🌖His Invisible Creator♣
(Is he a human??)

Episode 28💗💗

Written By: Tofunmi Nikky📝

” Three! ”

They smiled when the necklace finally blinked, Reed twitched on the bed and his eyes opened,,,, He sat upright and he looked up when he noticed someone’s presence.

He identified the man and woman as Amelia’s uncle and Vivian’s Mom,,,, he then remembered what happened. That ba$tard!

He touched his hair and sighed out.

🎀Livia’s pov🎀

I stepped down from the car and slammed the car door,,, Nina also got out and came to me where I stood perplexed.

” Is something wrong? you haven’t said a word to me since we entered the car,,, “Nina said touching her shoulder and that made her turn to her

” I don’t know how to explain Nina,,, I really don’t! “She said agitated

” Just go on and say it “She urged wanting to know

” When I entered Reed’s room,, I was really shocked and afraid to see he isn’t breathing but when I was about to go someone entered the room,,, One idi©t “I said feeling pissed as I remembered what she did

” So someone met you there? “Nina asked not wanting to believe what she just said

” Yes! ”

” God!! So what the fuck happened to Reed? Maybe someone did that, you know? ”

” Exactly Nina,,, someone is behind it and I’ll make sure that goddam person rots in jail! “I said in anger

” Yes, am with you Livia. He can’t just die like that… someone just have done it “Nina said

” Let’s go “I said entering the car, she got inside and I started the car before driving off.

7Hours To Go…🍀🍀

” That’s it! “Vivian shouted and they all stopped to look at where she pointed to

” That’s the cave,,, let’s hurry up “Mr Weston said and they all hastened their steps,,, they soon got there. At their front was a wide wooden door,,,, Amelia went to check the other side for where they can pass.

She glanced at very little window as she walked, something like flame was coming out of the window,,, she immediately went back to them

” Kenneth is inside “She said making them turn to look at me

👑 Reed’s pov👑

I dressed up in all white, I stood before the mirror as I brushed my hair down, then lastly,, I wore my wristwatch and closed the two books on the table. I shut my eyes and then…

I watched the cave from afar, I glanced at my watch again to see he’s still in, from where I stood, I was able to see what he’s doing. So he think he can carry on with his plans,,, I won’t let him succeed

I felt someone place his/her hand on my shoulder, I immediately used force to drag the person before me. I looked to see the person groaning on the floor,,,

” Reed! “he called slowly as he raised his head, Wait! I think I know him

” You? “I said

” Yes Reed, please help me up “he said stretching forth his right hand to me, I took it and hauled him on his feet

” So I can’t even touch you again? you almost broke my bone “he said still winching in pain

” Am sorry Ethan”I said

” What are you doing here? “he asked

” Am here for something important “I said, my eyes fixed on the cave afar

” Which is? “he asked me again

” To end someone “I said in a desperate tone and he burst into laughter

” You’ll never change “she shook his head at me

” What about you? you also won’t change “I said and this time around we both laughed together, we stopped and Stated at ourselves. I guess we’ve really spent a lot of time apart that we didn’t know when we suddenly hugged.

He’s my friend, we’ve done a lot of things together,,, either good or bad. My gaze fell on the wristwatch making me see Mom, Dad, Amelia, Gerald and Vivian outside the cave.

Am sure Kenneth already knows they are outside

” So who is that person? “He asked after the hug

” The Invisible I told you about “I said and he clicked his finger like he wanted to recollect something

” But you like and admire him “he said

” That was then “I snapped

” That was when I haven’t know how much evil he has done,, that was when I thought those who made him invisible were cruel,,, he’s a bad man Ethan “I told him

” I have to go now “I said facing him

” Should I come with you? “I asked

” No, I can handle it myself “I said and then hijacked his phone from him

” Reed!! “He said wanting to take back his phone from me. Though I didn’t know what his password was but I input it and it unlocked

” Um “he exclaimed and I chuckled as I handed over his phone to him

” You can’t change pal “he said and shook his head and I winked at him,,, As he looked down at his phone, I touched the necklace and went away.

” Reed!!! “I heard his shout

I could hear his voice from inside saying ” All set and here is the RETURN OF KENNETH ”

I moved more closer to the cave and touched it once,,, half of the cave crumbled down and I grinned hardly. I started walking in,,,

” REED? “He faced me with shock written all over him

” Well am back “I said spreading my arms, I was about to shot him a dgger when he dashed out,, I flashed after him

Gerald opened the wide door bravely, he lead the way and they followed behind him,,, their jaw dropped when they saw what was inside the cave. It’s well built just like a mansion.

” That way “Amelia said and just when they want to continue walking the saw the cave crumbling down,,, they turned around and headed out with fast speed

” Ma’am ”

” Let’s get out…… Fast! “Gerald shouted

” Gerald! “Amelia screamed from behind him as the others ran out, he turned to see her on the floor. He went to her and pulled her up

” Sorry “he said to her and she nodded. They both ran out.

After getting out of the cave, they still continued running but something made them stop, A loud rumbling. Vivian was the first to look up, she saw Kenneth up in the sky.

” That’s him “they chorused In unison except Vivian who was busy taking off the necklace and was about to throw it at him when she sighted Reed

” My son “Mrs Weston touched her chest

Ethan on the other hand didn’t wait just like Reed told him, he followed him to the cave without him knowing and even when it was crumbling,,,, He can’t just leave his friend. He’s gonna help him

They all looked with great fear at the two of them.,, Kenneth threw a fireball at him which sent him on the floor and then smirked

He landed on the floor and they all ran to him.,, Vivian squatted before him already in tears.

” Reed “His mom touched his cheek making him open his eyes to look at all of them

” Are you okay? “Asked his father

” Dad, Mom! “He muttered and smiled in pain

” Reed “Gerald smiled back at his friend

” Now Am going to KILL ALL OF YOU ONE BY ONE “Kenneth said from above

” 59 seconds more ”

He heard the necklace on his beeped. He will be gone again once the time is over

” Give me the necklace “He said to Vivian,,, She nodded and took it out from her pocket,,,

” ARE YOU READY TO DIE REED! “His voice distracted Vivian and that made the necklace fell down

” 37seconds More ”

” Vivian!! “They all shouted at her
” Sorry “she apologized and quickly picked it up,,,

Ethan was about to turn when he looked up to see someone up in the sky,,, He also saw Reed on the floor with his parents and some people. At that point he knew he’s the bad person.

Kenneth saw the necklace in their hand and knowing what they wanna use it for.,,, he decided to kill him before he would throw it

” 9seconds More ”

He collected the necklace from Vivian making the others step back,,, Kenneth also pulled out his own instrument

” 4Seconds More ”

Reed wasn’t that fast because he was really weak,, Kenneth was about to pull the arrow and Reed also made to throw it at him

“2Seconds More ”

Ethan threw a big stone at him and as Kenneth turned back to see who the crazy person was,,,, Reed threw it at him

1Seconds M….

Reed dropped on the floor,,,Kenneth began to disperse and finally he was gone,,,, Ethan rushes to them and joined them where they stood hovering around him in anxiety. Reed finally opened his eyes…


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