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September 17, 2020

Cool Stories 22

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HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 23

5 min read



(Need to clear something out: Winter is Prudence’s older sister. And correction, she wasn’t caught having s3x, the man was just giving her a head… You can scroll down to confirm)

Prudence’s pov:
I arrived at the hospital and headed for Angelo, the bio chemist’s lab.
Yea, he has a lab to himself named after him Infact. He’s young but highly respected by doctors.

I don’t believe the fact he stares at me often. I just have to be scrutiny and cautious.
Am married for Christ-sake.

I knocked and he turned.

“Nurse P. Come in” He said perfunctorily.

I went in and he got off the long stool he was sitting on driving his attention to me. He’s a very strict guy, I hope he understand the fact that I need his help.

“Can I please have a word with you at somewhere, private?” I asked.

He nodded and took me to his personal office. It’s huge, sumptuous and there were so many awards showing off his achievements.

He shot the door which I know the office is soundproof.

“Please Sir, I need your help”

“With what?” He asked looking keenly at me.

I took in a deep breath.
Where do I start from? How do I profess what has been set to ruining my marriage?

“It actually have to do with my husband…” I muttered and bit my lip.

His face washed and his light and easier mode changed. He suddenly looked wry.
Why do I feel like he dropped at the mention of ‘my husband’?

“What…what’s wrong with him?” He asked with a gulp.

“He’s sick. We don’t know what’s really wrong with him for sure” I jibed rubbing my hands together.
“One minute he’s fine, the next his eyes changes and he sought to mate. It’s like he would die if he doesn’t. This causes him to cheat on me”

“When did this start?” He asked with a crumpled look.

“After his seventeenth birthday” I muttered.

“That long?”

I nodded.

He exhaled. “Hand me a portion of his blood, I’ll take a look at it”.

I quickly gave him the tiny part of the syringe where the content is stored.
He took it and gazed at it for a while.

“Alright. We’ll keep in touch and I’ll leg you know what I’ve found” I nodded and left his office.

I sighed relieved that he was willing to help.
Thank God.

Winter’s pov:
I woke up when my whole body start to ache. I looked around.
Oh lord!
What the hell..

I was lying on the bare floor with my bag on top of me.

I quickly got up and beat the dirt off,
Last thing I recalled I was standing in the room after wearing the dress as asked by that huge man… Suddenly, something hit me on my head.

That man.
He actually made me unconscious and brought me here as to get rid of me,!
How could he?!

So inhumane of him. I stood up and hailed down a cab shamefully straight to mom’s house.

I couldn’t hold in the tears as I ran into the house. Mom was around… Thank God!

But she doesn’t care to ask me where I spent the night cause she knows am wayward.
I most times spend the night at the club or at friend’s places.
When she inquires, I give her rude replies.

“Why the tears? What happened to you?” She asked staring at me a bit shocked.

I just walked to the cupboard and took my sash of marijuana I hid
I start to lick the tablet

“Winter, are you okay?” Mom asked touching me.

I start to cry again cause am starting to get emotional.

“Oh mom! I was raped” j blurted.

“Oh my goodness” she gasped.

Prudence’s pov:
I was giving a patient her drugs when my phone rang.


Why is she calling? He what’s going on at home?

I picked up anyway.

“Hey mom, am kind of busy” I said immediately I placed the phone on my ear.

“Prudence, something terrible has happened. Your sister, she was raped by a stranger, you need to get home right now!”she cried.

I gasped.
Oh my goodness, Winter was raped!
This is terrible.

I quickly finished with the patient and ran off to turn in for the day.
My sister needs me!


I rushed in and met Winter on the floor breathing rough. Mom was beside her sobbing.

Winter just stared looking all cold and scared. Her body was wet meaning she just stepped out of the shower.

I knelt before her and tucked her hair behind her ears.

“Win. Don’t be scared anymore, am here” I said smiling out tears.

“I found myself outside the cold dirty floor” she whispered with her lips shaking.

I hugged her and she held me tight.
The trauma of being raped is surely hell. That man is a beast!

I can’t believe this can happen to Winter!

I pulled away and continued touching her hair.
Though she’s a drug addict, I still value her. My only sister.

“Prudence… Why are you wearing a wedding ring?” She asked staring at my finger.

Oh no!
I forgot to remove the ring…
Mom said I shouldn’t let her know am married.

How do I explain to her?


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