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HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 11



Prudence’s POV:
“Uh… Hi”I muffled standing .

He furrowed his brows as he sat up looking at the drawer and then back at me.

“What are you doing?”he asked.

Am so much not good at lying so I tried to pretend.

“Nothing.” I jibed rubbing my hands against the other casually.

“Then what are you doing here – in my room?”he asked.

“Uh.. Nothing, I just came to see what your room looks like”

What sort of excuse is that?

He smirked.

“You’re hopeless”he grouse standing up and heading for the bathroom.

“Uh.. Rodney, can I ask you a question?”I asked with a faux smile.

I was still feeling hurt.

He stopped and his eyes narrowed at me.

Here goes something…
I gulped nervously.

“Why must you cheat on me? “I asked staring into his face.

My tummy was stif and I could hardly breath. I was feeling itchy and restless at a point.

He was quiet and so was the atmosphere.

It was like we were taking an undying pause and a break for a while.

Why wasn’t he saying anything?

Didn’t he have a reason? Don’t People do things for a reason and with a backing intention ?

I heard him sigh and I looked up again.

“It’s personal. Sorry”he said before going into the door before him and the door jam loudly.

Too personal for your wife to know.

He’s hopeless…

Rodney’s pov:
Today is one of the worst days of recent. mom made Prudence and I go to the beach. It’s all part of her ‘Honeymoon Experience.

Prudence and I took the rover sport car to the beach.
for the second time, I see Prudence’s expose some skin.
She had a red bikini on and a scarf tied around her hips to cover her bum and thigh slightly.

We were almost at the beach and she couldn’t stop being noisy in the car.

“… Sun cream, check! Sun shades, check!.. “She said checking the bag mom gave her.

“You nurses are annoying… “I blurted biting my lower lip.

“Get used to it then cause you’re married to one”she chipped.

I glanced at her and she was looking angry.

“I didn’t mean to offend you”I muttered with my eyes back on the road.

“You always offend me. And also, you just wait and see, when we’re back from the beach, I’ll tell your mom you cheated on me right in front of me”she said.

I didn’t know when I hit the brakes in a jiffy and we stopped.

“What happened?”she asked smirking.

“You can’t tell my mom about that”I said as my eyes glisten.

“Huh, why? Don’t worry about it hubby, what I plan to do is personal if you don’t mind”she said.

“You don’t understand”I said as I ruffled my hair.

“Make me understand Rodney. Am getting impatient. Make me understand “she pressed.

I was frustrated and helpless but I haven’t lost my mind yet.

“I can’t”I said and started the car again going back on the road.

“What is wrong with you Rodney? Why are you soo secretive? Can’t you see it’s ruining you? “She said helplessly.

I groaned.

“Stop forcing me to say or do things am not determined to “I said as we arrived at the beach.

“Okay then, have it your way. Am telling your mom “she jibed before getting down from the car.

Lexi’s pov:
I stood by the kitchen door watching the maids do the cooking and cleaning.
It was starting to bore me out anyway.

I left the scene going to the living room.

My boss said he’d reward me extra if I find out more things about Rodney.

Maybe I should take a look around his room.
I have access to all the rooms now since am the housekeeper.

I went up the stairs straight to his room.The sweet fragrance of Pineapple welcomed me.
There was a huge manly and intoxicating photo of him by the wall. He’s very good looking and sexy too.

I went to the cupboard and opened the first one, a box of condom!
I examined it for a while, who are this ladies he screw?
I bet they’re paid in dollars in other to keep shut about his violent reactions in bed.

I quickly looked at the second drawer..

My hands were onto them before I got startled.

“Should you be touching that?”A voice asked from behind and I flinched.

I turned to see one of the maids, Violet standing by the door like she’s been there for a while.

My palms were already sweaty and I hate to admit it, but am scared….

What if she tells on me?
And this girl is very smart.

“I was cleaning the drawers.. “I muttered.

“But you don’t have a rag with you, or are you using you tongue?… Wait till mr Rodney comes back, you have alot of explaining to do”she jibed.

My eyes widened.

How do I get rid of this pesty girl now?…

She turned leaving and I went after her.

“I’ll give you any amount, just keep shut about it”I said solely to her and she scoffed.

“I’ll never turn a blind eye to evil, sorry to disappoint you”she hissed.

Oh God!
She’s gonna ruin my plans…
What if I don’t get paid?

I grabbed a vase on a sculpture and hit it on the back of her head.
She slumped on the floor immediately lying lifeless.


I reached for her pulse.
Damn it!

She’s not breathing…
I just killed someone….


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