HIS NURSE … (18+) … Part 3



🌹 Sharon’s POV🌹
We finished the meeting after some minutes and I saw how sad Monica has been since the announcement of me been Donald’s nurse.

We were dismissed but I waited behind after everyone had left.

“Sit I wish to speak to you” I said bowing and fondling with my fingers.
“Go on Miss Sharon” he said smiling.
“Sir, it is about the announcement you made earlier” I said sadly.

“What was wrong with it” he added sensitively.
“Sir I have been appointed as a nurse for over 20 patients in this hospital” I said still bowing.

“That is true Sharon, that is because you are the best” he replied smiling.
“Sir it won’t be easy for me. So I thought you should give someone else. I mean like Monica, she is the second best in here” I said in a pleading tone.

“No Sharon. We need the overall best to look after King Smith’s son. You know what??” He asked moving to his table.
“What Sir??” I answered nervously.

“I am going to remove you from been the nurse of 15 patient, so you will have chance for Donald.” He said sitting on his chair.

“But Sir…” I said but he cut me off.
“Sharon that is it. I need to work now” he said and I nodded as I left his office.

☁ Oh God this is not good. How will I tell Monica that he didn’t listen to me, she looks so desperate to be his nurse. I don’t mind giving the appointment to her but now I am stuck, I can’t disobey the manager I may loose my job.

I got out of the office to see Monica waiting for me. She was looking at the ground and shaking nervously.

I moved close to her sadly, she lifted her head and immediately she sighted me she ran to me with a brightened face.
“How was it Sharon” she asked smiling hopefully.

“I am sorry Monica, he didn’t listen to me” I said sadly and I saw her countenance change. She looked so pained.
I wanted to reach for her hand but she shoved my hand off.

“I knew it won’t work. You are the best here, I knew you wouldn’t try to convince him because you all wish to be the nurse of the famous Donald. Thank you” she said in tears and left me standing.

“Monica” I called but she ran as fast as she could away from me.
She needs to understand that I tried my best, I will never hurt my best friend because of my own selfish desire.

😅 Frank’s POV😅
“Can’t she just give me a chance?? I am not like the other guys she has been dating. I have loved her so dearly but she doesn’t seem to notice me.” I thought as I stared at her in the managers office during the meeting.

Doesn’t she see that I am also part of the Senior nurses in this hospital?? I won’t be able to interrupt the love she has for her job.

“Nurse Frank, you have an operation with Doctor Favour by 2pm” my junior nurse said jolting me out of my thought.
“Thank you Sarah, you can go” I said and opened the file where my schedule was stated.

“I am working with Sharon?” I said happily as I saw her name on it. I stood up quickly and moved to the ICU where the operation is to take place.
I got there and I saw Sharon washing her hand at the basin.

“Hi” I said taking the basin close to hers.
“Hi” she replied coldly wearing her glove.
“We are working together” I said watching her wear her apron.

“I know Frank. Please do me a Favour, don’t talk to me during the operation.” She said and moved in.

“Ouch!” I said holding my chest happily. It doesn’t matter if we don’t talk, I am fine with just staying close to her.
I moved into the operating room very happy, I saw her close to the surgeon and I ran to where she was standing staying very close to her.

She didn’t even look at me for once, she was asked to bring a cotton wool that was right behind me.
She reached for it brushing my chest a little with her arm. She looked at me and I stared into her eyes.

“Please try to be useful. The cotten wool was right behind you and you couldn’t take it” she said handing over the cotten wool to the surgeon.

😒 Monica’s POV😒
I ran to the back of the hospital in tears. “Why do everyone think I am useless?? Must it be Sharon always??” I thought as hot tears stained mu cheeks.

I moved outside the hospital and sat on the chair close to the garden behind it. My eyes were heavy in tears and I had to clean them off with the back of my hand.
“She promised me she will talk to him but she didn’t. I know if she did, he would have agreed because he likes her so much” I said admits tears.

I really want to be close to Donald. I want him to be my responsibility, I want him to notice me. But all this can’t happen because of Sharon.

She spoiled my plan. I won’t let Donald slip off my hands, no!! I won’t let him fall for Sharon, she is too beautiful to be beside him.

She will surely seduce him and I don’t want that. He loves me or no one else, not even Sharon will change that.
“I know exactly what to do” I thought and stood up from the chair as I walked into the hospital.


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