HIS NURSE … (18+) … Part 24



🌻 Donald’s POV 🌻

Sharon kissed me so passionately and I reciprocated instantly. She reached for my shirt and tossed it off, tracing her hands on my abs.

“You love it?” I asked grinning. She nodded shyly, she is so cute when she does that.I traced my hands down her belly button sliding it into her skirt.

“Ahh!’ She gasped and I loved it. I am going to so tease her today that she will have to scream on the top of her voice.

I kissed her down to her V sticking out my tongue severely. I held her skirt waistline ready to sweep it off.

She raised up her hips making it easier to remove, I tossed it off revealing her red transparent panties.

I lowered my head to kiss her thighs and she started swaying her hips wanting me to touch her g-spot.

I smirked as I continued my teasing. I placed my hand on her p**sy through her panties and I saw how wet she was already. Wet like dripping wet.

She kept groaning and groaning trying to let my head met her V, but I didn’t respond. I loved the way i teased her.

“Donald please.” She moaned like she had a c*ck in her mouth. I decided to stop teasing her and get to business.

My mouth met with her V through her panties, she placed her leg on the bed raising her hips. I removed her panties staring at her.

She looked so pink, there was no hair on her and I loved it, She was neatly shaved.

My hot mouth met with her p**sy lips and I felt her shiver under me. I slid my tongue into her hot honeypot licking her juice dry.

“F==k!” She moaned loudly swaying her hips. I held her hips to my mouth firmly as I continued my intense mouth f==king.

I slid my tongue up and down her p==sy making no juice escape. She tasted like strawberry lollipops.

I reached for her mouth to kiss her again so she could taste how sweet she is. I felt her breath hard as we kissed. She doesn’t even know I just started with her.

I moved between her legs, this time forcing on her cl=ts that was looking very pink and swollen.

I took it between my teeth gently flicking the tip of it with my tongue.

“Ahhh!!” She screamed throwing her head backwards and holding on to the duvet tightly. I smiled as I loved the way she reacted.

I started sucking it gently like I was on sucking a feeder, I suck like I was expecting some juice from it.

“Donald you are killing me.” Sharon said within gritted teeth breathing so hard. I didn’t respond but just continued my work.

“Haas f==k s==t!!!” She moaned and I saw her belly tighten, no one needed to tell me she was c=ming.

She gripped my hair pressing me to her V. I kept still not releasing my mouth from her, she started to squirt.

Her juice gushed out right into my mouth, I would never let any escape not when I know she tasted like strawberries.

Her grip on me reduced and her head dropped on the bed, her breathing began to stabilize while I helped kill her p==sy with my tongue making sure none drops on the bedsheet.

I stopped looking at her, she was all sweaty and so was i. She opened her eyes to look at me and I saw her cheeks grow red.

“Hope I didn’t tease you to much?” I asked positioning myself between her legs.

“Oh yes you did, I thought I was going to stop breathing.” She said shyly making me laugh.

She knelt on the bed drawing me closer to her, she kissed so hard reaching for my trousers.

She started to unbuckle my belt and unzipping it. Soon she was done and she pulled it off me with my help.

The trousers was off with my boxers and I saw her mouth drop open as she saw my organ. She moved her hand slowly to touch it but she restricted.

I pulled her hand to it and placed it on my already hard c=ck.

“Ah!” She gasped as her eyes widened.

“Why are you so surprised? Haven’t you see one has huge as this?” I smirked.

“No, I haven’t seen one has big and beautiful as this.” She said smiling. I laid her back on the bed positioning myself between her.

“Are you ready?” I asked holding my c==k to her passage. She nodded closing her eyes really tight and I smiled at her behavior.

I rubbed her hot p==sy with my hard rock sticking it in gradually. It was starting to get intense and all I wanted to that was have my c==k inside her.

I pushed it in her and I gained a loud moan from her. Tho she wasn’t a virgin, she was still really tight. I was even scared I will damage her V with my Mr Large Rod.

I pushed in again and this time she held her mouth with her hands trying not to scream. I was scared to put all inside her.

So I started thrusting slowly with just half of my joystick in her. She kept moaning and it sounded it sweet music in my ears.

I increased my pace and this time she folded her legs behind me back and pushed me to her letting all my joystick into her.

“Holy f==k!!” She screamed as I saw her belly tighten again. I guess another one is coming.

I also felt my balls tighten and I knew I was close to c=ming. I increased the pace like never before.

“Arrrghh!!” I groaned as I splashed in her. She also started c=ming and I started to flip her honeypot with my palm.

She sounded like she was going to cry this time, her juice came out like that of a running tap and I left her laying on the bed feeling so tired.


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