HIS NURSE … (18+) … Part 33



✌ Frank’s POV ✌
I walked to my office fuming in anger. Sharon really have the guts to talk to me anyhow, I so much hate her now.
“I so much hate both of them.” I mumbled sitting on my chair. The door opened and I saw the janitor walk in.
“Good day sir.” He said but I ignored him. He started sweeping then office while I was still deep in thoughts.
“Baby.” I heard Monica call working into the office.
“Hey.” I replied trying to smile.
“Good day ma’am.” The janitor said but she ignored him walking up to me.
“Are you okay?” She asked sitting on my laps.
“Yea, I am.” I said nodding and she kissed me on the lips.
I felt the janitor’s gaze on us and I broke the kiss looking at him.
“What do you think you are doing?” I asked frowning.
“Nothing sir.” He replied bowing slightly.
“Get out, you see we are discussing and you are here looking at us? Are you insane!” Monica yelled in fury.
“Baby please take it easy.” I said calmly.
“I am sorry.” He replied.
“Get out!!!!!” She yelled making him flinch. He nodded and quickly ran out of the office.
“Monica that is too harsh, you don’t need to waste your time on somebody like him.’ I said smiling and pulling her face to mine.
” I just don’t like that particular janitor around me. I feel so uncomfortable when he is close by, I don’t trust him one bit.”
“Monica is a mere janitor.” I chuckled.
“Whatever, so how was your speech with Sharon?” She asked smiling.
“She is really tough. She sent me away in anger.” I said rolling my eyes.
“Don’t worry about her. She is doomed already.” She said grinning.
“I know that, thanks to you.” I said kissing her lips passionately.
🌹 Sharon’s POV 🌹
I made sure I didn’t mention to my parents about the kidney transplant. I know if I told them,they will never be in support of it.
“Doctor how is he now?” I asked as I sat in the doctor’s office.
“Nurse Sharon, I am happy to tell you that the operation was successful. He responded to all our treatments.” He said smiling, and I felt joy overwhelm me.
“This is great news. Thank you so much Doctor.” I said happily.
“He should be able to wake up today or tomorrow.” He added.
“I can’t wait to see him. Thank you so much.” I said shaking his hands.
“My advice goes to you now. You know you have only a kidney now, please take care of it.” He said seriously.
“I will Doc, no need to worry. I will do just fine.” I said standing up.
“Okay nurse Sharon.” He replied smiling.
I walked out of the office feeling so happy about Donald’s health. No more slumping.
I was walking to his new ward when I saw Monica walking towards me.
“Hey babe.” She said smiling.
“Hi dear.” I replied making a fake smile.
“How is Donald? Has he undergone the transplant?” She asked sadly.
“I don’t know Monica. Mr Smith has kept everything from me.” I said sadly.
“Wow, that is sad.” She said sadly.
“Yes, please can you do me a favour?” I asked narrowing my eyes.
“Anything for you Beastie.” She said and I felt like strangling her.
“Please can you follow me to Mr Smith’s house, I need to beg him.” I said hoping she would.
“Sure, what are we friends for.” She said opening her hands to hug me.
“Sorry I can’t. I stink.” I said giggling.
“I understand.” She said laughing.
“So Friday we move.” I said.
“Okay Friday.” She said nodding.
“Okay got to go now.” I said walking away in disgust. She even has the guts to laugh to my face, even calling me her Beastie.
I will show her that I am smarter than she is.
I walked back to the basement and on the way I saw the janitor walking to the basement.
“Hi” I said smiling.
“Hi.” He replied.
“Please I need your favour.” I said.
“Go ahead.” He replied looking anxious.
“I need you to please show up at Mr Smith’s house on Friday. I need you to help me show him all the evidences you have against Monica.” I said.
“Mr Smith’s house, they won’t even let me in.” He said laughing.
“Don’t worry about that. I will take care of it.” I said smiling.
“Okay and I have something else to tell you.” He said.
“Go ahead.” I said nervously.
“I was at Nurse Frank’s office not quite long and I saw Monica kiss him and sit on his laps.” He said.
“I was expecting that. They are both evil.” I said angrily.
“Yes. I was sent out but I eavesdropped their discussion, she asked him how the conversion with you went.” He added.
“Ohh so it was planned that he comes to me.” I said staring into space.
“Exactly Ma’am. You really need to be careful around them, they are very evil.” He said and I nodded in full understanding.
“I will show them I am more dangerous.” I said grinning.
“I will leave now.” He said walking away
“See you on Friday.” I said and he nodded without looking back.
“Let the game begin Monica!” I smirked wickedly walking to Donald’s ward.


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