HELL’S NEST … (18+) … Part 13


I stopped working because Giselle thinks it’s not the right time to work. I was at home that day about eating when someone knocked.
” Who could that be ?” I lamented.
Giselle’s at work and I’m alone. I opened the door and a stranger was standing opposite me.
” Hi.” He greeted.
” Hi , who are you ?”
” My name’s Andrew and I’m here to see Giselle.”
” Giselle ? She didn’t tell me she’s expecting anyone.” I said.
” Well I’m Giselle’s fiance and you must be Jordan.”
I nodded and looked down at his feet.
” You’re pretty.” He said and smiled seductively.
” Thank you , Giselle is not around , I will tell her about you when she returns.”
” Alright ..” he said and stand for a while checking me out.
” I must confess you’re beautiful , more attractive than your sister. It’s nice meeting you. Extend my greetings to Giselle.” He said and walk out.
” a****le.” I said and closed the door.
” Giselle and boyfriend issues.” I mutter and sat down to eat.
That evening Giselle came back from work , she was really tired.
” Hi ” I greeted and she nodded leaving for her room.
She came back after some time , she was on her casuals.
” Did you cook ?”
” Yeah , you might like it..” I said and she chuckled.
She entered the kitchen and came back with her food.
” How are you ? Hope you were not bored ?”
” Not at all . Your fiance visited.”
” Andrew ? I thought I told him i won’t be around. He can be really crazy at times.”
” Yeah , really crazy.” I said and got up .
” You’re going to bed ?”
” Yes , good night sis.” I said and walk out.
Why would Andrew think of visiting . I always inform him each time I’m gone, God knows what brought him here.
I picked up my phone and called him.
” Andrew.”
” Hey babe..” he said on the phone.
” Did you came to check on me ?”
” Yeah ”
” I thought I told you I won’t be around. Andrew you know my work schedule , I work Monday to Friday and today is just Wednesday.”
” Sorry babe , I saw your sister. She was pretty just like you.”
” Did you check my sister out ? ”
” No Giselle I can’t , I mean you’re the one i want.”
” Does that even make any sense ?”
” Come on.” He said on the phone.
” Cool , good night. Just take care of yourself.” I said and ended the call.
Andrew’s safety is one of my priority. Jordan and Andrew was the last I’ve got. Before he travelled abroad , then my mom was alive she hated Andrew because she sees him as a Casanova.
I wasn’t ready to believe that till I saw him myself , I couldn’t hold the pain. He pleaded and vowed never to cheat. Men are naturally polygamous. I wasn’t ready to tell him about Jordan , he might hate me and think my family is possessed too.
I sighed continually and ate in silence. I was taking Jordan to the priest on Saturday and that will be a strong battle , I planned to drug her in case she changed her mind. That weekend I drugged her water and she fell asleep , it could save me the stress of evil manipulation.
We arrived our home town and the priest’s Dolan assisted me and took her inside. She was chained to a pillar close to the alter , Jordan was still fast asleep.
” Bless you child.” The priest said and I nodded smiling.
” Thank you father.”
” I am really worried about her , I hope it leaves finally. She’s really a threat to everyone around her.”
” She’ll be fine , I’ll get the holy water and cross.” The priest said and left.
” Hi.” The priest’s Dolan said.
” My name’s Zion , I’m the 26th Dolan.” He said.
” I’m Giselle , you’re serving ?”
” Yes. Your sister , is she possessed ?” He asked in a whisper manner.
” I don’t know , maybe..”
” The priest is not even an exorcist, a priest could barely deliver a possessed body except he studied demonology or exorcism. She can’t be cured by a priest.”
” Thanks Zion , but you’re gossiping and it’s not right.”
” Sorry I don’t mean to trespass.” He said and walk away.
I sighed and turned to look at Jordan who was still asleep. Not quite long the priest returned with the items and dropped them at the alter.
” We should excuse her , let’s walk outside.” The priest said and I followed.
We went outside the church to talk.
” Did she kill anyone lately ?”
” No except me. She tried to kill me but God was merciful.”
” You didn’t mention that .” The priest said.
” Sorry father , I mean not to disturb you. She’s going worse every single day.” I said and sighed.

