HELL’S NEST … (18+) … Part 11


Giselle was found on her room lying almost dead. Her fiance, Andrew called me and I rushed over to give her treatment.
I couldn’t find Jordan too , for about five days Giselle was still unconscious and in coma. I was really worried , what must have happened , Jordan is not around and Giselle is in coma.
I sit by her bed side and her fiance was just worried .
” Poor thing..” I said in my thoughts.
” Her sister is no where to be found.” I said.
” It’s really surprising.” I added.
” Giselle has a sister ?” He asked baffled.
” Yes , like a relative..”
” She didn’t mention it , that’s cool.”
I chuckled and got up .
” I should go back to the hospital , you should take care of her , I’ll check on her this evening.”
” Alright..”
I smiled and walked out. I entered my car and drove away. I was a bit worried about Jordan, since the day Andrew found Giselle on the floor of her room unconscious I’ve not seen Jordan. My instincts was telling me Jordan has to do with it.
I ran away from home after Giselle’s incident , I was scared and afraid. Christian was always calling , I just hated it , I brought out the cross Giselle gave to me and threw it away.
I always wander at day and sit at the pack every night. I was scared to go home, I’ve killed Giselle and my conscience is tormenting me. One evening I was at the park lonely and crying when a woman walked to where I was sitting.
She smiled and waved.
” Hey.”
I turned to look at her and refused to reply.
” I mean no harm , I’ve been watching you lately. You’re too young to be out here all by yourself every single day. Whatever crime you’ve committed shouldn’t make you hate yourself , every one is worth a second chance. My instincts is telling me that you have a family and I think you should go back to them. You shouldn’t stay out , they still care about you even if you’ve done a grave offence. I can walk you home if you want me to.” She ended.
I smiled and nod my head.
” Thanks , you’re nice. I can find my way home, thanks for your concern..”
” It’s my pleasure helping , I should leave you.” She said and left.
I cried and remember the incident , the tattoo on my back refused to erase , I knew he gave it to me. My life was fading away gradually , and with time I knew I was never gonna make it alive.
I wiped my tears and left for home. The door was unlocked. I walk in and I could hear voices , I step out and ran away.
It was like a miracle when Giselle opened her eyes . That was the sixth day and I was really excited. She stare at me and turned to look at her boyfriend.
” Where’s Jordan ?”
” Erm.. I don’t know. She’s been missing since I started giving you indoor treatments.” I said.
” What ! ” She exclaimed and sat up.
” Be careful..” I said as Andrew assisted in making her sit.
” What do you mean she’s missing ?” Giselle asked.
” G calm down , look I came to visit and found your door open. I called out your name but there was no response , I went to your room and find you unconscious. I called Melissa and she came over to give you treatments, I didn’t see anyone.” Andrew narrated.
” Oh no..” Giselle cried.
” Giselle calm down , what happened ?” I asked.
” I slumped and collapse..” She said.
I knew she was lying.
” For real ? You were in coma for almost a weak G .”
” I slumped..” she said again and I nodded.
” Andrew please get her something to eat , there’s a fast food down the road.”
” Sure.” Andrew said and walked out.
I sighed and turned to look at Giselle.
” You have something to do with Jordan’s whereabout. You can’t just slump and almost die. What did Jordan do to you ?”
” Nothing Mel , I’m good. I’m only worried about her. She wasn’t even around when I slumped.”
” Giselle..”
” I’m not lying..” She burst out.
” Cool ”
Not quite long Andrew came back and I left.
It’s been two weeks since Jordan ran away , I was a bit better now. I was really worried , I called Christian and he said he can’t find her either. She’s not picking anybody’s call and my second instincts is telling me Jordan’s dead. That can’t happen , she can’t just die.
I called the priest and he told me Jordan is fine , she ran away and she’s afraid to come home. I cried and prayed for her to return.
One evening I was standing outside the house , I dreamt she returned. I stood there for a while when I saw Jordan from afar. She looks dejected and abused.
Her eyes were dim and she looks pale . I ran to her and carried her inside. She took her bath and remained in her bathroom crying.
” Jordan you’ll be fine. We were worried including Christian.” I said standing outside her bathroom door.
She cried and refused to talk.
” I don’t hate you okay, and I’ll never hate you. You’ll always remain my sister.” I said and she continued to sob.
” Jordan everything will be fine. Where’s the cross i gave to you ?” I asked.
I heard her sniff and exhale.
” I threw it away.” She said.
I was really baffled , why will someone threw away a cross.
” Alright ,it’s okay. I’m preparing dinner , you should come downstairs to eat when you’re through, I’ll be waiting.” I said and left.
I went downstairs and arrange the meal on the table. I waited for a while and Jordan came downstairs. I helped her with her chair and she sat down.
” Christian was worried about you…” I began.
” He visited and was really sick.”
She frowned and kept quiet.
” Should I ask him to come over ?”
” Please no , I’m not in the mood to talk to anyone.”
” Alright , you should stay at home before resuming work fully.” I said and she nodded.
” Why did you ran away ?”
” I thought I’ve killed you , my conscience was pricking me, I almost wanted to take my life.” Jordan said.
” We’ll be fine alright , I just want you to take your full time and rest.” I said and she forced a fake smile on her face.
” I’m sorry for trying to …”
I held her hands and smiled.
” It’s okay.” I said and she nodded like a child.
We ate as silence drove by. I was really worried about Jordan , I can’t wait to see her live a normal life. Melissa on the other hand wants me to involve her in Jordan’s issues , that should be the last thing I would think about. I sighed and smiled at Jordan who was eating really slow , it was obvious she was tired of her condition.
Suicide was written all over her face.

