HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 22



Prudence’s pov:
“Stay still Rodney, it’s just a syringe” I rasped trying to hold his arm in place.
I want to take a sample of his blood so I can experiment on it with the chemist – Angelo.

“Let me do it by myself Prudence” Rodney jibed moving back.

“No! The syringe might hurt you” I retorted.

I kept coming close but he’s distancing himself from me.

I looked beyond him to see the bed. A smirked paved upon my face. I pushed him and he fell on the bed and I jumped on top of him.

“You can do this Rodney” I muttered and pierced him taking just a little blood.

He held me by my waist grunting as I removed the syringe.

“All done” I beamed and got off his body.

I gave him a cotton dipped in spirit to dab at the spot.
I put the syringe in my med bag I use to go to work.

I was done putting my stuff together so I hung the bag on my shoulder ready to go. Rodney held me back.

“What did you say you’re using my blood to do madam?” He asked as his eyes flashed some light making his eyeballs glisten.

“I need to take a look at your blood” I said as I swallowed nothing.

“Do me a favour Prudence. Keep this between us” he said calmly.

I nodded.

“You can go now” he said.

I turned to leave the room but he was still holding my wrist. I wiggled my wrist so he’d let go but he didn’t.

“Rodney…” I whined like a kid.

“Are you just going to leave like that?” He asked giving me puppy eyes…

Awwn,so cute!

I came close to him and he took my lips into his. He pressed on my lips till I opened up for him and he had full access to explore my lips more …

“I’m running late” I whispered when he pulled me closer by my waist.


He let go off me, finally.

“Bye and be back early” He chipped as I rushed out the room.
Today is going to be a long day at the hospital.

Winter’s pov:
I woke up with a throbbing headache. I stare around the strange environment I was at.
How did I get here?

I rubbed my forehead as i sat up on the bed. I racked my brain trying to figure out where i was.

My eyes fluttered wide open when I remembered my ordeal with that strange guy.
Oh heavens!
He raped me!

I looked up and saw him sitting on a white pouch chair. He had a bottle of alcohol in his palm. I know alcohol when I see it.

He was staring at me intently and I feel a bit uncomfortable.
Why is he looking at me like that?

Screw that!! He raped me and he’s going to pay for it!

I pulled the blanket up and covered my unclad body.

“You animal, you raped me!” I rasped.

He scoffed and brought the cup down from his lips.

“Did I?” He asked coldly.

Why is he pretending??
Cheez, I feel like crying!

He’s going to deny it…
He’s a rascal.

I sniffed as I got off the bed and stood to my feet which was a bit wobbly.
I used the blanket to cover up my body.

“Where’s the bathroom?” I asked with a shaky voice.

“The bathroom?’ He asked .

“Yes. Am pressed. I want to ease myself” I stated.

Honestly,am damn pressed.
I hope I remove his c*m from my system…

“I’ll show you the bathroom, if, you remove the blanket” he said staring at me with a clear smirk.

“You….you want me to stand nude in front of you?” I asked.

This is unbelievable…

“Yes. Blankets off or no bathroom” He said sternly..
“It’s not like I haven’t seen every part of your body”

I gasped.
He’s a true pervert.

I let go off the blanket and I was naked in front of him. He glanced at my body and scoffed.

“The bathroom’s right outside, first door on your left. Once you’re done…you wear the clothes on the bed” He ordered.

“Then what?!! You’re so inhumane! Just cause I broke a little bit of your fucking glass doesn’t mean you have to abuse me!

I was drunk! I didn’t know what I was doing…you just did whatever you want with me and you think you could just tell me to fvck off??!

You’re rich and wealthy, you could have just ignored me…..I don’t deserve this…you monster!” I professed crying.

How can somebody be this wicked?! 😭
I took the blanket and covered myself before running out of the room to the damn bathroom…


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