HIS NURSE … (18+) … Part 20



✌ Frank’s POV✌
I sat in the hospital reception deep in thoughts. I couldn’t stop ruminating about what happened at the restaurant with Sharon.

I kept thinking if I should go with Monica’s mysterious plans or just wait for Sharon to notice me.

Or rather still look for another girlfriend, no I can’t look for another girlfriend. I love Sharon so much and I hope one day she will snap out of her dreams and finally come to me.

Donald is not meant for her in any way, he is too devilish to have Sharon.
“I guess I will just let patience win.” I thought sighing.

The door of the hospital flung up catching everyone’s attention. The nurses pushed in a stretcher that had someone on it.

I stood up running to the place to see Donald! He had stains of blood all over his cloth. What happened? What is going on? Did he get into a fight? Did he hurt Sharon? Where is Sharon?

Soon Sharon ran into the hospital looking really rough and sweety. Her hair was scattered all over her face and blood was all over the blue dress she wore to the restaurant earlier.

“Sharon are you okay?” I asked running to her.

“I am not okay.” She said in tears.

“Are you hurt?” I asked examining her body.

“Donald is hurt and it was all my fault, I shouldn’t have yelled at him.” She said weeping bitterly

“Sharon calm down please, you are creating a scene.” I said looking around to find people staring at us.

“I don’t care!” She yelled. I held her and pulled her from the reception into a separate place

“Sharon stop working yourself up. He is going to be fine, the doctors are working on him already.” I said as she sat on the floor weeping.

“I am so sorry Donald.” She mumbled in tears. I felt strong feelings of jealousy as she kept mentioning his name.

“Sharon what really happened?” I asked calmly moving close to her.

“I.. I.. Got home, we had a little argument, I yelled at him and was about entering my room when I heard a loud noise in the kitchen. I got there to see him on the floor covered in blood.” She said shivering.

“C’mon Sharon, that is not your fault. He was just careless.” I said rolling my eyes.
“I yelled at him.” She said looking at me in tears.

“So? He needs to be put in his place sometimes, he isn’t a baby.” I said.

“Frank just shut up, you can’t understand!” She yelled standing up and moving away.

“Where are you going?” I asked walking behind her.

“To stay with him!” She yelled walking to the emergency unit. I trailed behind her sighing continuously, that jerk!

🌹 Sharon’s POV 🌹

I watched how the doctors were operating on Donald through the transparent glass on the door. I couldn’t stop feeling it was my fault.

I am his nurse, I shouldn’t have gotten angry with him even tho I was really angry. It is all my fault, I am a bad nurse to him.

I wanted to go into the ward but I was stopped by the nurses.

“He is my patient! I should be there with him.” I smacked.

“Sorry Sharon, the Doctors said entering.” The nurse replied sadly.

“Sharon” I heard Monica’s voice from behind me.

“Monica!” I called running to her to hug her but she pushed me away slightly.

“You are stained, what happened?” She asked looking at my dress.

“Donald” I called weakly.

“Donald? What happened to Donald?” She asked anxiously.

“He slumped and hit his head on the floor.” I said as tears rolled down my cheeks.

“What!! Where were you? You supposed to be watching after him!” She yelled making me feel more guilt.

“I know, I don’t know how it happened.” I mumbled in tears.

“That is carelessness Sharon.” She smacked and I couldn’t help but slump to the floor in tears, my tummy were hurting due to the gravity of my tears.

“It is all my fault!” I thought feeling very bad.

“That is enough of you Monica! Anybody can be in Sharon’s shoes, same as Donald’s.” Frank said walking close to us.

“Frank can’t you see she just endangered her job? Her vocation as a Nurse?” Monica replied.

“Are you really worried about her job or something else?” Frank asked.

“What do you mean?” Monica yelled.

“Enough guys! This isn’t helping issues.” I said standing up and walking to the door. All I want now is to see Donald doing fine.

😈 Monica’s POV😈

I sat on the chair close to the emergency unit shooting Frank a deadly look. What was he trying to do saying that statement.

What does he want Sharon to think about me? If that she was really herself she would have asked Frank what he meant by that statement.

Thank God she is preoccupied, this Frank must be really crazy. I just told him that to help him get his stupid love and he is trying to ruin my plans!

No way, if he tries anything stupid again I will get him off my way. I stood up and moved close to Frank who kept looking at me with great suspicion.

“Frank what is the meaning of all these?” I whispered watching Sharon.

“Tell me Monica, do you know anything about these?” He asked looking at me.

“C’mon Frank, I don’t know anything, stop looking at me like that.” I said looking at him.

“How do you expect me to believe you.” He added angrily.

“I swear I don’t know anything. I can never hurt Donald, I love him.” I whispered again, and this time Sharon looked back.

I quickly wore a smiling face, I looked at Frank and I saw he was still fuming in anger.


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