HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 2


Prudence’s pov:
I made dinner before mom returned from work. She helped me set the plates before I dished the food.

“I’ll go get Winter so she can eat with us. “I informed mom taking off my aprons.

Mom stopped me by holding my wrist. She ordered for me to sit and I did studying her face carefully.

“I have a bitter sweet news honey. “She beamed.

I arched my brows.
“Okay, what’s that? ”

She smiled even more.
“It all started when I went to visit my friend this morning… To cut the story short, you’re getting married in two weeks. “She announced.

Mom must be pulling a prank on me.

I chuckled.
“Tell me you’re joking mom. ”

She shook her head.
“Am dead serious Prudence. She complained her son has never brought a woman home. Not cause he’s ugly or anything. Her son is an introvert I guess. Any who, she wants you Prudence. *

“What about winter? She’s older… ”

“But not mature. “Mom interpolated with disappointment written all over her face.

“The bitter part of the news is that you have such a short time to pull your things together. You’ll move in with him tomorrow then the wedding will be finalized un two weeks. Isn’t that great? “Mom squeal like a child.

“Everything is just happening too fast. I have to live in with him?? “I asked bewildered.

She smiled.
“Sex is allowed Prudence. He’s yours anyway. ”

“Did… Did he agree to this? “I stuttered.

“Yes. His mom is talking to him right now as we speak. He must be really excited! “She grinned.

I nodded.
“What about dad? Did you contact him and inform him of my marriage? “I asked deeply burdened.

“No! This will just be between both of us. I’ll figure out a lie to tell Winter,. who knows, she might not care. “Mom responded.

“But mom… Dad has the right to know. Just cause you’re divorced doesn’t mean he’s not a part of my life. Why are we keeping this from him? “I questioned pathetically.

She scoffed.
“It’s for your own good dear. You better not know why. your father will try to take every channel of happiness from you. Scrape him off your mind Prudence. “She said with a low voice.

I scratched my nose nervously.
“This guy. What is he like? “I asked curiously.

“He’s extremely handsome and wealthy. Just a ring on his finger can buy us a house. Don’t worry about that angle now.

“If you really want to leave a life of luxury and far away from your naughty sister, you have to do this for me pruddy. Don’t let me down. “She said.

“But… I don’t understand. Why me? “I blurted.

mom sighed.
“His mother, miss Simmons has been monitoring you. She said she likes you just by mere sight. She inquired from your patients at the hospital about you and they loved you. ”

“Wow… “I was beyond words. Completely dumbfounded.

So am betrothed to someone now. Oh God. I hope whatever insane plan mom is driving me into ends right.

Rodney’s pov:
“You had no right to find a bride for me mom! “I yelled at the top of my voice while she walked behind me, sobbing.

“Oh come on Rodney. Stop proving stubborn! Don’t you think I’ve waited long enough? It’s time to settle down don’t you think? “She asks trying to touch me but I shrugged her hands off.

I was pissed and angry at once.

“Oh Rodney! Stop causing me so much pain… “She mutters and soon began crying.

I ignored her and rolled my eyes.
She had no right!

It’s my life am living. I get to choose if I want to get married or not.
And besides, how could I get married in this condition?
I still haven’t found solution to quench the strange things happening to me.

What sort of lady would like to have a f*ck thirst man as a husband?

But mom, am causing her pain….

I clenched my fist quite upset.

“Fine. I’ll marry her. ”


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