HIS NURSE … (18+) … Part 28



✌ Frank’s POV ✌
I walked to my office tiredly after attending to some patients. The hospital has been busy as FK and the patients really misses Sharon. Who cares.
I sat on my chair tiredly feeling very sleepy. Monica and I have been really close these days and it seems I was blind not to have loved her.
She is beautiful and sexy, tho not as Sharon. And since Sharon doesn’t want me, Monica wants and I think I want her too.
The door opened and Monica came in happily.
“Baby.” She said running to me. She bent to kiss me on my lips and I reciprocated.
“You look so tired.” She said pouting her mouth.
“Yes I have been in almost every ward today checking different kinds of patients.” I said as she sat on my lap.
“You need to get used to it because you will be the best very soon.” She said smiling.
“Yeah I know, but what of your plan? It is beginning to slow down. I can’t wait to see Donalds downfall.” I said clenching my fist in anger.
“It isn’t slowing down because I am on the every passing day. Now this is it, I went to Donald’s home street and I found out he hasn’t been home for some weeks now.” She said smiling.
“So?” I asked in haste.
“I also found out he will be visiting this weekend, so with that we could get out plans executed. And I know very well he will be going with his lover.” She said rolling her eyes.
“Gracious heavens, how did you get so much information?” I asked in shock.
“Frank, it is me. It is Monica, I get what I want at all cost.” She said kissing me again.
“So how will the plan go this weekend?” I asked after we broke the kiss.
“We are going to capture Donald, hid his face and keep him far from his drugs. We will make sure he doesn’t take it the appropriate time. And that’s it, he will be laying on the hospital bed in no time.” She said grinning.
“But what of Sharon?” I asked.
“Simple. I will go to her after Donald has been captured as the friend she thinks I am, then we will go on a tour looking for Donald.” She said giggling.
“And how do you kidnap Donald when Sharon is with him.” I asked again.
“That is simple. We focus on Donald and ignore Sharon.” She said again.
“But if the father knows that he was kidnapped, he will not see it has Sharon’s fault.” I said and I saw her nod her head slowly thinking about the point I made.
She stood up and started pacing around my office lost in thought. Soon she faced me ready to talk.
“Then,I will send a message to Mr King acting as Sharon, telling him Donald and i won’t be able to come because we have a love outing. So the plans will change, we will capture the both of them but out them in different places.” She rapped
“Geez!!! You are a genius!!” I yelled very surprise how she could cook up a plan so very fast.
“I sure am. So we release Sharon before Donald and then you know she will run to Mr Smith to tell him. So he will be like ‘you shouldn’t have let him out of your sight, if he was with me this wouldn’t have happened.” She mimicked and I bursted into laughter.
“Come here!.” I said and she ran to me. I made her sit on my laps and I kissed her deeply pressing her b==bs.
🌹 Sharon’s POV 🌹
“Love!!” Donald called from the living room.
“I will be there soon stop yelling!” I said rolling my eyes.
I cleaned myself up and wore Donald shirt that stopped right under my b==ts. I really did enjoy my sleep in Donald arms.
Imagine I woke up 12pm!! This is bad Sharon. I walked out of the room to the living room and I saw Donald setting the dinning table. He even had an apron full of flour on.
“Wait, what is going on?” I asked smiling widely.
“I made breakfast but you turned it to lunch sleepy head.” He said kissing my head.
“Good afternoon.” I said smiling as I kissed him on his lips.
“I didn’t want to disturb you, so i had to warm it in the microwave again.” He said smiling.
“Wow pancakes! I love them!” I said as I opened the plate.
“Mine is the best!” He said proudly. I laughed out loud and I saw his face change.
“I am sure just on bite and I am going to puke.” I said boldly.
“Really? Okay let’s make a bet. If it is delicious, I get to do whatever I want with you. And if it is otherwise, you do likewise to me.” He said feeling very confident.
“Deal!” I said happily. He sat in front of me and I saw how nervous he was, I giggled wondering what I would do with him.
I took a bite from the pancake and I saw his eyes widen. I chewed it and OMG!!! It was so delicious.
“Wow This is great!!!!” I said forgetting all about the bet.
I saw him grin and I came to my senses, I spoilt my face like I was disgusted.
“Spit it out.” He said laughing and I couldn’t. It was too sweet to be wasted.
“Fine you win.” I said rolling my eyes.
“Yes!!!!” He yelled jumping up.
“So what are you going to do with me?” I asked devouring the pancakes.
“Fine the pancakes and I will let you know.” He said grinning wickedly. One thing I am sure of is that he can’t kill me.
He waited with me till I finished eating and he packed the plates to the kitchen. I moved to sit on the couch and I saw him come out with a cloth.
“Wait are you going to tie me down?” I asked laughing.
“Maybe!” He said coming closer to me. He knelt on the couch right in front of me and I kept wondering what he wanted to do.
“Your hands.” He said.
“Why?” I asked hiding my hands and laughing.
“Don’t let me force you.” He smirked and I threw my hands to him immediately. He smiled widely and I rolled my eyes looking away.
He tied my hands together with the clothes and also tied my face with it.
“Donald what is all this?” I asked.
“You will know soon.” He said laying me on the couch. He seperated my legs and I knew exactly what was going to happen.
“Donald this isn’t fair.” I said and he laughed out loud.
He removed my pant and there I was naked in front of him again. He unbuckled his shirt exposing my b==bs.
Soon I felt his hand on my p==sy and I gasped. He started kissing me and I reciprocated.
It started to grow intense and I wanted to hold him but I couldn’t, then I knew this was actually a punishment.
He rubbed and flip my c==t so good that I began to moan and sway my hips around.
“Donald please release me, this is wickedness.” I said in a teary tone.
He didn’t answer me instead he increased the way he rubbed it and I screamed on top of my voice.
He started moving his fingers into my honeypot and I let out another scream…
“Donald get this thing off me!!!” I yelled but he didn’t respond instead I heard him laugh.
“I hate you!” I yelled and he bursted into a louder laughter. He kept thrusting and thrusting till I felt my tummy tighten.
“F==k!!!!!!” I scream as I came heavily on the couch. I heard him dust his hand and he released my hand. And removed the cloth on my face.
I was breathing hard and I stared him while he laughed out loud.
“How was it?” He asked giggling.
“That was wickedness!!” I yelled and he bursted into laughter again.


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