🌖His Invisible Creator♣
(Is he a human??)

Episode 25🌸🌸

Written By: Tofunmi Nikky📝

Vivian sprang up and started pacing up and down,,, She saw her phone on the bed and quickly picked it up. She dialed Gerald’s number is its switched off,,,,

” Damn! “she mumbled to herself, what should she do? Nothing!! even ma’am Weston must not come in and see him lifeless,,, she has to do something.

She saw her top on the floor and put it on,, she was about to open the door when the door was opened my someone.

She was so scared that her heart started beating faster,, she sighed out when she see that it was Gerald and Amelia

” Thank God you guys are here,,, he’s not breathing. What should we do now? “Vivian told them and she ran over to Reed who was still laying on the bed,,,, Gerald looked at Amelia face and back then at Vivian

” We need to act fast, but we can’t do anything until we see Kenneth “Gerald said

” What if Mrs Weston or anyone comes in?? ” Vivian said freaking scared
” Yes, what if anyone enters? “Amelia said
” Then let’s tell his parents “Gerald said and that made the two scared more and more

” But he told us not to tell anyone “Amelia said and Vivian nodded to what she said
” Yes he told us not to tell them, but we have no option now than do tell them right away “Gerald try to make them see reasons. Vivian went to sit on the bed and buried her face in her palm.
A figure could be seen all decked up, the person looked at himself in the mirror before him and grinned. He brushed his hair and then turned,,,, It turned out to be;

” I am Kenneth! ”

The once invisible, now that he’s back to being a human,,, the next thing is to go on with his plan but he also has to deal with someone. The Blaise who turned him invisible

He walked out of the building and entered a car and drove away.

:::::::Weston’s Empire💗:::::::

The three of them were ushered into the other living room,,, They already told Reed’s parents that there’s something important to talk about,,,, Mr Weston walked in,,,

” Good morning Sir “they all chorused they sighted him coming in
” How are you all? “he asked them as he went to take a seat opposite them
” We’re fine Sir “They chorused again
” You guys can have you seat “he told them and they muttered a “thanks”

” You said you want to tell us something? “Mrs Weston said as she entered and sat down beside her husband
” Yes ma’am “Vivian was the one who replied this time around
” Okay. You should hurry up,,, you know the party is starting soon. Anyway,,,, where is Reed? “She asked them curiously,,, But no one was ready to reply

” Where is he? or is there something you guys aren’t telling me?? “she asked puzzled
” That’s what we wanted to tell you ma’am,,,,it’s Reed… “Amelia started

“…and we have to do something “Amelia stopped. Words could not express how his parent’s felt when they told them everything
” Where is my son now? “Mr Weston asked them
” He’s inside his room “Vivian answered, and before she could finish speaking Mrs Weston ran out making all of them stand up

Mr Weston also followed her,,,
” What next? “Vivian asked getting impatient
” The next thing is to find Kenneth “Gerald replied
” Reed told us that to find him,,, one of us must wear the necklace. So I will wear it “Gerald added

” No! I’ll be one to wear it “Vivian said
” Are you sure? “Amelia asked her and she nodded
” But… ”
” Let her wear it “Amelia said turning to Gerald
” Okay “Gerald said
Reed’s parent ran into his room to see him laying on the bed,,, Mr Weston checked him and just like they said he isn’t breathing.

” He isn’t breathing “He said looking up at her,,, she ran to hug his body.
” He’s dead “she said in tears
” He isn’t death. Am sure you remember what they told us,, He will come back alive in some hours “He moved closer to her and pat her back,,, though he’s acting like he’s not worried but in his heart it was like he just loose his only son,,,

” Let’s go “He said trying to get her up but she clung to his body more tightly
” My son!!! No! I won’t leave until he wakes up,, I know he’s not dead. Get up Reed!!!! “She cried more
” Let’s go and meet them,, am sure we’ll find a solution to this and our son will wake up,,,, okay? “he said after succeeding in making her stand up.

” Our son won’t die. He won’t,, “he said as they finally walked out of the room.

Vivian’s mom has been worried, she doesn’t know how to go about it,,, she hasn’t heard anything about the matter of Kenneth. She can’t just stay without doing anything.

She tired Vivian number but she’s not picking, she went into her room and changed her clothes. She then called someone,,,,

📲Am ready,,,
she said

📲Okay. I’ll be on my way ma’am
The person said from the other end

📲Alright, I will be expecting you

After some minutes, she heard the screening of a car outside the compound and immediately ran out to meet him,,,,

” Ma’am “he said coming down from the car
” How are you Felix? “she asked him
” Am good ma’am. Get into the car and let’s go “he said and opened the door to the backseat for her,,, he waited till she entered before entering the driver’s seat.

He drove out of the compound,,,
” How long will it take? “she asked from the back
” Not more than three hours “he replied her with his focus on the road

They was about to go and meet Mr and Mrs Weston when they saw them coming out,,,
” Ma’am, Sir “They went to meet them
” What’s the next thing to do? “Mr Weston asked with a hand which pulls his wife closer to himself

” I’m gonna wear the necklace and communicate with him “said Vivian
” Then go on “Mr Weston said

Gerald handed the necklace to Vivian and they all watched as she put it on,,, Vivian spoke countless times by saying his name but it isn’t working,,

” F**k “Gerald and Amelia said at the same time
” He is not answering “Vivian said and just then a kind of voice said


“Is that him “asked Mrs Weston
” Maybe “Gerald said
” Maybe not,,, I don’t think that’s him “Vivian shook her head negatively
” Let’s just ask him “Amelia suggested and Vivian nodded

” Who Are you? “Vivian asked the voice

” I don’t think it can help us “Vivian said
” Just ask it about Kenneth “Mr Weston said

“Okay Sir ”

” Where is Kenneth…”Vivian paused and faced them
” Who knows his surname? “she asked them and they shrugged
” I don’t! ”

” Do you know where Kenneth is? “she decided to ask it

” What!! Mom “Vivian shouted
” He’s going to hurt my mom “Vivian said and without waiting for any more minutes,,, she ran out.


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