HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 12



🏊 Prudence’s pov:
There was alot of people at the beach. Some surfing while some played with the beach ball.

I took out the bag I was with and brought out a sun cream. I sat on the mat with Rodney as I applied the cream on my skin.

The expression on his face was awful and it seems like he doesn’t want to be here.

But who could possibly say no to this kind of atmosphere – The wind, the sun and cold sea.

“Why do you have to be such a saddist, huh? “I grouse rubbing my legs.

He shook his head and bit his lower lip.

“Sadist is an understatement. Just at the sight of the sand makes me want to throw up. Let’s leave already! We can go to a hotel and stay for an hour or two before heading back to the mansion”. He said sitting up from the mat.

I sighed.

“You can’t be serious Rodney. What kind of human are you? How can you detest such a view? “I asked gazing at him.

He looked at me and chuckled.

“You’re funny”he said but then tilted his head.
“Come with me, let me show you something better”he said taking my arm.

I gulped down feeling bashful.
What’s he up to?

We both stood up and he took us back to the car.

I was curious.

“Where are we going? “I asked.

“Just shut up and put on your seat belt. “He said with a haste

I did as he said and the car started and he zoomed out of the beach side where we parked.

He got to the main road with a high speed.

He was driving to fast!

He drove through a route I’ve never seen or been through before.

The roof of the car opened.

“Whoa… “I bemoaned.

“Take look, I bet you’ve never done this before”he offered smirking.

I looked up at the roof that opened half way.
I stood up and relax at the open square hole at the roof.
I gasped!

The wind and everything!
I’ve never done this before.

Was this how this feels…

It felt so amazing. My hair was slamming at my face as the wind was allover my face.
I saw the cars behind us.

The image was hazy and wasn’t steady. We were on a highway so I could see the cars below.

What a view!

Rodney sped up some more and I had to scream.

“Ahh!!! ”

I could hear him laughing.

His succeeded in leaving the beach his mom believes we were at having a good time.

“Oh, that’s enough Rodney! “I said as I put my head back into the car and sat down on my seat.

Rodney pressed a button and the space on the roof closed.

He returned to his normal speed and I felt relieved.

“How was it? “He asked grinning.

“You nearly gave me a heart attack due to the high density and surge you were driving with… “I complained fixing my hair.

He rolled his eyes and sighed.

“Forget I asked. “He muttered throwing his face away.

Well, I didn’t study physics for nothing 🙍

Lexi’s pov:
Oh God!
Why am I so unlucky…?

I just killed someone.

A living breathing person is gone. I tried a few more times,
No kidding, she is really dead.

I rubbed my sweaty palms together.

I have to figure out something.

Atleast, she’s slim and not so heavy.
I pulled her up with all my strength.

I have to get rid of her, but how?

Prudence’s pov:
“Oh lord… Taste this! “I blurted out as I passed the guacamole to Rodney who was sitting before me at the restaurant.

We were on our way home and we stopped by to eat something.

It’s almost like a date except for the fact we were half naked..

Rodney gazed at the bowl in my mind and looked at me.

“If you really know me, you won’t be giving me that “he said arrogantly.

I hissed.
“D*ckhead.. “I muttered under my breath keeping the bowl back to where it was.

The food was delish! And I couldn’t stop munchies and chewing. I ate hungrily while Rodney acted like food was the most disgusting thing on this planet.

We were done and headed back to our car. Rodney drove off after putting on a song that I dislike. It was rap song by Cardi B and off set.

I knew the song cause my sister, Winter always put the song at a high ear splitting volume disturbing the neighbors.

I wonder how mom’s coping with her though.


We Drove into the mansion and Rodney parked infront of the building.

“You can’t tell my mom I cheated”he said looking at me with tired eyes.

“So now you care? .. Don’t bother about it Rodney. There’s nothing you’ll say that’d stop me from telling her”I said.

He sighed.

I got down from the car and jammed the door and Rodney did the same.

I went in while Rodney walked after me.

We arrived at the living room and I looked around.
The maids were together by the stairs. It was a weird position though.

Rodney and I approached them.

“What’s going on here? “Rodney asked.

The maids shook and made way for us.
I wasn’t expecting what I saw.

A maid lying on the cold floor with blood oozing slightly from her head.

“She fell from the stairs”the house keeper said with a shaky voice.

I rushed to the girl and checked her pulse.

I looked up at the maids.

“Go to my room and get my Red bag and my stethoscope. Rodney call an ambulance! “I ordered freaking out.


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