HIGH SCHOOL ON LOVE … (18+) … Part 30




I walk into the cafeteria.All eyes turn to me.

“The queen is here”a student said in a mockery turn drawing there word queen.

I don’t look at wicked people.


👩Even wickedness smell here.

👩Stupid being.

👨Just find yourself a killer.

They are right?

Am wicked and selfish I want everything for myself.I can’t be like leya like kelly said on the first competition between I and andra she give andra her position….no I can’t do that am a selfie being.

I search to see cara with andra and co eating even my best friend is not there for me.

“How will she be for you when you are wicked”my mind pour out.I can’t tell my parents this they will kill me this means I can’t change my school I die here.


There were tears on my eyes as ellie stood still and student keep talking about her some even use there shoulder to push her he stumbled like someone who have not eat for days.I try to stand up to meet her but Chris hold my hand,i look at him and he give me a face of “don’t go”i nod and face her again she is facing me too tears pour out of her face slowly with a pitiful face.

Her skirt is not the way it suppose to be it look unkept the lines are not straight this is not the ellie I use to know.


Looking at her is really pitiful

“Even the greet queen can cry in public”A student said.

I stand up to meet her.

“Ellie”i said as she bow her head.I don’t even know what to say.I drag her hand out of the cafeteria to the back of the classroom.

“Andra”she call in between her cry.

“I forgive you”i said I don’t know how this come out of my mouth.

“Why will you forgive him”i turn to see smith and others.

“She did not deserve it am sure if you are dead by now she will he happy”smith said.

“He is right I don’t deserve your forgiveness”ellie said.

“Ellie”cara said as she cry out and hug her they both go into cry like a baby who need food.

“Am sorry”cara said.As Ellie burst into another loud cry.

“C… A… R…. A”ellie said as she hug her tight.Friends will always be friends .

They finally draw apart but they don’t stop the cry.Kelly move close to ellie and hug her….i feel a little bit jealous.

“You get what you deserve queen”he said as Ellie cry out.

“And what is all this”i said almost shouting.

“You are making my sister jealous big head”chris said.

“Awwnn….you own me bebe”kelly said as he walk to me and before I know it his lips is on mine.



“Jeezz”we heard a voice we turn to see two student as they run.Before we blink students run to where we are….chez the student run to call others.


I once said I will not kiss andra till she is ready but here I am I can’t take it.

I finally split with her and stare at her my bae is even cute when shocked.

“You even look cute when shocked”i said.

“Uhn”she reply me as she make her eye bigger this make her more cute.

“You heard me”i said as i use hand to pick her hairs to her ear. I turn to see a lot of student, who call them I taught we are the only one here but that get no meaning to me thou.

“I love you andra” I said almost shouting so the student can hear.


I look up to see that some girls have faint.

👩 love in the air.

👩Our king finally get in love.

👩 I taught he hate girls.

👨They are both hot thou.I smile as I took Andra hand and drag her as student part ways for us.


This is what Andra want but I destroy her plans.

Micheal and others also walk behind andra and Kelly.

“Let go”chris said in a whisper.

“Okay”i said but turn to face ellie who have a smiling face what is she smiling at I taught she will be sad by now.

“Ellie”i call out. As she turn to me.

“Let go”i said she nod and follow i and Chris.

We all walk to smith class since is a private class to avoid talk talk.When we get to the door I chris and ellie.

“I think I have to leave I don’t want to spoil the moment”ellie said as I and Chris turn to face her.

“You can’t as long as you don’t try anything funny again and Andra have forgive you already”chris said as he went into the class.

“Ellie let go”i said as I drag her hand into the class.

We get into the classroom to see andra trying to catch Kelly.

“You should not have do that in public”andra said as Kelly dodge her hand.

“That was not in public love just in front of student”kelky reply her as he climb smith locker.

“Anywhere that is not private is public”andra said as she stood still am sure she is tired since she can’t catch kelly.

“Alright am sorry ma’am”Kelly said as we all burst into laugh.



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