” I hear her mother’s voice almost every night , she’s still insecure because she died a painful death. She’s pleading that I shouldn’t let her daughter end like her. The devil has caged her soul.” The priest said.
” That’s sad news. There’s a brace….” I was interrupted by a loud scream from inside the church.
We rushed in with the priest calling Zion’s name. He was lying on the pool of his own blood. He was dead and Jordan’s awake , her eyes were red.
” Oh no.” The priest said.
” What did you do to him ?” The priest questioned Jordan.
” He was so stupid to have tried to come closer..” Jordan said in a man’s voice.
He laugh through her , and his evil laughter filled the entire church.
” You foul spirit..” The priest said and i had to hide behind him.
” You’re a weak soul Adam , my father made you a promise to worship him you chose his own father. God will not accept your soul.” Jordan said and tried to break free from the chains.
” I come against every demon from hell. ..” the priest said pointing a cross at her.
She screamed and struggled to break free. God I almost fainted , I stood behind the priest and watched the scene.
The priest continued to pray and sprinkled a holy water on Jordan. She cried and scream in a man’s voice.
” Giselle please save me..” her real voice cried.
” Who are you ?” The father asked.
” I’m the Lord..” She said in the man’s voice and break free , throwing the chains away.
Alright I don’t know how it happened but I find myself outside the church running endlessly. I stopped and hide behind a bush. I was breathing endlessly , I was truly worried, I just hope the priest is fine.
Few minutes after I went back to the church , there was blood stains everywhere and the priest was missing including Jordan.
” Oh no , where has he taken him to ?” I asked myself.
I ran out of the church and drove home. I was lamenting and sweating on my way home.
” Where’s Jordan and where’s the priest ?” I was just thinking.
I know I might be crazy to have returned home without Jordan but I had to , my leg was also bruised. I parked at the garage and came down. I was still tired , I opened my door and saw Jordan watching TV with her throngs and crop top.
” What I’m I seeing ?”
” Hey sis..” She greeted.
I was already scared and worried.
” You don’t need to be scared , just forget about it.” Jordan said and turned to watch TV.
I swallowed my saliva and rushed to my room. I picked the few things I’ll be needing tomorrow and my uniform because I’ll be going to work after spending the night at Andrew’s. I can’t think of spending the night with her not after what happened.
I tiptoed and went downstairs , she was not there anymore. I rushed out and drove away. I slept at Andrew’s and I barely could sleep , that night I was having endless nightmare.
The following morning I went to work and I could barely concentrate. That afternoon at work I saw Christian, he walk to my counter and smile.
” Not now Chris , I’m really sick.” I said to him.
” I know , just a minute. I need to talk to you about something and it’s really important.”
” Jordan ?” I asked.
” Yeah.”
” **** Christian. Wait outside I’m coming.” I said and he left.
” What do you want ?” I asked taking him to the back.
” Jordan needs help.”
” Christian I know , why can’t you stay away from her. She tried to kill you why are you not smart enough. You’ll end loosing every single thing you cared about at a twinkle of an eye. Leave her alone, she won’t hate you. When she’s normal you can have your love life back with her , just go.” I said.
” Why haven’t you ran away from her ?
” What ?”
” You might have forgotten the answer but i will remind you , it’s because you ****in care. You loved her and you can’t abandoned her because you care a lot about her. Now think, if everyone should abandon her who will stand by her , who will assist her no one will. I care about her and i love her I can’t just leave her.” He said and I sighed.
” I can’t contact the priest since we came back from our home town. That was yesterday , she ran away with blood stain everywhere, the priest went missing and I ran away , I was shocked to see Jordan inside the house that I locked. I didn’t even bother to spend the night yesterday, I ran away .” I explained.
” So what are you planning to do ?” I asked.
” We should get an exorcist, they help real better than priests. I’ll find one.” Christian said.
” Cool , she’s there whenever you bring in an exorcist.” I said and proceed to leave.
” Be careful , one little advise don’t come over to the house till you bring an exorcist. Stay away..” I said and walk away.


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