🌖The Invisible Creator♣
(Is he a human??)

Episode 23⭐⭐

Written By: Tofunmi Nikky📝

♥Vivian’s pov♥

Its been few hours since we’ve arrived home,, I won’t lie about the fact that I haven’t being myself since we came back. What Reed is about to do is risky,,, I know that but there’s no way I can stop him.

He’s doing this for all of us, so he can bring him ,,, so he won’t go on with his plans. I just hope everything works as planned and we’ll be back together as always

” Miss! “A maid called stopping at my front
” Yes? “I said
” Ma’am told me to call you,, she need you in her room “She told me
” Okay “I simply said, she walked away before I started walking inside. I stopped at the front of the door and knocked,,,,

” Come in “She replied from inside, I opened the door and entered. She turned and faced
” Ma’am “I bowed my head and later raised it
” Why haven’t you dress up? or don’t you know we’re having a party tonight “She questioned looking at me from head to toe

” Am sorry ma’am. I thought since everything is all set I should just go to my room “I said and surprisingly she burst into laughter.

She stopped at looked at him calmly while I also smiled,,
” You’re so funny Vivian, you are a part of our family now or don’t you know? “She asked and that made me gulp

” Yes you’re. Can you now see why you have to be different from others,,, I don’t want you to see yourself as a maid. If you want I can stop you from working and you’ll still get paid,, you know why? “She asked and I shook my head negatively

” Because I like you,,, I really like you Vivian “She said and came to place her hand on my shoulder
” Quickly go and put on nice clothes, the party will be starting soon “She said and brought down on hand
” Thank you for the care ma’am “I said and she nodded

” Hurry up! “She snapped and I bowed before leaving.

🎀Livia’s pov🎀

I was in my room busy operating my phone when the door suddenly opened and Nina walked in,,,

” How do you enter? “I asked raising my head to look at her
” Not like your parents are home “she said and I rolled my eyes before continuing what I was doing

” I came here to tell you something important and that’s if you’ll listen “She said
” Am not interested “I said not looking up. It’s the truth,,, am down because of Reed. He’s make another friend but why not me,,, he doesn’t want to see me

” So you’re not interested huh? “she asked scoffing
” Yes! “I said
” Since you don’t want to hear about him, then I’ll keep it to myself “she said and I was forced to look up

” Him? who?? “I asked with great enthusiasm
” Who if not Reed but it okay since you are not interested,, Life goes on “She said and then collapsed on the bed
” What about him? “I asked thinking she’ll tell me

” Are you kidding me? you just told me you aren’t interested “She widened her eyes at me
” But now am interested. Tell me what happened? Is he alright?? tell me “I went to sit beside her and cross my hand around her neck

” Find out yourself “She said and shrugged my hand off

Dmn! I badly want to hear

” Please! Tell me,,, don’t let me go crazy in anxiety “I pouted
” Okay, I’ll tell you “She said and I immediately sat upright
” Reed’s birthday is tomorrow and guess what? there will be a grand party at their mansion,,,, I can’t wait to be there. I don’t wanna miss it “She shouted crazily

Reed? birthday party?!

” I must not miss the party “I said

👑Reed’s pov👑

[Night party👥]


” Hey! that’s okay “I told the maids that helps in styling my hair,,, I didn’t let them finish before getting up. If not for mom who wants a party tonight I wouldn’t have do this

” But sir,,, ”

” You all can go “I ordered looking at them with my usual strick eyes,, they immediately bowed and left.

I went to look at myself in the mirror,, quite good. Am handsome without all this but mom…

Someone banged into my room, I turned with an angry face to see it mom. What!

” Mom! why do you have to banged in? “I said while she stood at akimbo
” Am sure you’re aware there’s a party down there,,, and you’re badly needed downstairs “she said glaring at me
” I was about coming when you suddenly banged in mom! “I said loudly

” Whatever, now let’s go “she said and signaled for me to come to her front,,, I took the lead while she followed behind me till we reach outside where the party is going on,,,

👥OMG…. Reed!

👥This guy is fucking handsome

👥He’s my favourite

Mom took me to a table where some of her friends are,,, they all looked up as soon as they sighted us.

” Lisa! “mom said as she hugged one of them and then the rest
” Is this your son? Reed! “She asked mom before facing me
” Yes,,, that’s him. Reed meet my friends “Mom said to me

” Hmm evening y’all “I said and that simply shows we aren’t familiar with each other,,, not like I remembered her or anyone of them

” Sir “A guy who is one of our workers came to me and I excuse myself before going to him
” Yes? what’s it?? “I replied
” Sir Weston called for you “he said and my heart skipped a beat. Dad!!

” Is he home? “I asked to be sure he’s not blabbering nonsense
” Yes “he answered and I sighed. I thought he went for a business trip,, Damn.

” Tell him I’m coming “I said
” Alright Sir “He said and bowed before leaving.

Only God knows why he’s calling me, Well it’s kinda good,,I haven’t seen him for a while now.

I started walking and avoided the glances from the girls,,,

👥He’s coming!

👥Even the way he walks,,, so perfect

👥I heard he’s very rich

👥Not only that,, he’s got very great powers

I only smiled and shook my head, Anyways I haven’t sighted Vivian since I came out. I’ll go look for when am done with dad,,,,


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