🌖His Invisible Creator♣
(Is he a human??)

Episode 26🍀🍀

Written By: Tofunmi Nikky📝

” He’s going to hurt my mom “Vivian said and without waiting for more minute,,, she ran out.

The other ran after her, Gerald was able to stop her she could open the gate,,, the rest approached them.

” You can’t leave this way “Gerald said blocking her way

” but what about my mom “Vivian said already shaking in fear

” She’s going to be okay,,, trust me. We can’t leave Reed in this position too. Think about his parents,,, it must not be more than two hours. Please,,, “Gerald plead

” Nothing will happen to your mom as same with Reed. Okay? “Amelia said stopping at her front

” I have an idea “Mrs Weston said from where she stood with her husband,,, she walked up to them with Mr Weston

” Why don’t we try again. Ask it about where your mom and Kenneth is right away “Mrs Weston said

” Yes. I think that’s a good idea Vivian “Gerald said facing her

” Okay. Let’s try it “Vivian said, and as she talked; her heart was beating faster than normal. She really can’t trust Kenneth he can do just anything,,, that man is heartless

” Where is my mom now? “that was the first thing she asked


” And what about Kenneth,, where is he? ”


” Cave? “They all said

” What’s he doing at the cave? “Vivian immediately asked with curiousness


” Bombs!!!! ”

At this point, Vivian didn’t know maybe she should go on with her questions or not. For goodness sake! Kenneth is making bombs!

” Are you sure my mom is save? ”

” Yes, she is ”

The voice said and she sighed out in relief,,,

  • Where is the cafe located? “Gerald asked after moving closer to Vivian. It told them the answer and they all went to the parking lot….

” Take that car while we take another one,,, “Mr Weston pointed at sport car. They hurriedly entered and Gerald turned on the ignition

” We’ll be at our back “Said Mr Weston to Gerald,,, he nodded and then drove out of the compound

” Sir,,, “His driver wanted to enter into the front seat but he stopped him

” We are going alone “Mr Weston told him while Mrs Weston entered the car,, he stepped into the car and the driver stepped back for the car to pass,,,, He started the car and they zoomed off.


Livia parked at the front of the Weston’s mansion and stepped out of the car with Nina,,,,

Livia was the one who knocked the gate,,, the gatekeeper opened the door slightly and peeped out.

” Yes? “he asked them

” We’re here for the party “Nina said glaring at him

” Am sorry but the party hasn’t started “He said and wanted to leave when Livia stopped him

” We’re also here to see Reed “Livia said as he faced them back

” I don’t think he’s home. He is not home “He said nor wanting to let them in,,, of course he knew who she is and that the main reason he didn’t want them to enter,,, so proud of herself

” That’s fine by me,, we gonna wait “Livia replied and pushed me as she entered,,, Nina followed her in.

” Miss! I said you’re not allowed in. Stop right there “He shouted running inside,, Livia smirked not stopping.

” Miss!!! “He shouted

” Tch that guy is an idiot “Nina said feeling disgusted

” idiot is an understatement “Livia said and she laughed. Livia opened the door and walked,,,

” But wait,,Why is the whole place quiet? “Livia stopped and faced Nina

” Maybe it’s true that they haven’t start the party “Nina said and she shrugged

” Miss “They heard someone called and she turned to see a maid coming to them

” Hi! ”

” Please how may we help you? “the maid asked, she thought the party is not yet now so why are they here?

” We’re here to wait for Reed “She said and Nina nodded

” But he is… Never mind. Let’s me get you something to eat “the maid was about to tell them that Reed is in his room to said another thing

“Alright ”

The maid left and head to the kitchen,,,They both sat down but Livia keep looking around. Nina noticed but she didn’t want to speak,,,

” Anything the matter “Nina decided to ask.

” Am having this kind of feeling that Reed is around “she answered looking at her

” But he told us that….”

” Don’t tell me you’re believing that idi©t huh? “she glared at her

” Sorry “Nina said and twitched her nose

” Whatever,,, I’m going inside “She said standing up

” What!! you can’t just go in! “Nina said and also stood up

” Just wait and see “she winked at her. Nina watched as she dropped her handbag on the chair and catwalks away,,, Nina shook her head before sitting down back.

Livia just walked inside and fortunately for her she haven’t met anybody on the way,,, she stopped walking when she realised that she doesn’t even know his room.

” Dmn it! “She muttered under her breath,,, she was about to leave when she sighted some guys (three) standing by the door. That should be his room but how is she going to enter?

But just then she heard someone called one of them,,, he left and they remained two. Soon, the second one also left and now it remained one,,,,

The other one didn’t show any sign of leaving,,, she decided to do something. She looked at her front and saw a flower vase,,,, She slowly went to pick it cause she can’t bare been caught. What will she say she’s looking for,,,, Reed???

She threw it on the floor and immediately went into hiding, she was looking as he came to see what happened.,, As he started walking to search for the person Livia had entered the room.

She closed the door behind her and smiled,,, she smiled more and her face gleamed when she saw him laying on the bed. She went to him and bent down to see his cute face,,,,

His lips,, pink and well pouted. this is the guy she so much loved,,, but he keep on pushing her away.

She placed her hand on his cheek and then to his hair,,,,

” There’s nothing I can’t do for you, how I wish you could see how much I love you. I always wanted you to be mine FOREVER love ”

One of her hand was holding his hand as she made to kiss him,,,, she was about to close her eyes when she paused. She felt like something isn’t right.,,

” Reed? “She said to herself

” Reed! wake up “she said and when he didn’t answer, she shakes him slightly and sprang up in fright.

Is he dea……

She checked him again to be sure.

” Reed please wake up! “She said holding on to her tears. He isn’t breathing! she tried lifting him up when the door was opened by someone,,

” Miss? ”


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