HIS NURSE … (18+) … Part 12



🌻 Donald’s POV 🌻
I woke up the next morning feeling quite better than how I use to feel. I had finish taking my drip so I removed it from my hand.

I removed the other attachments and walked to the bathroom to have my bath.

I stood under the shower letting the water touch every part of my body.

I bowed my head slightly placing my two hands on the tiled wall. I began to remember what happened yesterday.

The way her tears stained my chest, how her breast pressed on my chest, how she looked when she cried. I couldn’t control myself and I ended up kissing her, my nurse.

“She is getting to me!” I thought giving the wall a punch.
I quickly finished bathing and I moved out of the bathroom wrapping my towel and the other towel to dry my hair in my hand.

I was still drying my hair when the door opened revealing Sharon.

“Opps I am sorry. I knocked but I didn’t hear any response, so I decided to come in.” She said bowing slightly.

“Come in.” I said moving to my bed.

“You disconnected the tubes already. You should have called me.” She said trying not to look at me.

“Had to take my bath. Didn’t want to disturb, thought you may still be asleep.” I said cleaning my face before standing up the spread the towel in the toilet.

I walked into the room and I saw Sharon staring at my hand with her eyes opened wide.

I looked at my hands and I saw it was bleeding. How come I didn’t see that until now.

“Mr Donald, you are bleeding.” She said running close to me and holding my hands.

“It was a mistake.” I said coldly.

“You are not a baby. You should be careful.” She said pulling me to sit on the bed while I kept staring at her.

She took some cotton wool and a liquid substance from the drawer she kept all she used to treatment.

She soaked the wool with the liquid substance and carried my hand cleaning off the blood carefully.

I cleaned my jaw as I felt pain in my hand. I saw her look at me and I moved my face away from hers.

“Sorry.” She said as she placed a plaster on it.

“Thanks.” I replied removing my hand from hers.

“How are you feeling now?” She asked standing up.

“Better.” I replied coldly.

“I will prepare breakfast.” She said and left the room before I could reply.

🌹 Sharon’s POV🌹
I tried so hard not to look at Donald’s face after what happened yesterday night. I couldn’t sleep well, I kept thinking about how he kiss me magically.

Oh Nurse Sharon, you are done for. Hope you haven’t started growing feelings for your patient.

I got to the kitchen and checked the refrigerator for anything to make breakfast.

I saw some pastas, tomatoes, onions, and some salad ingredients.

“I guess breakfast has defined itself.” I thought smiling. I started making the salad when I remembered the guy that was tied to the chair yesterday.

“Has he gone home? Or Donald has actually killed him!” I thought in fear. I need to check if he is really gone.

I dropped the knife that was with me and walked out of the kitchen heading to the “torture room” because it really looked like one.

I was getting closer but I wasn’t hearing any voices, I moved closer to the door and I saw it was closed this time around.

I looked around me to see if I wasn’t watched by anyone. I placed my hand on the door knob turning it gently.

“What are you doing.” A familiar voice came suddenly making me startle and lose balance. I almost fell, yes I fell on a very hard built body.

Oh no, its Donald.

My head was directly on his chest and my eyes widened when I saw he was shirtless. Was he using that to punish me?

I stood up properly adjusting myself without looking at his face. I kept my gaze on his chest.

“I am sorry.” I stammered in fear. He looked at me speechless and started walking close to me while I moved backwards in fear.

He kept approaching till my back hit the door behind me and there was no where to go anymore.

He finally got close to me and I could hear my heart beat really fast.

He lowered his head and I closed my eyes so tight saying my last prayer.

The next thing I felt was a warm mouth on mine. He is Kissing me again! He pulled me to him by the waist deepening the kiss.

I found myself opening up for him. “Opening up for a murderer? Are you okay?” I thought but I couldn’t stop him, he was driving me nuts.

I found myself touching his abs with my palm. It was so hard and rigid on my hand I felt like sleeping on it.

“Wake up Sharon! He is your patient!” A voice yelled in my head making me break the kiss abruptly.

I looked into his eyes and I saw him look at me softly. “Excuse me.” I said and walked away from his face.


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