HIS POPULAR DEMAND … (18+) … Part 10



Rodney’s POV:
I got to Prudence’s door and collected the tray containing her food from the maid. I knocked on the door and as expected, I got no response.

I went in anyway to meet my annoying wife stepping out of the bathroom.
Luckily, she had a towel on before she starts to nag that I saw her nude.

She sniffed and turned away from me going to her wardrobe.

I dropped the tray on her bed.

“Good morning wife.”I said sarcastically.

She didn’t respond as goes into her closet probably to get dressed.
So, she’s trying to give me the silent treatment?.

I would like to see her try.

The closet opened and she came out wearing a sexy and revealing dress.
She looked so good in the dress.
Her straight legs were exposed and her hips curvy.

Her laps was looking so yummy and the first thing that came to my mind now was me going over to her and kissing her at every part of her body.

I scoffed and rolled my eyes when I noticed she was looking at me.

I held her wrist and pulled her close.

“Come eat something…”I said immediately.

She shook her head.
“Don’t worry about me, I’ve texted my boyfriends. They’re waiting for me at a hotel room. I’ll eat there instead. “She said looking dead serious.

It was like a bomb just exploded inside my skull.

“Boyfriends?! “I asked surprised.

“Yes, we are planning on having a hot foursome. It’s gonna be a blast since they all ‘ve got big c*cks and of course bigger than yours.. “She replies.

“If they’re bigger than me then you know they’d screw you with a pestle . Your v won’t survive the torture! “I said with envy written all over my face.

Is this girl serious right now?
Any d*ck bigger than mine is so going so kill her.

“I’ll bear it. Thank you so much for the allowance for me to go and have fun. See you tomorrow morning… Am not sure we’ll finish all the styles today”she said taking her purse.

I froze for a second,
Isn’t she my wife?
Why would she just leave me and go around having foursomes with huge d*ck guys.?

This is bullsh*t!

I grabbed her while she struggles.

“You ain’t going anywhere Prudence. You can’t let those guys damage your v. Trust me P, it’s going to hurt you in ways you won’t understand… “I said huskily.

“Let me go Rodney! You said this an open marriage! You’re free to cheat while am not?? “She yelled viciously.

I pulled her closer and she bit me on my arm.
I didn’t let her go.

How can she offer herself so cheaply to three womb shifters?
She’ll return with destroyed p**s…

I have to tell her about my problem so she doesn’t go doing stupid things..

“… You’re so unfair Rodney! I pray you.. ”

I crashed my lips on hers so I could stop her from talking.

She bit me on my lips but I parted her mouth sucking and exchanging touchs. My tongue rolled around hers and she moaned into my lips.

I figured she was loosing her breath. So I disengaged from the kiss and she panted softly.

“Don’t kiss me ever again you cheat.. “She sneered.

I sighed.

“Please, just eat.”I muttered.

“If I eat, you’ll let me go. The boys are waiting… “She said.

“Fine, eat and go. “I said as the urge to tell her about my problem weakened me.

She rolled her eyes as she carried the tray to the table and sat on a eat eating her food hungrily.

I left the room going to mine to rest for a while.

I laid on the bed and slept off.

Prudence’s pov:
I was surprised Rodney actually bought my fake story.

He’s so annoying.
I can’t believe he actually wanted to stop me from going.

He wants to be the only one cheating while I suffer?

How cruel of him?

I ate the meal quickly cause I was hungry.

i was was done and carried the empty tray to the kitchen. I handed it over to the maids then I returned upstairs.

I walked past Rodney’s room and I wondered what he was up to?

I squeezes the door knob open and looked in.
He was on his bed sleeping soundly.

My thoughts ran wide as I stared into his innocent sleeping face. I began to think, does he even use protection when doing it with his sluts?

I went into the room and tip toed to his drawer. I opened the first drawer to see a big pack of condom before me.

What’s wrong with him?
Can’t he control his thing?

Must he f*ck every chance he gets?

“Hey… “I heard a sleepy voice say beside me.
I turned staring right at Rodney.

“What do you think you’re doing? “He asked coldly,sitting up.

I shut the drawer immediately.
Another drama coming up… 😨


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