One night I stood at my balcony and thought about Jordan. About few minutes ago Giselle called me , she told me Jordan’s back.
I wished to see her , but she said Jordan despise the idea. I stood there and lamented. I was really tired , I wanted to go to bed when I remembered Jones was coming home with his girlfriend.
I yawned and go through my phone. I saw a shadow and I looked downstairs , it was Jordan smiling at me mischievously. She look a bit different , I smiled and hurried downstairs.
I opened my door and looked around but couldn’t find her.
” Where might she be ?”
I saw her a bit far from my door post , she was smiling at me.
” Jordan..” I called.
She giggled and ran into the woods.
” Okay that was unusual.” I said and followed her.
” Jordan wait up…”
She refused to slow down, she ran into the woods and continued to giggle like a baby.
I stopped and couldn’t find her.
” Christian..” I heard her voice and a laughter followed.
” Alright, this isn’t funny, Jordan we need to talk.” I said looking around and there was no sign of Jordan.
” Jordan.” I called out.
A feminine hand touched me from behind , I turned around and saw something strange. A swamp of flies that crowded me , I screamed and collapsed.
” Morning matron ” a nurse greeted me.
” Good morning..”
” Hey Mel.” Becky called out.
” Morning Becky.”
I said signing on her file.
” Doctor Smith’s wished to see you, says it’s an emergency.” Becky said and i sighed.
” Alright..” I muttered and walk out.
I knocked on Mrs Smiths office and she ordered me in.
” Good morning Doc . ” I greeted.
She wasn’t fragile as before , her smile was not active.
” Mel I need to hurry out there’s an emergency and I need to leave.”
” What do you mean doc ?” I asked.
” Something bad happened to my son , I just got a call from his friend Jones , Christian was found inside the woods and was brought home . Jones said he’s not saying a word since the incident. I need to check on my son.” She said picking up her items and throwing them inside her bag.
” That’s really bad , can I tag along ?”
” Melissa what about your patients ?”
” Doc I need to come with you , your son’s life is more important here and also we have other specialist I’m just a matron.” I said and she nodded.
” Alright , hurry up.” She said and i help her carry her bag.
We drove to Christian’s apartment ,he was worse than what I was expecting.
” Christian..” Mrs Smith called and rushed at her son.
” Holy moly.” I said and dropped her bag.
” What happened ?” Mrs Smith asked and cried.
” He’s not saying a word , he’s dumb.” Jones said.
Christian looks more than a psycho , his eyes were pure white, I could barely explain what I saw. He laughs to nothing in particular and he’s not talking , he’s gone dumb. His skin looks like a leprosy patient with little rough boils.
” Christian look at your mother.” Mrs Smith said and cried more.
He refused to talk instead point to an unknown object , he screamed and hold his throat.
” Christian..” we called and hold him.
I don’t know how it happened but he fell to the floor with his eyes open and he passed out.


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