudence I can love her truly and give her what she deserves.

She’s a wonderful woman and she deserves better.
Much more than a cheating husband.

Prudence’s pov:
I watched Winter sleep on her bed.
I’ve called the police and they’ll be on the look out for that guy.

They’ll find that scumbag and deal with him. He’ll regret messing with my sister.

Mom walked into the room and dragged me out.
She took me to the living room.

“Mom, what’s going on?” I asked.

“How can you ask me that?! What of your husband? How can you leave him and stay here? Don’t you care about him?” She asked keeping her voice low.

“Oh let me be mom. It’s my marriage..Winter was abused ,she needs me more than my husband need me. And yes, I care about Rodney very much” I replied briskly.

She sighed and slumped on the seat.

“Just leave first thing tomorrow morning. The more you stay,the more Winter would suspect you’re married and we can’t let that happen. She can’t know” mom enthused rubbing her chin.

I nodded.
“Whatever mom,i need to get some sleep” .

I tried to leave but she held me back.

“I don’t need to ask you cause am sure you guys have done it already… multiple times” she muttered and smiled.
“Are you pregnant now?”

I shuddered.

What? Why is mom asking something so sane as that?

“I don’t…i don’t know mom” I replied.

“You need to prove you’re fertile Prudence” she said.

I snapped my head at her.
“Who do I need to prove that?” I asked agitated.

“Just find out already. and if you’re not pregnant, you do something about it” she grouse .

I rolled my eyes and left for Winter’s room. I want to be by her side Incase she has nightmares.


Rodney’s pov:
I woke up after turning and feeling someone stop my retreat.
I looked beside me.

“Honey” I muttered as I kissed Prudence on her cheek.

She smiled and scratched her eyes as she sat up.

“,Good morning Rodney” She said .

I frowned.

Why can’t she give me a pet name?

“When did you comeback?” I asked her pulling her close by her waist.

“An hour ago around 6am” she replied perfunctorily.

“It’s unsafe to drive around so early in the morning but am glad you’re back. I missed you” I said kissing her by her neck.

She chuckled.

“Do you want to eat me alive?” She asked.

Yes Prudence.
I wish I could have every bit of you cause you’re driving me insane with everything you do.
Congrats Pru, you’ve won my heart.💕

“Did you miss me too?” I asked .

“Yes, so much” she said and crashed her lips on mine.

We kissed and it felt good.

“So how’s your sister?” I asked after we broke the kiss.

“She’s okay I guess…just hurting” she replied lowly.

I hugged her.

“Don’t worry, she’ll get better” I said watching her pack her scattered hair.

We suddenly heard commotion downstairs. What’s going on down there?

Prudence and I went downstairs and met the maids fighting.
The housekeeper and one of the maids.

It’s a serious fight cause they couldn’t stop insulting each other.

What’s wrong with them?


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