HIS NURSE … (18+) … Part 4



💚💜 Donald’s POV💚💜
I opened my eyes slowly to see myself in an unfamiliar room. I looked at my hand and I saw different pipes attached to it.
I tried sitting up and I saw these same pipes attached to my tummy. I looked at me side and I saw a Lady backing me. She was reading a book.

“Hey you, get me out of here” I said coldly trying to disconnect the things on my body.

“You awake” the sweetest voice I have ever heard heard in my life said.
My mouth dropped open as I raised up my head to look at who was the owner of that angelic voice.

Lo and behold, an Angel was standing right beside me smiling sweetly at me. I became lost staring at her.
“I don’t think this is a good idea” she said removing my hands from the pipe on my body. I melted at her touch, her hands were so soft and mild.

I didn’t seem to get my gaze off her. She reached for my head and laid it back on the bed slowly. My gaze was still fixed on her face, she looked so beautiful.
“I am Sharon, and I will be your nurse for the mean time” she said smiling. She started checking my pulse.

I was so speechless, I was so shocked by her looks. I have never seen such a beautiful girl since I was born.
She raised up my eyelid bringing her face closer to mine. I stared at her lips, they were so pink and small.

“You are stable for the mean time” she said standing upright and smiling.
“Why am I here?” I managed to ask taking my gaze off her. I can’t drool over her, she should be the way drooling over me.

“You are here because you need adequate attention to your health” she said smiling. Gosh that her smile is killing.

“What is wrong with my health?” I asked looking at my body.
“I am soro I am not in place to tell you that” she said and moved to the drip close to my head checking it.

“So who is to tell me?” I asked angrily.
“The doctor” she replied still smiling.
“Get this things off me, I can’t stay hers another hour” I said trying to disconnect the attachments.

She moved close to me and held my hand calmly. “You need to be here for a while, don’t worry once the doctor is here I will tell him you said that. For now please relax” she said brushing my hair behind my ears.

Shit she was really getting to me. “Why are you so gentle??” I asked before I could control myself.
“I am a nurse remember? I need to be” she replied picking up the book she was reading earlier.

🌹 Sharon’s POV🌹
I sat close to him and continued reading my book. He closed his eyes breathing in hard.

I tilted the book away from my right eyes to steal a glance of him. “Oh my God he is so cute” I thought staring at his face.
He had curly wonderful hair, pink lips, narrow nose and to crown it all he had blue eyeballs.

He is so so cute. I was still admiring him when the door opened making him open his eyes .
I looked at the door and I saw Mr King Smith walk in. I stood up quickly and bowed slightly.
“How is he?” He asked moving to where Donald was.

“Stable sir. He just needs to take him medications on time and have an adequate rest.” I said smiling.
“Good job Sharon” he said touching his son.

“Father I don’t want to stay here. I need to go to the company” Donald said holding his father’s hand.
“Donald you can’t. Your health can’t allow you” his father said sadly.

“I tired of hearing your health What is wrong with my health!!” He yelled angrily.
“Well son the reason you are here us because you have been diagnosed of..” He said pausing and looking at me.

“Diagnosed of what!!!” He said shifting his gaze from his father to me. Mr King looked at me and nodded gesturing me to say it.
I moved closer to him and held his hand gently. He kept looking at me and his father and I knew he was so scared.

“Mr Smith, I am sorry to tell you,you have been diagnosed of Kidney Cancer” I said closing one of my eye expecting the worse.
“What!!!! Cancer!!!! No!!no!!!no!!!” He yelled as I saw tears in the eyes of the Almighty Donald.

He started shaking the bed vigorously shouting “I am going to die”.
” No you won’t ” his father said sadly.
“Father don’t try giving me hope” he yelled and bursted into tears again.

“Mr king please leave both of us, I will take care of him” I said holding Donald to the bed.
“Okay” he nodded and left the ward sadly.

“Please Mr Donald, you need to calm down. Once these things are disconnected it will cause more damages” I said sadly.

“Am I not a damage already” he said crying profusely.
I quickly took an injection which will cause him to sleep from the table close to him.

“Please stay calm” I said as I injected him with it and within second he feel asleep.
“Ahhhh” I sighed in relieve weeping off the sweat that threatened to slip into my eyes.

I sat on the chair close to him again and picked up my schedule to check my next patient.

I stood up and checked Mr Donald before leaving the ward. I started walking to the next patients ward.

I got there and I saw Monica checking my patient. I became sad immediately I saw her, she wasn’t looking happy at all.
“Monica” I called but she didn’t reply me, she just kept checking the patient.

“Monica I know you’re angry with me. I didn’t want to be his nurse, it wasn’t my decision” I said moving close to her.

“Enough! Enough of the pretence Sharon. You and i know that the manager listens to you always. Now it is time for you to do me a little favour he isn’t listening” she barked in anger.
“Monica I tried my best but he insisted I do it because he couldn’t just entrust him to any nurse” I added.

“Yeah!! Because you are the best, we know that. You know, don’t try defending yourself, you are not a true friend. This is what you really wanted, that I take care of your other patients” she said banging her fist on the table as she stormed out.

“Can’t she just listen to me?? She is my best friend I will never do anything to hurt her. I think I will have to talk to Mr King Smith personally about this” I thought as I walked out of the ward heading to Mr king Smith’s office.


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