HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 21



Winter’s pov:
I jerked up when I heard the car stop after a loud screech. The huge man got out of the car and approached the back seat. He opened the door and removed my seatbelt.

I struggle with him for a while before he’s able to carry me on his broad shoulder.
Am so drunk I can’t even understand where we were.

I shut my eyes tiredly as he starts walking us to god knows where.
I felt him climbing something like stairs.
I bobbed up and down on his shoulder as he went.

He stopped and opened a door and we went in. Am damn drunk…
He dropped me on a cold but smooth bed.

Ah, I liked the fragrance.
Smelt like luxury itself…
I felt like staying on the sumptuous bed forever.
I take off my jacket with my frail hands.

The stranger was still in the room though. Watching me as I do my thing. He seems to be shirtless now.
Why did he take off his shirt?
It’s kind of a cold night.
Was he feeling hot??

I ruffled my short hair a bit. Am so insecure. How do I get myself away from this man?

He came close and I drag myself at the upper part of the bed. I rested on the pillows cause they stopped me from moving any further.

I stare intensely at the man.
Smooth great abs that left me wet underneath and set my arousal.

He had this medallion on his neck. Tight gold medallion holding onto his neck.
He dragged my two legs down to contain him. He was now inbetween my legs.

He unzipped my skirt and off it went. He ripped my shirt off and unhooked my bra.
I struggle with him but it doesn’t mean anything cause am too weak.

He came close and bit me hard on my n–ple. I groaned and held his head. The bite on my nipple was aching and hurt.
He puts it in his mouth and starts to suck.
What the hell….

I moaned, scratch that, I screamed as he left me with so much damn pleasure. Part of me try to get him off but who am I kidding, am helpless.
He starts to torture my other b–b with his huge hand.
The squeeze is just crazy.

“Oh… Please… Am sorry…. Noo” I moaned in ecstasy.
I was trying to apologize for his car. I shouldn’t have let my madness get the best of me.

He stopped sucking my erect nipples and freed the other one he’ve been squeezing.

I start to pant though I know he’s just getting started.
I’ve never… I swear, never been so scared in my life.

He sucked on my earlobe and that’s when I felt his hard d*ck pressing on my tummy.

He gets rid of my pant and starts to caress my p–sy.
He can’t do this….

I try to push him off.
I know y’all think am a whore but am not. I’ve only done it once and it hurts alot. I don’t want to feel that pain again.
It’s been a long time since I did it.
I was in high school…. 16 years old.

You can imagine the trauma.
My bad friends set me up with his brother… It’s all in the past anyway

“No! Get off me!” I yelled.

He slid in three fingers and I felt the pain. It hurts so much.
Am gonna die if I experience that pain a second time…

He fingered me brutally and I scream down the walls.

“Oh please….

“Stop it!….

“It hurts….

“Am sorry…..


He’s a beast. He didn’t even stop one second or reduce his fast tempo. He continued and I feel so much pain.

He withdrew his fingers and I can’t stop sobbing.
The fact that am drunk, high and weak drove me more to death.
This is death.

I so much want to sleep but how could in this state.

I feel his strong hard cock tease my v. He just rubbed the tip around my v. I held him tightly waiting for another round of pain.

Can’t he see that am scared?
Why can’t he stop already?…

“Am sorry about your car… Please…Stop.. ”

he didn’t let me finish and he plunged into me. I shrieked and dug my nails into his back. He’s so huge and am tight..
Damn, it hurts so much!

He starts ramming and drilling me fast. It felt so good. Mixed pain and deep pleasure.

I opened my eyes and caught him looking at me. He drew nearer and kissed me roughly.

He did it all..
Kiss and suck on my lips while pounding into me.

But I know, This is Rape.
He just did this to me without my approval. I don’t want this.
I’ve been raped…

He pulled away from my lips and j feel some hot stuff release into me filling me up. I gasped as he pulled out from my damaged and tired v.

He laid beside me.
My eyes lashes are weak and tired. I closed my legs and turned around sleeping off.

The stranger covered me up with a duvet.


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