HIS NURSE … (18+) … Part 29



🌻 Donald’s POV 🌻
“Donald come take your medications before we leave!.” Sharon yelled from the kitchen.
“I am doing some stuffs on my laptop, please bring it to me. I love you!” I yelled back.
“You are so lazy!” She mumbled as she walked to me with the drugs and water.
“You know I am not lazy.” I said winking at her as I used the drugs.
“Donald we should get prepared this is 12pm already.” She said sitting on my laps.
“I know, I will do that after some few minutes. You can start preparing.” I said kissing her.
“You bought too many clothes for me, I don’t even know the one to choose.” She said pouting her mouth.
“Then wear everything.” I said and she spanked me on my d==k making me groan.
“What was that for!” I smacked.
“For joking with me. Come choose one for me.” She said pulling me up.
“I am busy.” I said like a baby.
“I don’t care!” She yelled and I was up my feet in a second.
Her yell can make me go unconscious. She dragged me to the room where her closet were and truly the clothes were many. Where do I start from for crying out loud.
“I told you not to buy so many, not pick one.” She said folding her hands under her b==bs.
“Yes ma’am.” I nodded tiredly and started searching the closet.
I saw a white gown, it was a very long gown and I didn’t like it for the occasion. I kept searching and was becoming to grow sick of it when I saw a red body hug gown I bought for her.
It was also long but it had a cutting which will stop above her knee.
“This is perfect!” I yelled happily showing her.
“Nice, you can go now. I want to dress up.” She said collecting the gown from me.
“I chose the gown, I should be the one to dress you. So remove your clothes.” I said walking close to her.
“Promise me it is just dressing?” She asked narrowing her eyes making me laugh.
“I promise.” I said and she sighed in relieve.
I removed the top she was wearing, she was not wearing a bra. I walked up to her closet again and took one of her bras.
She stood up and I helped her wear it, it was so easy because I have been seeing her do it. I also removed her skirts and she was left in panties.
I took the gown and looked at it not knowing where the pass it on her.
“Unzip it.” She said giggling.
“I know.” I said rolling my eyes. I unzipped it and I was still confused. Should I pass it through her head or leg?
“Give me that, you are wasting time.” She said snatching the gown from my hand.
“Go dress up, you have done enough.” She said pushing me to the door.
“Okay.” I replied feeling very happy because that dressing was beginning to make me sick.
I ran to my room and locked the door behind me. I walked to my closet and chose a shining Red Suit, a black shirt underneath and a black trousers.
My shoe was also shining black. I quickly wore it and styled my hair with my hair gel. I ran to my closet again and brought out the ring I bought.
I got this ring without Sharon knowing, I want to surprise her by proposing to her in front of my parents. I am so happy, I can’t picture the look that will be on her face.
I walked down to the Living room and I saw Sharon standing there already. OMG! She looked so gorgeous.
“Wow, you look really handsome.” She said smiling.
“And you look stunning my princess.” I said curving out my arm as she took it shyly.
“Wait!” She said running to the kitchen. She came back with my drugs and a bottle of water.
“I almost forgot.” She said as she took my hand again.
We got to my car and we zoomed off almost immediately.
🌹 Sharon’s POV 🌹
Donald kept driving and I kept staring at him and smiling. This is unbelievable, I am in love with the Almighty Donald. We will ever think that is possible, this is hilarious.
“Can you stop staring so I can concentrate?” He asked smiling.
“I can’t help it.” I replied laughing.
“It was so very fast. Falling in love with you.” I said and he released one of his hands from the steering stretching it to me.
I took his hands in mine kissing it passionately.
“I am so happy Sharon. It is hard to believe that you came to my life and made me who I am today. You changed me from a mean person to someone who has love in his heart.” He said facing me one in a while.
I smiled as he spoke and I really wanted to kiss him but he was driving, I couldn’t let him lose concentration.
I was about replying when two cars overtook us and blocked our path. Donald was forced to stop abruptly.
“What the hell that was close.” He said.
Soon the door of the cars opened and some hefty guys with mask came down running to our car.
“Donald what is going on?” I yelled in fear.
“I don’t know.” He replied in fear too. They got to out car and brought out guns, as I saw it I jumped in fear holding Donald really tight.
“Open the door boy or I blow off your wife’s head.” One of them said with a very thick voice and instantly Donald opened up.
The dragged both of us out and used handkerchiefs to cover our noses. Donald tried struggling with them and they ended up hitting him on the head with a gun.
And this was the last thing I saw, everything went blank.


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