HIS NURSE … (18+) … Part 14



😑 Frank’s POV😑

“What!! Monica are you okay? You want me to implicate Sharon?” I yelled in shock.

“Frank keep your voice down! Nobody must here us.” Monica said looking around suspiciously.

“Monica you can’t expect me to do that! She is going to loose her job if Mr king finds out.” I said almost yelling.

“Frank it is for our own good. Once we get into his house and inject him making it look like it is Sharon! That’s all, she won’t be Donald’s nurse anymore.” She said smirking.

“And her job?” I asked.

“Everyone knows Sharon is the best here. The injection won’t kill him, it will just paralyze him for two days, she will still be retained.” She replied.

“Monica, I am so disappointed in you. I thought you are Sharon’s best friend but it is clear that you hate her.” I said standing up in anger.

“Frank!” She called.

“Go f**k yourself!” I yelled storming out of her house. I made a great mistake coming to her for help.

How will she expect me to paralyze Donald to make Sharon lose her Job as his nurse, that idea is so stupid.

Tho I admit I don’t like Donald, I can never do that to a fellow human. Not even when it has to do with putting Sharon in trouble.

🌹 Sharon’s POV🌹
I walked to the kitchen in fear. Mr Donald is very scary but I am beginning to have a soft spot for him. What is wrong with me?

I dished my food and carried it to the dining table with my head bowed.

I was so scared to look at Mr Donald in the face.

“The food is nice.” He said coldly.

“Thanks.” I replied keeping my head bowed.

“I am sorry.” He said making me look up.

“Pardon?” I said pretending not to hear what he said.

“Am sorry for taking advantage of your fears.” He said shutting his eyes tight. I knew it wasn’t easy for him to say sorry. It is always hard for a mean person.

“Okay.” I replied facing my food.

“Okay? Is that all you are going to say?” He asked and I felt his gaze on me.

I looked up not knowing what to reply him, his hot gaze kept penetrating my skin and I couldn’t help but melt.

“Am i forgiven?” He asked smiling. Oh God, his smile is killing me.

“O.yeah..eh..You are.” I replied nodding.

“Good” he replied facing his food.

He didn’t actually offend me, I loved it. But I can’t just tell him that, I will look so cheap and stupid.

I am his nurse, I need to act like that.

I was still eating silently when Mr Donald stood up, I lifted my head to look at him and I saw he going down.

“Mr Donald!” I called in fear, I rushed to where he was.

“I am okay.” He said sluggishly but I didn’t mind him.

I supported him, helping him stand and the next thing, he went unconscious laying his head on my shoulders.

“Mr Donald!” I called shivering.

I tried lifting him but he was very weighty, I can’t just leave him here, I need to get him to where the emergency kits are.

I pulled him to his room, his head was on my chest but I didn’t mind. I was stop scared to start pushing his head off my chest.

I managed to place him on the bed. I picked up my stethoscope and placed it on his heart, his heart was beating very slow like it would stop any moment.

I became so scared. “Please stay with me” I said as tears rolled down my cheeks. I brought out my examinating machine and I placed it over his body.

“Wait what am I seeing?” I asked myself fearfully. A lump in his lungs? This isn’t caused by the cancer! Why did this come from? I didn’t see this earlier?

I started shivering in fear as I saw it. This was here Two hours ago, how come? He started gasping for air.

“Oh No, please Donald, don’t do this.” I said as tears rolled down my cheeks.

I don’t want him to die, I don’t want to lose my job.

I started pressing his chest so as to stabilize his breathing. I did it the first time but there was no response.

His eyes were shut tight like he was going through pains.

I did it again and Thank God his breathing began to stabilize. I sighed in relieve, tho I was still really scared.

I picked my phone from my pocket to call the manager.

📲 Sharon.

📲 Sir, please I need some doctors in Mr Donald’s house.

📲 Hope everything is okay?

📲 No sir, I am seeing a lump in his lung. It isn’t cancer, and I think it is from the effect of that spray.

📲 Oh God, I will send some experts there now.

📲 Okay sir, thank you.

I hung up and sat close to him. I looked at him with tears in my eyes, I can’t take seeing him in this state.

Tho he is wicked and he is supposed to suffer, I feel he is acting like this for a reason and he needs someone to listen to him.

He kept wincing in pain and every time he did I kept feeling hurt. I held his hands tight and bent to kiss his forehead.

“The Doctors will be here soon. And you will be okay” I said smiling. I heard a knock on the door and I ran to the door to open up.

“Mr Rob. Thank God you are here.” I said smiling.

“Yes Sharon, where is he?” He asked real quick.

“Here, follow me.” I said running to the room.


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