🌖His Invisible Creator♣
(Is he a human??)

Episode 22💋💋

Written By: Tofunmi Nikky📝

[Weston’s Empire⭐]

There were many activities going on in the Weston’s mansion,,, the preparation is more than before. The house has been decorated into different colours,,,, they prepared foods and many more,, it was the night of his birthday and they are planning for a small party tonight

Mrs Weston climb down the stairs and walked out to welcome her husband,, it’s obvious she’s missed him so much,,

” Welcome Darling,, “She said as they hugged each other,,, about two maids were beside them all carrying bags and other things,,,,
” How are you honey?? “He asked after the hug,,,
” I’m perfectly fine,, “She said and faced the maids who all bowed their heads immediately

” Let’s go inside ” She said and took his hand in hers before they went in,, the also maids followed them.

He wowed as soon as they stepped in,the house looks even more beautiful than before,,,

” You’ve gone so far in the preparation “he said facing her and she smiled
” Thank goodness you came home though,,, “She said more like she’s angry
* Do you think I’ll afford to miss my son’s birthday party huh? Never. Even if it remains just a few seconds,, I’ll still come “he said proudly
” Oh! I see “She said and they started walking
” That apart,,, where is my Reed? “he asked as they took the stairs up

” I haven’t set my eyes on him since morning,,, I’ll call him right away “She said and he nodded

They stopped at the front of the room and one of the guards open the door and he entered while she collected the bags from them one by one,,,

” Thanks “She told them after taking in the last one
” Yes ma’am “they chorused with a bow and left. she turned and they opened the door for her to enter.

Few Hours Later
Reed opened the door and ushered all of them inside, he decided not to do this at home but somewhere else because any form of disturbance,,,

He took the necklace and raised it up for them to see,,, they all looked up.

” I’m done “He told them still raising it up,, His left hand was tucked in his pocket since they came in
” Are you sure it’s gonna work? “Gerald asked looking at him while the rest fixated their gaze on the necklace for some time
” Am really sure. I’m going to hand over the necklace to Gerald,,, but anyone of you can throw it at him “he said and they nodded.
They all walked out and headed to where their cars was parked,,, Reed stopped at the front of his car and opened the car door. As he did that he unknowingly brought out his left hand from his pocket,,,,

Vivian was the first to see his bleeding hard,, then the rest making them gasped,,
” Reed! ”
He heard them call his name and turned,,,
” What happened to you? “Vivian said and hurriedly went over to his side,,, He sighed, though he’s bandaged the hand but it’s still quite visible

” Tell me what happened there? “Gerald asked in a angry manner
” Don’t! “he snapped at Vivian who wanted to touch him,,, she moved back from him
” We would have followed you but you insisted that we should stay outside,,, now see “Amelia said. He sighed again, he really doesn’t know what to tell them,,he kinda wished none of them will see the hand

” That’s one of the things that ought to happen during that time,, you guys should calm down “he finally said to ease them and that seams to work,,, the expression on their face changed.
” I somehow wish you don’t have to go through this “Vivian said without looking at any one of them

” Trust me, it will be over soon and make sure you do everything I told you. Please,,, try not to make any mistake “He said

” No problem Reed ”

” We will ”

” Goodnight everyone “He said

” Same here Reed ”

” Goodnight Gerald, Amelia “Vivian also said and as they made to go, Reed paused and faced the two
” Please don’t tell mom or dad about this “He said to them coldly. Gerald and Amelia glanced at themselves before responding;

” I won’t “said Amelia
” We won’t… “Gerald said
” Promise? “He asked them again, he’s to make sure they don’t tell anyone especially his parents
” Promise! “They all said including Vivian.
” Okay, bye “He said and entered the car then turned on the ignition, Vivian waved at them and went into the car. Reed drove away leaving the two of them.

Gerald made to leave but Amelia held him by the arm,, he faced her
” Can we talk? “She asked. He looked at her hand which was holding him before facing her back.

” See am sorry for the way I treated you back then when you came to our house,,, I didn’t mean to “Amelia said breaking the silence between them
” It’s okay, maybe I shouldn’t have come to visit you “Gerald replied nonchalantly
” I said am sorry! “She finds herself yelling at him and that made him shook his head

” Maybe I should just leave “He said and went away she ran to block his way
” What’s it again? “Gerald said in a way that shows he’s fed up
” Am deeply sorry. Please try to understand me,,,, I never wanted to yell on you “She said and he smirked

” I don’t think you can change. It’s like you never wanted me around,,, So stop pleading “He said

” I’ll change. You have to get the fact that I don’t hate you or anything it’s just that… “she was saying and suddenly paused
” …that what? “He asked getting more curious

” Um nothing. Will you be my friend? “She said stretching out her hand for a handshake. Gerald couldn’t believe his ears,,,, is he dreaming? obviously not.

He quickly took the hand with great pleasure,,,
” Thanks “She said after the handshake
” For what? “He asked
” For accepting of course “She said smiling
” It’s nothing “He replied her
” So let’s hug “He said
” Huh? “She asked blinking rapidly

” Don’t friends hug? “He said and winked
” Okay “She simply said and they hugged, his lips curled into a smile.


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