HIS NURSE … (18+) … Part 23



✌ Frank’s POV ✌

I sat in my office full of thoughts, so i finally lost Sharon to Donald. I love her so much but this is what I get?

I even bought things for her parents, all this can’t go in vain. No! I can’t let it waste.
I picked up my phone and dialed Sharon’s mothers number.

📲 Mother.
📲 Frank, how are you doing?
📲 I am not okay mother.
📲 Why? What is going on?
📲 Mother, Sharon doesn’t like me. She doesn’t even want me anywhere close to her, haven’t you been talking to her?
📲 Frank to be honest,I have tried my best. She even stopped calling Me because of you.
📲 Mother please talk to her, she is treading a dangerous path.
📲 What do you mean by dangerous Frank?
📲 She is in love with a murderer.
📲 What!!! Murderer? Who?
📲 Donald Smith ma’am. He is a very dangerous man.
📲 Donald Smith? Her patient? The one is she living with?
📲Yes mother. Please talk some senses into her.
📲 Don’t worry Frank, I will definitely talk to her.
📲 Thank you mother, I will hang up on.

I hung up and placed my head on the table.

“Sharon please come to me, I love you so much.” I mumbled sadly.

“She can’t come back to you.” A familiar voice said. I raised up my head to see Monica.

“How did you get in here?” I asked angrily.

“You didn’t look the door Frank.” She said sitting down.

“Monica whatever you have to say, I am not in support of it.” I smacked.

“Frank C’mon!! You and I know Sharon can never be yours. Let us take Donald out then.” She said grinning.

“Monica are you out of your mind?” I asked in amusement.

“Nope I am not.” She replied standing up.

“You love Donald and now you want to kill him?” I asked in shock.

“I don’t love him anymore, I should just move on.” She said coming closer to me.

“What are you doing?” I asked looking at her.

“I want to take Donald out of this world. He made me look like a fool and I can’t let him live.” She said trying to sit on my thighs.

“Sharon don’t you dare.” I said and in shock she placed her lips on mine kissing me like an expert.

🌹 Sharon’s POV 🌹

Donald was discharged after some days and we both headed home. He looked better and I am so happy he is finally feeling better.

I am so happy that we love each other. He has been so sweet during our stay at the hospital and I wish he wasn’t ill.

Mother called me that she want so see me, I wonder what I have done. We haven’t talked for some days now because all she talks about is Frank.

Donald was sleeping in the car while I drove home.

“Hey Donald, we are home.” I said tapping him gently. He opened his slowly and a smile curved on his face.

He stretched his arms then headed for the door. We both came down and walked into the house holding hands.

Donald doesn’t need his attachments again and all he needs is to take his medications, so my work has reduced drastically.

“I need you to rest now Donald.” I said walking to the couch. I placed my bag on the couch and I felt Donald grab me from behind.

“Donald.” I called sweetly. He kissed the back of my neck so soft and I shivered under his touch.

“Sharon.” He called me softly and the breath from his mouth touched my skin and I bit my lower lip throwing my head back.

I trailed his hands down my back and I was stiff as I stood. He turned me to face him and all i did was looking into his eyes.

He looked so cute and gently. I wanted to talk but I couldn’t, my mouth opened but it was covered by Donald’s mouth.

I closed my eyes as he did and I felt for the very first time a loved Lady. He held my waists tight drawing me closer.

I found myself wrap my hands around his neck and deepening the kiss. He raised me up and I wrapped my legs around his torso.

He reached for my a** pressing it slightly, I moaned as I felt his dk right on my psy. His scents was breath taking.

We moved to the bedroom slowly without breaking our kiss. His muscles were so rigid around me and I felt so secure.

He dropped me gently on the bed and broke the kiss. He stared into my eyes and I stared back.

“Sharon I want you.” He said and I gasped. His words made me wet instantly, he shouldn’t have asked at all.

I nodded slowly looking away. He reached for my shirt raising it up, he tossed it off my head leaving me with my bra.

He stared at me and slowly raised to remove it, I arched my back for his to have access to it. The detached it slowly and removed it.

And there I was naked in front of my patient, tho not totally naked. We were still coming to that.

He traced his hands over my b**bs and I grew goosebumps instantly. I kept gasping as he stared at me.

He flicked my nipple with his fingers and I moaned shutting my eyes tight. Soon, I felt his mouth on my nipple.

His hot mouth juice wet my hard nipple and I held his head wanting more from him. I started sucking my b**bs like he was a baby.

I threw my head to the back and raised up my chest so he could devour as much as he wants.

He stopped and I felt his gaze on me, I opened my eyes to see him smiling sweetly at me.

“Sharon am crazily in love with you.” He said and I melted instantly.

“Donald I love you too, you stole my heart so fast.” I said raising my head to meet his. I cupped his face in my hands and stared at his lips.

I tilted my head and shut my eyes as I planted another soft kiss on his lips.


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