🌖His Invisible Creator♣
(Is he a human??)

Episode 27♥♥

Written By: Tofunmi Nikky📝


” Miss? ”

Livia almost froze when the voice called, she turned slowly and their eyes met

” What are you doing here? “Lily asked as she looked at her suspiciously

Livia rubbed her head not knowing what to say while Lily placed her hand on the door knob as she waited to hear what excuse she’ll give

” I came to check on him,,, but let me take my leave now “Livia said and walked to the door,, she blocked her way and that made Livia looked up at her with an angry face

” You still haven’t answered my question. No one is allowed in and you’re not left out,,, so you better start talking “She said

” You heard me well right. Wait a minute who are you to question me huh? you’re just a maid! “Livia said smirking

” Get this straight into your skull,,, am not a maid okay?? Now get out before i pour out my anger at you! “She warned feigning annoyance

” Not like I don’t have a home and you should also get this straight into your stupid skull,,, I am someone you won’t want to mess with “Livia said

” Just get out of here, bch! “She yelled at her and Livia scoffed

” Who knows what you’ve done to him,, “Livia said with an evil grin,, she pushed her aside and passed.

” Crazy bch!! “she took off her shoe and wanted to throw it at her but she already walked away. This girl is so crazy,,,, who the heck allowed her in???

Kenneth was working on making the bombs in which he would use to destroy everything,,,, He would have hired some guys to help him but he decided to do it alone.

” This will make everyone bow for me as per my plans,,, I will surely rule “He said with a grin

As he brought out a red box he thought of Reed and wanted to let go of the the thought but couldn’t,,, He tried so much for him. He thought; haven’t I tried enough? I made his parents and most especially him very rich. He’s helped me in doing many things but I can’t change what will happen,,,,

It has always been by dream to rule over the world,,, I can’t stop my plans just because of him… impossible!

” I’m sure he would I’ve been dead by now,,, what a pity! “He said touching in chest playfully.

Vivian’s mother stepped out of the gate and waved him bye before walking towards the gate,,,

She knocked on the gate and it went opened by the gatekeeper.

” Good morning ma’am! “He opened the gate slightly and greeted her

” Good morning “she replied him
” I’m asking for Vivian,,, is she home? “she asked him

” No? Are you are mum? “He guessed

” Yes, I am “She smiled

” Come inside ma’am “He immediately made way for her and she walked in,,she faced the man

” What of Mr Weston and his wife? “She asked

” They went out with Vivian,, they will be back soon “He answered her

” What about Reed, this son? ”

” I haven’t seen him since morning “He replied truthfully and placed her two hands in her head in a way that seems she already know what happened

” What is it ma’am? “He asked noticing how her mood suddenly changed

” Nothing,, I’ll wait for them “She said and the man nodded and went to get a sit for her,, he came back with the chair but she refused to sit and instead she keep pacing,,, the gatekeeper placed one of hand one the wall wondering what’s wrong

9Hours To Go…

💄Vivian’s pov💄

We all got down from the car after a long drive, Mr Weston stopped the car behind us and came out with his wife. We turned to them,,,

” Where is the way? “Mrs Weston asked me
” By the right. It’s no longer far “I replied and they all took the direction,,, I paused when my phone started ringing,,, They waited for me to receive the call

Lily called

📲Is there something wrong?
I asked.

I was the one who told her to go and make sure no one enters Reed’s room,, Nobody should know about this.

📲Yes Vivian, Am sorry but Livia entered Reed’s room.

📲Lily! How on earth was she able to enter?? I thought I asked you to monitor him!!
I yelled at her

📲I also don’t know how she entered,, the thing is I think that she already knows what happened to Reed. Even the position that I met her and Reed and what she said to me…

She was saying but stopped.

📲What did she say?
I asked trying to hide my anger

📲 She said; “Only God knows what you did to him”

📲She already know!!
I yelled looking at their curious faces

📲Am sorry Vivian!
She begged in a faint voice

📲It’s okay…. I’ll call you later
I said hanging up and faced them not knowing how to break the bad news,,,

” Lily told me that Livia was able to enter Reed’s room. It possible she already knows Reed is…

” Oh GOD! “Mrs cut in disappointed

” Am sorry ma’am! ”

” Let’s go on and look for Kenneth before it’s too late, we don’t have much time “Mr Weston and walked ahead them,,,

Vivian’s mom picked up her phone as she’s already ran out of patience,,, she dialed her daughter number and sighed out when she pick at first ring,,,

📲 Mom
She heard her voice from the other end.,,

📲Why isn’t your number going through? have tried it several times
She said in relief

📲Am sorry mom. Where are you?
she asked though she already know where she is

📲Where you live ( Weston’s mansion ). What about you guys? where is Reed??

📲We are on our way to meet Kenneth, Reed is at home. He won’t be back to life again if we don’t take down Kenneth as soon as possible
She told her sadly


📲I have to go now mom, take care

The call ended and she faced the gate to see gatekeeper letting someone in,,, Her lips curled into a smile when she saw the person.

” Mitchell!! “She ran into his spread arms. The priest smiled as they pulled away from the hug,,,

” Why are you here? “She asked in surprise

” I came here because Kenneth needs to be brought down,, remember what he did to us “he said and he nodded repeatedly

” That means Reed and my daughter Vivian knows you? “She asked him

” I know Reed and he’s a very good person but I haven’t met your daughter, does she lives here? ”

” Yes ”

” I have to go and see Reed, there’s still something he need to do “he told her.


They met Lily on their way in,,, they asked of Reed but didn’t want to tell them at first but she showed them his room when she got to know who they are,,

” Here ma’am, Sir “she let them in and helped them close the door before walking away

Mitchell; The priest felt his body and it was what he expected. He’d know this would happen that’s why he quickly came over,,,

He brought out a necklace which look like the reciprocal of Reed’s own,,

” What’s that for? “Mrs Blaise; Vivian’s mum asked with her gaze on the necklace

” With this, he’ll be awake for just few hours,,, that way he may be able to defeat him “He replied

” Let’s try it “she said and watched as he put the necklace on for him,,, They waited for it to count

” One! ”

” Two! ”

They exchanged some glances.

” Three!! ”

They smiled when the necklace finally blinked.


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