HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 18



Prudence’s pov

“They didn’t come today..” He said.


My husband is getting better!

“Let’s not conclude yet though. Who knows what might happen tomorrow” he said and I nodded.

“You’re right. Am happy for you Rodney. Once you get better and stop cheating on me, we’ll make babies” I said cheerfully and took my bag.

“Babies?!” Rodney shrieked out.

He held a crumpled look like someone that just heard something disgusting.

“Yes Rodney. Don’t you want us to make babies?” I asked with a pout.

He forced a smile.

“No.. I mean yes. Let’s make babies” he said rubbing the back of his hair shyly.

I chuckled.

“I’ll be in my room taking a nap. See you later” I said before leaving his room.

Rodney’s pov


Did I just hear her mention those tiny beasts?

gosh, she’s planning to fast.

She should give me a break please. Am too young to be called a dad’.

I smiled as the thoughts of making out with Prudence flashed my mind.

It’ll be cute and funny cause she’ll scream her lungs out. I don’t go easy while making out though I try so hard to be gentle but I end up being more violent.

That’s why I don’t do virgins.

This crazy marriage ain’t a bad thing after all.

Prudence’s pov

God, Prudence, what is wrong with you??

I can’t believe I indirectly told Rodney to make out with me..

Am so crazy,

Loosing it.

How does it feel?

Loosing my virginity. I hope he’s easy on me. Cause I can imagine how long and big he is down there..


I undress myself and step into the bathroom. I turned on the shower and take a soap.

Just then, I felt two hands rub on my back from behind.

Am startled at first but then I relaxed when I saw it was Rodney. His hands cup my breasts simultaneously. He squeezes them lightly and am surprised he’s doing this.

Did I turn him on by mentioning babies??

His head rest on me as he nuzzles my neck. He kisses me softly and tenderly and a moan escapes from my lips.

He stops with the hickey he intended on giving me and turns me to face him.

He’s naked too.

I press my back against the wall as he claims my lips into his and rolls his tongue in and around my mouth. My moan is suppressed by his mouth and I moan into his lips.

His hands are around my waist. He raises my left leg to circle around his waist.

I kiss him back hungrily cause I want him to and I’ve always wanted him..

That was why I was torn apart when I saw him with those sluts in a hotel room

He unlocks from the kiss and place a light kiss on my forehead and as he did this, I stare at the gold medallion hanging tightly on his neck.

They made him look sexier.

He brought his head down to my cleavages and took my right boob into his mouth.

I moan loudly as he suck it harder which drove me sane.

I feel one of his finger at the tip of my v. He rub on it and my eyes glisten.

He’s planning on fingering me….

I never planned on loosing it in a bathroom.

Oh heavens! Please change his mind to take me to the bedroom. 😂 😂

He slides two fingers at once and it felt like he hot shocked or something. He stopped sucking my b°°bs and looked into my face.

It was as if he’s surprised am a virgin.

He removed his hands from my closed v.

I watched him bring down my leg which was around his waist.

Oh God!

Is he planning on leaving me like this after all the turn on?

“Am sorry P. I can’t do this to you… I’ll hurt–”

He suddenly paused and stepped back.

I gasped at how strong his cock had become in an instant. His eyes darkened and he looked like he would tear me apart

My lips stutter and am gobsmacked.

“I was wrong. It’s back” he said.

I took my eyes away from his cock and looked up at him.

“I need to go” he jibed and left the bathroom.

I went after him.

“Rodney stop!” I yelled and held him tightly

“Let me go Prudence! I will hurt you”.

I ignored him and held onto him tighter.

“You don’t have to go out Rodney” I said with a shaky voice.

“Am here Rodney. Let’s do it. Am here for you”.

He groaned angrily and ruffled his hair.

“, don’t you get it?! I’ll hurt you!” He yelled at me ruefully.

“Am not going to change my mind Rodney… Let’s do it” I chipped calmly.

I gulped as he carries me up into his arms.

Here it comes…


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