HEART OF A BEAST … (18+) … Part 47



❤Melvin’s POV❤️
The pain gradually transported to my neck, choking me and my palms immediately moved to it.. I couldn’t bring myself to utter a word, it completely held my cords..
My eyelids got wet with tears and then suddenly, the pain vanished..

My palm slowly left my neck I felt something warm and light run around my back.. I tilt my head and they met with Kayla, she was bent as her palm continued working on my back; soothing me..

Seeing me, her eyes glimmered.

“Are you okay?” She asked, her palm now running slow on my back..

“Y-yes, I’m fine!” I told her and she nodded..
I felt the beef still in my mouth and I swallowed it and surprisingly, it didn’t get stuck at my throat, neither did I feel any unusual pain or difference and- I checked my hand, I’m not a beast!

“You suddenly looked like you were dying back there” she said, taking more wrapper off the beef.

“Well I was,” I said and she gave me a look. “I mean it’s surprising cos Priola gave me an apple yesterday and after I ate it, I felt.. Well, I can’t really describe it but it was a very strong pain and then I transformed to a beast and craved badly for blood-” I paused when she gave me a raised brow look and I shook my head “I didn’t kill anyone, at least not a human. I found a stray cat but now I think all the pains flew away when you touched me or- I don’t know but I just didn’t feel it anymore” I expounded.

“Really? That’s probably why Priola said you need my help in your human journey, maybe being together can lessen it” I said and he nodded.

“Yeah, you’re right!” I agreed. She gave the rest of the beef and I drew it to my lip, I took a larger bite out of it and chewed slowly, she was still bent over me with her palm resting on my back. Feeling nothing, I chewed more harder, though with a less bitter taste, I swallowed and I was normal..

Wow! I took another bite and before I knew it, I had eaten the whole pack. Kayla smiled at me before moving away..
•Kayla’s POV•
It was nighttime and yeah Melvin ate almost all of what I brought, tho he complained about some being extremely bitter or tasteless, he ate them anyways and I was glad..

As I relaxed my back and stared at the moon-less sky, I heard a loud sigh and I turned to see Melvin transforming..

I could feel my body shudder as a new feeling enveloped me. My body screamed at me to run but I sat still and watched, probably too amused but who am I kidding, I’m part of all this now.
He looked at me, obviously checking my expression but I quickly looked away, taking my gaze to the empty space..

Scared? Well, probably.
Uncomfortable? As hell.
But I just have to bear it, I mean I should’ve gotten used to it already right.. I pushed the propelling feeling aside.

“Ahh, I’m badly craving for a drink!” I heard his growl like voice.

I gave him a look and my eyes bulged out when they met his new strange look..
Well, in a way we’re both not human.

“Ohh.. I have cola but it’s warm and you-” my voice trailed off when I saw the look his bulby eyes gave me and then it hit me “Oops. You’re talking about blood?” I asked and he nodded his large hairy head.

“Oh well since you can’t have that, why don’t you just take the coke. You know you’re not supposed to-” my voice trailed off quickly again when I saw his intent look on me but on a different part of my body.. I traced his gaze and I found blood on my arm, slipping out gently from a tiny wound.

“Whoa! How did this get here?” I asked rheotorically, taking my arm and checking it closely.
I must’ve gotten it from a sharp branch earlier cos it look a bit dry.. I looked at Melvin and found his gaze fierce on my arm, my brows narrowed.
Melvin’s POV
My gaze stayed at her blood but my mine was preoccupied with many thoughts.. Priola’s words flashed into my head and my family life at my very eyes, then my near death. My grunts became loud, seeing her blood intensified my unsatiable urge.. Her blood used to be so uninviting to me but probably knowing that all of it could cure me, take away this body, this life and bring me back to my family was enough to get me salivated.. As I tried fighting the urge off, taking a large bulb of saliva down my throat, I found my self catapulting toward her and the next minute, I was on top of her.. I could see the fear and terror very evident in her eyes and crumpled face.

“Me-melvin?” Her voice was filled with uncertainty.

“W-what’re you..d-doing?” This time I heard the fear.. I shut my eyes and shook my head, trying to get the whole of me to reject her..
The moment I felt a bit of uninterest, I quickly slipped off her, brushing her hard against her side before running off..
~Kayla’s POV~
My brows narrowed as Melvin dashed off.. I breathed out and first of all normalized it before sitting up. I sighed again and stood up.. I wonder why he did that..

Was the urge that strong? Geez, he must be going through so much trying to sooth it. I know how I feel when I don’t get what I crave for but his, it must be stronger.

I began walking, following his trail and it led me to the cave, I found his large body bent over and I could hear his hard breathing.

“Melvin?” I called.

“I want to be alone!” He answered harshly amidst heavy breathes.

“But –

“Please Kay. Just leave me alone! It’s late. You should go home, I’ll be fine” he said, raising his thick voice at a time.

I gave him a skeptical look.
“Umm..Okay! Bye” I said before walking out.


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