HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 13



Prudence’s pov:

I sat by the window with my hands folded. I stared out into the shallow trees shaking constantly due to the gentle but creepy wind.

The atmosphere was overwhelming and cold.

She died.

Someone actually died in this mansion.

I’ve witness alot of people die at the hospital. But this…. This is my matrimonial home for Christ sake!

She died right on this lands. How could she just fall over a fleet of stairs?

Was she being chased… Or wasn’t she looking?

Her death doesn’t seem ordinary to me.

It’s strange and the more I think about it, the more suspicious and curious I become.

I heard footsteps outside my door.

It was like Rodney’s.

I mean, Rodney’s the only male under this roof.

The rest are just maids and I guess they don’t walk slowly.

I went to the door and opened it catching Rodney just as he was about to go into his room.

He stopped and turned to me.

My heart was aching real bad and I know why; it looks like Rodney’s just coming from meeting one of his b*tches.

I could feel it though I wasn’t sure.

“Prudence.. “He called startling me.

I wasn’t expecting him to say anything.

” I want to talk to you about something. “He added.

My eyes glisten and I stared at him.

Checking out his simply perfect face.

“Uh… O.. Kay” I was able to speak after some seconds of being speechless.

Rodney’s pov:,

I’ve finally decided and I have no other choice but to tell Prudence what am dealing with.

Yea, Am gonna humble myself.

She’ll stop threatening me about telling my mom I cheat on her.

“Prudence, I want to tell you how it all started… “I muffled.

She nodded.

“It was on my seventeenth birthday. I don’t know what caused it but after that day, I wasn’t myself. I started getting turned on in an instant. I started screwing girls at school even during classes but I couldn’t help it!

“I spent alot in quenching the feeling. Mom and dad were loaded so I had no trouble paying for the service” I said though I couldn’t maintain an eye contact with her.

She scoffed and looked at me.

“It just happens.. “She said but I think it was more of a question.

“Yea, in a flash. I don’t need to see nude or in contact with a female and boom, am already bulgy down there… It’s horrible”I said whispering the last part.

Am finding it very hard to express myself concerning this.

It’s humiliating.

I felt Prudence’s soft palm on my cheek and she raised my face up to face hers.

“Stop feeling bad about yourself Rodney. You’re eating yourself up.. That’s not right. This isn’t your fault. “She said calmly gazing at me.

“I admit I’ve never heard of anything like this but don’t worry, I’ll help you get through this. Trust me Rodney”she said with a light smile.

I couldn’t smile back

I wasn’t in the mood too.

I felt miserable.

Lexi’s pov:

My heart was pounding loudly and beating rapidly. I wasn’t at peace.

I killed that innocent girl just to avoid being busted.

I sobbed quietly as I placed both my palms over my face.

I feel miserable!

I have blood in my hands now.

I couldn’t cheer myself up one bit.

⚠Winter’s pov:

“Have you no shame Winter?!! Look at the sink! The dishes are all piled up! When do you plan on washing them?? “Mom nagged from the kitchen.

I rolled my eyes and leanedby the door just staring at her.

She just returned from work and is trying to bring the house down with her voice. 😒

“Let’s get a maid mom. “I sneered going to the living room.

“You brute! Where do you think you’re going to? “She asked following me.

I slumped on the couch and spread my legs reaching for the remote.

“When we get the maid, will you contribute to her salary?!!! “She yelled angrily.

“Oh mom, my head hurts alot! Can you please stop talking? ” I asked pretending to feel bitter.

She stood at akimbo staring at me.

“Get a job you parasite! “She hissed storming out of the room.

I rolled my eyes.

My mom must be dumb and stupid to think I’d strive to get a job.

My body was itching a bit…

Now I want to get high…

I went to Prudence’s room which is now my room..

I brought out the box of cocaine (coke) and poured some on the stool.

I quickly buried my head into the stuff and sniffed.


I feel like am on top of the world now..!


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