🌖His Invisible Creator♣
(Is he a human??)

Episode 24💄💄

Written By: Tofunmi Nikky📝


💌Vivian’s pov💌

The party was really great, some danced,,some played (especially the kids) while some people gist theirselves. The party is over and everyone left already,,,,

” Hey “Lily said as she approached me,she’s one of the cook that ma’am hired for the party,,,and am quite familiar with her though she just came today
” Hi,,,, are you done? “I asked her when she stopped before me

” Yes, everyone has left. “she replied me
” Let’s go inside then,,, am feeling sleepy already “I said innocently and she chuckled
” Same here, let’s go “she said and we headed inside

” How do you find the party? “she asked
” The party is so amazing “I simply replied,,,
” I seriously can’t wait for tomorrow,, it surely going to be bigger than this “she said

Tomorrow? I just hope everything go on well. I don’t want any kind of problem tomorrow,,,,, who knows what Kenneth is up to

” Look at him! “she suddenly tapped my shoulder and I looked at where she pointed to;

” I didn’t see him throughout the party “I said with my gaze fixated on him
” Same here. He’s so fucking cute and I so much like him “she said and I glared at her
” What do you just say? “I asked her like I didn’t hear what she just said
” I said I like him,,, wait! don’t tell me you’re jealous. Wow!! “she said and placed her hand on her chest

” Who told you am jealous? “I raised my brow and glanced at him
” Nobody told me, I know myself that you’re jealous “she said and I hissed
” Lily! “one of the guards shouted her name from afar
” I know you like him “she winked at me and hit her hard on the head
” Ouch! I’ll do my own back trust me “she said and I shrugged

” Lily! “the guard called her again
” Am coming,, bye “she replied him and waved at me before running to meet the guard. Thank God she left!

I faced the other side to see he’s still there but this time on a phone call, I went to meet him and to my surprise he turned before I reached him,,,, he knows am coming

” Sir “I called and bowed my head, he ended the call and walked away with sparing me a glance

Did I offend him? No I don’t,,, but he just acted like he doesn’t see me. I ran after him

” Sir please wait “I said and blocked his way
” What? “he asked
” It’s like you’re avoiding me, have I done anything wrong??? “I asked

” Thank God you know “he said chuckling
” I knew it. What have I done Sir “I said getting scared already
” I will stop avoiding you only when you stop using the word ‘Sir’ for me “he said
” But you’re my boss “I said

” That’s it. Okay then,,, let me just keep avoiding you “he said and wanted to walk away when I caught hold of his hand,,, where did the courage come from?

” I won’t use the word ‘Sir’ again “I said and he pulled me closer to himself,,,with no distance between us, he whispered softly into my ear;

” I love you Vivian ”

Huh? what did I just hear him say?? he said he loves… me!

I didn’t wait for him to repeat it before I replied him;
” I love you too Sir…. I mean Reed “I said and we both laughed

We both walked hand in hand to his room,the guard opened the door and we walked in,,, We paused and he went to open the window while I looked around the room. I went to join him,,,,,,

He looked at me and faced the front back, we stared at the brightening stars for some minutes before he broke the silence,,,,

” I wish everything goes well tomorrow, though I act like its fine but it’s not. What will happen tomorrow? will I come back tomorrow? will we be able to defeat him and many more questions keep running in my mind “he said facing me

” We gonna defeat him and I’ll make sure you come back to life “I assured him
” Even if I don’t come back, you guys have to make sure you defeat him without me “he said
” You have to come back to life,, I won’t be able to life without you ”

” You should learn to do so,,, “he said cupping my cheeks
” No! i can’t live without you “I said my face filled with unshed tears
” You can live without me,,, just make sure you bring Kenneth down “he said but I shook my head in tears

” I can’t! “I said turning my back on him,, he came to my front and cleaned my tears. He was done and I lowered my head
” Vivian! “he called making me look up at him
” I really can’t…. I can’t live without you “I said and pulled him to a hug, he embrace me
” I wanna spend the rest of my life with you Reed “I mumbled slowly

We unlocked from the hug and I cleaned my face with my palm,,
” Am off to my room “I told him
” You can stay here “he said and I nodded my head.
We climbed the bed and covered ourselves with the blanket,, I wanted to sleep but the sleep didn’t come. He turned and faced me,,,

” You can’t sleep? “I asked him
” Yeah “he replied and I smiled
” Same here “I said. I. noticed his gaze on my lips and immediately covered my mouth

” Why? “he said
” What are you staring at huh? “I asked
” Your lips “He replied softly
” Why are you staring at it? “I asked acting innocent
” Cause I want a kss “he replied and I laughed inwardly

” Go on! “I said removing my hand
” Really? “he asked and I just nod. I moved closer to him and he smashed his lips on mine and I also reciprocated.

I started to loose the buttons of his shirt,,i was done and was about to take off my clothes when he held my hand and that way stopping me,,,

” Are you ready? “he asked
” Yes,, I am “I nod repeatedly and continued taking off my clothes,, I took off my top and I heard him sigh
” What? “I asked

” Don’t let us do this, let’s make it another day “He said
” But,,,, ”
” No but, let’s sleep “he cut me off and laid me back on the bed, he covered me with the blanket and kssed my lips

” Reed “I called as he turned off the side lamp,,
” Goodnight “he said after laying back on the bed
” Goodnight “I said and then shut my eyes.

I opened my eyes and stretched on the bed,,, Wait! it morning!!
l looked beside me to see Reed not moving, I felt his body to see he’s not breathing. He’s lifeless!!!!

” Reed! “I almost shouted but covered my mouth. Reed!


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