🌖His Invisible Creator♣
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Episode 30 [Final]👑👑

Written By: Tofunmi Nikky📝


Ethan and Livia walked to where Reed and Livia sat,,, They stopped before them and took a seat. Reed looked at them and he dropped the drink with him and made to stand up,,,

” Hi Reed “Ethan greeted him but he didn’t reply,, he started walking away with Vivian

” Ethan stop him, he’s going because of me “I shouted and ran to his front, he looked at me before looking away, Ethan came to meet us.

” Reed, please am sorry. I promise you am going to change,,, I don’t like how you’re avoiding me “She said wanting to cry

” Do you guys know each other? “Ethan asked looking really confused

” Yes, I’ll explain letter. Since he’s your friend please help me to beg him “She said to Ethan and then faced him back

” Please Reed “Vivian said rubbing his hands,,, Reed left Vivian and took Livia by the hand and took her away

Gerald and Amelia who was watching the whole scene from where they stood went to Vivian and Ethan.

” What are they going to do? “Vivian asked herself

” What’s between them? “Ethan decided to ask them

” She likes, no let me say she loves Reed “Amelia answered him and he nodded in wonder,,, Vivian looked at where they pass and decided to follow them,,She doesn’t trust that girl.

Reed stopped and made her face him,, he chuckled inwardly when she saw the tears on her face.

” Livia! “He called tenderly

” I’m sorry Reed. In fact I don’t like you again… I mean I no longer love you. Please Reed “She began to cry again

” Come! “He beckoned

” You mean me? “She asked blinking her eyes

” Yes or is there anyone else here except you and I? “he asked her and she shook her head and hugged him.

She couldn’t explain how she felt when they hugged,, Maybe joy. In her heart she knows she’ll forever love him and nothing can change that, though they aren’t meant for each other.

” You’re forgiven “he smiled as they unlocked from the hug

” Thanks. So can we atleast be friends? “she asked

” Sure “He replied

” I really don’t know how am feeling, I just feel like laughing “she said and more tears ran down her eyes

” You’re so funny,You wanna laugh and you’re crying “he said and that made her smiled. He brought out a handkerchief and cleaned her tears.

” Thanks Reed “She said sniffing in some tears

” Yeah. Let’s go “He said and held her hand as they walked away. Reed suddenly stopped,,, he could feel Vivian’s presence.

” What’s wrong? “Livia looked at him

” Nothing, you can go on. Am coming “He said and took his hand off her.

” You sure? “She asked and he just nodded his head

” Yeah, Go on “He said to her and she walked away. He turned to his right and saw Vivian.,, Vivian took to her heel when she saw Reed. He ran after her

” Come back here! “he shouted at her back

” No! I won’t let you catch me “she shouted back

” You were peeping at us right? that means you don’t trust me “he shouted

” I trust you but that girl… I don’t trust her “She stopped and faced him before she continue running

” Guess what, She’s now my friend “He shouted to her hearing and she immediately stopped

” What!!! Reed! “Her eyes widened

” You were part of the people who told me to forgive her, remember “He stopped at her front and exhale in and out

” So that’s an excuse, well it’s kinda good you two became friends. That love of a thing us will stop “She said with her hands at akimbo

” Don’t tell me you’re jealous “he said pulling her into his arms

” Why won I be “she said and then faced him,,, she looked into his eyes and said;

” I’m happy you already forgive her,, I don’t want any enemy for you again. I don’t want you to get hurt and risk your life again ”

He laughed.

” What? “She asked

” You don’t have to be scared. We gonna spend the rest of our lives together, Nothing bad will happen to you as long as am here,, to always be your hero “he said their gaze fixed on each other

” What a nice speech “She clapped nodding her head

” Am serious “he said

” I know, let’s go “She said and they walked back to where the party is going on.

Ethan entered the car and Livia also got in,,, he didn’t even look at her he just maintained a straight face.

“is it true that Reed is the one you love? “He asked

” Why are you asking? “She said

” I’m asking because I need to know “he faced her with a serious face

” I don’t see any reasons why you have to…”

” Cause I love you Livia,,, yes I do.Have been waiting for the perfect moment to say this but now I have to spill it out “He let out and she gulped

” Well, what you said is really true. It’s true I love him, but now we’ve settled everything and we decided to become friends ”

” Do you know what I kinda like about him? His tender heart. It strange that despite how much love I showed him, he never loved me back but keep pushing me away and I guess that’s because we aren’t met to be ”

” I don’t mind if that will stop you from loving me but he’ll forever be in my heart,,, “she said and burst into tears

He pulled her into a hug,

” It’s fine. That won’t stop me from loving you. We would have got married if I hadn’t travelled “he said making her laugh,,

” That’s not too late,, We can still wed Ethan “she raised up her head to look at him

” Really? Will you marry me Livia? “He brought out his necklace as a ring

” Yes Sir Ethan, I will “she said hiding her smile, he was about to put the necklace on her finger when she hugged him

” Get a better ring “he whispered to him and he gigged

Reed and Vivian sat on a round table, The maid dropped the drink and glasses on the table before them and left.

” I haven’t drink this before “She shook her head

” Same here. Why don’t we give it a try? Just a glass each “He added when he saw that she wanted to decline

” Okay,, “she replied. Reed served her and then himself,,, They picked up their glasses

” Cheers “They chorused and gulped it down at a go! They dropped the glass on the table at the same time and breath out.

” What did we have to discuss again after seeing this “Mrs Weston said to the two women ( Mrs Weston and Mrs Bliase )

” So what’s your opinion? “Mrs Weston faced him

” Let them get married “He said


The guard opened the door to Reed’s room and they entered,,, Reed closed the door behind him and pulled Vivian close.

They gaze into each other’s face,,,

They both brought their faces closer and then their lips met,,,


Three Years later💛💛

” Do you take Reed Weston as your husband, for better for worst, for richer or poorer? “The priest asked her

” Yes I do “she answered

” Did you Reed Weston, take Vivian Blaise as your lawfully wedded wife, for better for worst,For richer or poorer? “The priest faced him

” Yes, I do “he also answered and they exchanged the rings

” Now the groom may miss the bride! ”

Gerald and Amelia are now dating and they are also preparing for their wedding soon, Ethan doesn’t want Livia to go to Reed’s wedding with the fear that she may break down,,,,

But he was wrong she was so happy on that day, After the wedding They returned to America cause none of them wants her to keep remembering the past. They all lived happily ever after👑.



Can’t believe this story just ended👌

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