HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 15



🔞 🔞 🔞 Rodney’s pov:

I arrived at the hotel and went to the hotel room. She was already on the bed waiting for me.

“Maddie?” I asked suprised as I removed my belt.

I was suprised it was her cause I’ve had her before and I left her broken like I do with the others.

Am suprised she’s back!

Am suprised she’s ready for me.

I thought she’d run away from me. I thought she wouldn’t want to taste me again.

I couldn’t think or wonder the more cause I had already thrust into her. She held onto the bed as I drilled her fast and roughly.

Her loud moans filled ky ears and that was the only thing that sped up my gear.

I threw my head backwards.

I need to get out of this.

Prudence’s pov:

I stood by the window as I waited for the person I sent for to arrive.

The door opened and a maid comes in with the doctor mart behind her.

“Leave us” I said to the maid and she nodded before Leaving the room.

I was now left alone with the doctor.

“You sent for me Mrs Carlson” He said as he adjusted his big glasses.

I nodded as I walked to the door of the bedroom and shut it.

I returned into the room fully standing face to face with the doctor.

“Yes. I called you in respect of the dead girl that was carried out yesterday”.

He nodded a couple of times.

“She’s still in our custody. The family will take her body next week” He stated.

I Smiled.

“That’s good cause I want you to conduct an autopsy on her” I jibed rubbing my hands together.

He furrowed his brows.

“Autopsy?” he asked and I nodded.

“You think she was murdered?”

“What I think is none of your business. Just get the autopsy done before Monday and bring the results here

“I want to know what really killed her. How she died and finger prints… Am I understood?” I asked with authority resounding in my voice.

He nodded nervously.

“It’ll be ready before Monday ma’am”.

At least to get this girl’s case out of my chest.

I can’t stop

Thinking and pondering over what happened to her.

“Bring the result to me. This is going to be between us”.

“Okay ma’am” the doctor responded with a slight bow before leaving.

I exhaled

I hope I wasn’t being too strict.

Am just trying to show him am a powerful woman just like my husband is…

I can’t be toyed with or taken for granted.

The door of my room opened and Rodney walked in.

I closed my eyes as the feeling of anger and rage purged through me again.

I had forgotten my husband was out solving his sexual issues with another woman – A slut!

I was seething quietly as I watched him stand before me.

“Am sorry” He said rubbing the back of his head with his hand.

I scoffed and rolled my eyes.

“Tell me, how was it?” I asked him frying not to sound too jealous.

Who wouldn’t be? Nobody enjoys sharing her man with another p**sy.

“I hate this so much Prudence and… Am helpless” he said with pain sounding from his voice.

“Am helpless too Rodney. I couldn’t even stop you from leaving” I stated sadly.

“I could have hurt you. Am glad I didn’t” he said.

I sighed.

“Go have something to eat Rodney. I want to take a nap” I muttered.

He couldn’t take his eyes off me for a while but then he did and left the room.

I sat on my bed just perturbed and lost in thoughts.




Prudence’s pov:

I woke up when the light that had been reflecting too much on my face became a bit unbearable.

I yawned while I scratch my eyes.

Today’s monday.

I get to resume work today. Am very excited and happy.

I’ll be seeing my colleagues and lovely patients again.

This one week honeymoon felt more like a one week in prison.

It wasn’t fun at all and if I had to rate it, it would be 20 over 100.

I can’t wait to step out again!

I quickly had a quick bath before jumping into my uniform. I wore my shoes and wrist watch.

Afterwards, I sat before my mirror fixing my hair.

It was messy and I had to tie it up in a new style cause it was a new week.

A knock came on my door and I quickly invited who ever it was in.

A maid walked in with a big box in her hand.

“Courtesy of mr Rodney ma’am” She said with the sweetest voice.

I couldn’t believe it!

Rodney had a gift sent to me?

I took it and opened it.

I gasped at what I was looking at.

‘A glittering gold wrist watch sparkling right before my eyes.

It looked like it was made of pure gold with the way it shone brightly.

I removed the one I was wearing and took the new Gold wrist watch.


It’s very pretty and looks expensive.


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