HIS NURSE … (18+) … Part 27



🌻 Donald’s POV 🌻

I got up from bed very early trying not to wake the sleeping head laying next to me. I want to surprise her by making breakfast.

I wore my shirt and hurried to then kitchen still thinking of what to do. To be honest, I can prepare only pancakes. I am a bad cooker.

I will just have to make what I am good at making so I wouldn’t poison her. I took some flour from store and walked back to the kitchen.

I tied my apron reading to do some cool stuffs in the kitchen.
“Donald don’t you think it is time to get married?” My inner mind asked me.

Seriously I haven’t even thought about that. I really wish I can spend my whole life with Sharon.

“But what if you die along the way?” It asked again.

“Then I make her a widow? Oh no this isn’t good.

I have to do everything to see that I am going to scale this health issue, and when I do, I am going to propose to the only woman who makes me happy.

The door bell rang Interrupting my thought.

“Who could that be this early morning?” I asked myself walking to get the door.
I opened the door to see father smiling widely.

“Father.” I called hugging me. I have actually missed giving him troubles and I bet he does miss me too.

“How are you son?” He asked tapping my back.

“Great, come in.” I said walking him into the living room after shutting my door.

“You look very healthy.” He said sitting.

“Yes Father, Sharon has been making sure I am healthy.” I said smiling as I sat too.

“And Sharon, where is she?” He asked looking around.

“She is asleep.” I replied.

“And why do you have an Apron on?” He asked giggling.

“I thought of making breakfast before she wakes up.” I said giggling too.

“Really? Breakfast? Donald? Are you kidding me?” He asked in surprise.

“Ain’t kidding father. What is bad in making breakfast for a woman you love.” I said shyly.

“What? Love? Donald? Speaking about love, when did you start loving?” He asked.

“I started loving when you appointed Sharon to be my nurse. She has been the one in my head since then.” I said smiling.

“Wow, Donald is in love with his nurse.” He said nodding.

“Father let’s put that aside. How is mother?” I asked.

“Your mother has been on my neck, she said you should come home this weekend and that is the main reason I am here.” He said sighing.

“I really miss mother, I will drop by this weekend with of course Sharon.” I said grinning.

“Ain’t chasing her, since she is your love and she made you even wanna make breakfast, I am totally fine.” Father said smiling.

He stood up to survey the house while I walked back to check how my unfinished pancakes were doing.

I had made the dough already, so I started to spread in on a neat plate before placing it into the microwave.

“Donald, your torture room is empty. That is so shocking.” Father said from the door of the kitchen.

“Yes father and it is so boring! Sharon made me promise never to kill or hurt anyone again and I have to keep that.” I said tiredly.

“I so much love that girl!” My father exclaimed happily.

“You can’t love her more than I do. And if someone try sh=t with Sharon, I swear I will have to break the promise and stab that person an hundred times in his chest!” I said clenching my fist.

“Hmmmmm Vibrant love.” Father said giggling.

“Thank God you finally stopped, can’t still believe it. That means you can’t even listen to us your parents but you can to my best Nurse.” Father said grinning.

“Maybe.” I said winking.

“I need to get to the hospital now, I have some important thing to attend to.” He said walking away.

“Okay father, see you this weekend. I love you!” I yelled.

“I bet you do!!” He yelled back before I heard the door open and close.

My parents and I are the best family you could ever wish for, there is love and peace. And the prominent thing is they support me when I am on the good track.

😳 Unknown POV 😳

I sat in the basement of the hospital going through the series of pictures on my phone. I then stumbled on the picture I took of Monica at the back of the hospital some weeks ago.

I heard all about what happened to Donald that day and I knew Monica had something to do about it.

I am a janitor in the hospital and I don’t think they will ever want to listen to me, that is why i have always kept it to myself.

But nowadays Monica has always been so rude to me, I don’t know why she hates me so much. Maybe because she sees me as an ordinary janitor.
And now it is time I take her down. I need to speak to Sharon myself, that nurse has been ever nice to me.

She has a nice heart and it was made known to me she is in love with Donald. I need to get justice for Donald and throw that b**ch in jail.

I have enough evidence to proof she was the one at work. Thank God I actually went to pour some dirts this day.

Monica would have gone without getting punished. But as long as I am not dead, I will make her pay for her wrong.


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