HIS NURSE … (18+) … Part 7



🌺 Frank’s POV🌺
I felt embarrassed when Sharon yelled at me in front of that arrogant bastard. But I can’t just get angry with her, I love her so much.
“Sharon please listen to me” I said sadly.
“Can’t you see she isn’t willing to listen??” Donald said angrily.
“How is that your f**king business hun?” I asked angrily.
“It is my business now because she is now my nurse!!” He said looking at Sharon.
“Sharon are you listening to him?” I asked pointing to him.
“Frank please leave you are in a patient’s ward” she said standing up.
“Not any patient, but Donald” he said smiling before I could reply.
“Sharon please just one minute” I said trying to calm down. She looked at Donald sighing heavily.
“Mr Donald, please excuse me” She said before looking at me. She started moving to the door and I trailed behind her after shooting Donald a deadly look.
“What is it Frank, you almost caused a scene with Mr Donald Smith there” she said emphasizing on the Smith and pointing at the Ward’s door.
“Sharon I am sorry, i was paranoid. He should have just minded his business” I said rolling my eyes.
“What do you want?” She asked folding her hands under her breasts.
“Okay, I thought we should have some chats over dinner this evening. I mean when you done with work” I said smiling.
“Frank I am sorry to disappoint you, I don’t think I will be chanced for that” she said.
“Common Sharon, you and I know your shit ends at 5pm. Please Sharon, it will be brief.” I said pouting my mouth.
She was about talking when we both heard Donald speak from inside the ward.
“I need my nurse now!” He yelled. I looked at Sharon and she shook her head.
“Excuse me” she said and went into the ward. I looked at her as she walked in to meet Donald and I couldn’t help but get furious.
I saw him smile at her and I felt my face turn red. Why is he trying to come in between Sharon and I? I won’t allow it never.
I took a last look at Sharon through the glass on the door before taking my leave. I need the manger to appoint another nurse for him.
🌹 Sharon’s POV 🌹
“Did you miss me?” Mr Donald asked smiling as soon as I got close to him.
“Mr Donald, you called for me and I believe you did because you had an issue, what is it?” I asked checking all the necessary things I should check.
“I missed your face” he said smirking looking at me.
“Mr Donald, I am not here to play. I will check you for the last time and then ask a junior nurse to watch over you” I said trying to smile.
“Let us do it this way. You give me my treatments at home, I don’t like this place. You will live with me till I gey better” he said smiling.
“What?? Live with you?? I got my own house you know.” I said in frustration. I saw him pick up his phone, doing some stuffs on it before placing it on his ear.
“Father.” He said. “Oh not again” I thought hitting my forehead in anger.
“I don’t like this place, I want to go home. Tell Nurse Sharon to live with me till I am better” he said like he was exhausted.
“What!!” I whispered looking at him. He dropped the phone from his ear, “he wants to speak with you” he said grinning.
I sighed and reached for his phone, I placed it on my ear still staring at Donald in anger.
📲 Please Sharon see me in my office Asap.
📲 Okay sir.
I gave him back and the phone and shot him a deadly look before storming out of the ward. I heard him laugh loudly and I clenched my fist in anger.
I got to my Smith’s office and I breathed out before moving in.
“Mr king you called for me.” I said trying to smile.
“Yes Sharon, please sit.” He said pointing to the chair in front of his desk. I sat and looked at him eager to hear what he has to say.
“Sharon I am so sorry for Donald’s behavior. He can be annoying at times” he said narrowing his eyes.
“It’s okay sir.” I replied smiling.
“Well, Sharon you know the condition of Donald’s health. And I think it will be best to step forward.” He said.
“I don’t understand you sir” I replied feeling confused.
“I want to you go live with Donald.” He said smiling.
“Sir?? Live with him? But why?? I mean, I can’t do my job effectively here.” I said shockingly.
“Sharon please try to understand, he is my only son. I need you to give him your attention, please I don’t want to lose my son.” He said sadly as he held my hand.
“Sir what of my patients in the hospital, my work as a full time nurse here?” I asked in sympathy.
“Don’t worry about the patients, please be my son’s personal nurse” he said.
“Sir give md some times to think about it.” I said sighing.
“Okay Sharon, thank you so much.” He said smiling. I stood up and walked to Mr Donald’s ward. I kept thinking about Mr king’s decision, I don’t think I can do this.
I got there and I met him laying on the bed with his eyes closed. I moved closed to him and a bad smell covered my nose.
It smelt like a poisonous chemical, a very dangerous one to be precise. I covered my nose with my palm holding my breath.
“Mr Donald!!” I yelled with my eyes widened
“Who the hell could have sprayed this here!!!!?” I thought as I moved closer to Mr Donald. I looked at him and I saw his eyes was closed.
I placed my second hand on his nose and I noticed he wasn’t breathing.
“Shit!” I said in fears. I ran out of the ward in search for a nose cover, I pressed the emergence alarm on the wall to alert everyone.


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