HEART OF A BEAST … (18+) … Episode 71



❤Kayla’s POV❤️
“What gi- wait, you were that boy?!” I asked, gobsmacked and he nodded. “You were that little boy?” I asked, still unsure and he nodded.

“Yes.. It’s shocking, I know. I remember how you had thanked me repeatedly after I explained what a caesarian operation was,” he said and I nodded rapidly “I can’t believe I found you, you just ran off, I didn’t even get to know much about you!” He said.

“Yeah.. I was too happy then. And you had given me.. Uh a necklace?”

“Yes. It was a gift from my mom, I just wanted to give you something for giving me a chance to talk to you” he said, a little bashfully.
“Geez.. This is so awkward, I never thought I’d meet you again. I now know where those familiarity lately have been coming from” he said.

I smiled with a nod but suddenly it wiped off as memory hit me.
“That necklace, your mom had given you as a birthday present, right?” I asked and he nodded and then wore a blank expression.

“It was the Luvi!” He beat me to the revelation and I nodded..

“Exactly!” I nodded. “And with all the whole relocation and stuff, I thought I had lost it and forgotten about it but I didn’t” I said.

“Wow.. This is one heck of a revelation!” He said and I nodded in concurrence.

“Yeah and looks like your memory’s starting to get pretty clear, you’re remembering things even without me asking” I said.

“You’re right. You think it’s a good sign?”

“It’s obvious that it is! You’re getting pretty good being human” I stated and he smiled.

We were quiet for a while and I stared at the moon, shinning very brightly in the sky. I felt his gaze on me and I tilt my head to catch his stare, the expression was somewhat unexplainable and uncertain.

“What?” I asked and the look wiped off immediately.

“You’ve really changed a lot, I mean I clearly remember how you looked like that time and here, look at you now- all different!” He said.

“It’s called growth, you did change a whole lot too. Well, except for your determination of course! You got me then and now and it’s pretty amusing now that I think about it” I said and he giggled.

“Well, I’m just glad I met that little girl again, that’s all” he said.

“Yeah, me too!” I said.
The next day, I woke up a little heavy with sleep.
I got myself ready for school and grabbed my backpack. Mom and I had a quick breakfast and she drove me to school before heading for work.

I met Melvin on my way down the hall and we both head to class together..
That morning, we had just two classes cos the teachers that ought to take us for the next two classes turned in sick and it was kind of surprising that they both got sick at the same time.

I could feel the jubilation in everyone’s action as they spent the free periods doing one thing or the other while awaiting lunch break.

Melvin busied himself with drawing something on a pad, feeling left out, I grabbed a book and began reading.. Occasionally, I could feel Melvin’s gaze on me and back but I ignored it and focused on the book I had in hand.

I heard the bell, signifying the beginning of break period, I glanced at Melvin and saw he was shabbily shading the picture he had drawn and when I looked closely it was the picture of a girl and he was shading her hair with the pencil in his hand..
She had a pair of reading glasses on and was dressed in a fashionable dress with heels.

I cupped my chin into my palm while my elbow stayed on the table, I stared more closely at the drawing and realized that it somehow matched my look, well except for very fancy look and long dark hair…

“Who is that?” I asked and Melvin gave me a look..

“You. isn’t it obvious?” He asked.

“Nope, cos I don’t have long hair and I’m not into heels”

“Well, I was just picturing you in a less geeky look” he said, smiling.
“And I think you look more lovely this way!” He said, giving me a flirty look. I looked away, packing my books.

“Well thanks but no thanks. I think I’m better this way. It’s lunch break already, let’s head to the cafe” I said.

“Yeah, sure!” He kept the drawing away and stood up..
I sighed deeply as we made it out of class to the hall.. Melvin’s right, I definitely look more pretty in a less geeky appearance but somehow, I’m stuck with this nerdy one.
I have tried leaving my hair long in the past but they get too heavy on me when I walk or want to read and packing it feels like a whole lot of different task.
I just had a trim few days back and I feel more comfy having it short..
Fashion can’t just be about long hair and it’s probably not even my word..

After the meal, we head back to class and work session came in again. We had three subjects and school went on smoothly and normally. After the work and a bit of rest time, school came to an end for the day.

Melvin and I said our byes and I head home.
Mom was home when I arrived and after a brief greeting, I head to my room, undressed and ran a quick shower on my body..

I dressed up in a pair of sweatpants and plain blouse and head out of my room.

After dinner, mom and I sat on a couch in the living room, watching TV and I couldn’t help but think about how much secret I was hiding from her.

I know I couldn’t tell her all but there are some that she deserves to know and me hiding it from her for this long was starting to get bulgy in my chest and now that I think about it, the guilt overwhelmed me more..
She needs to know catching the beast wasn’t giving justice to Tracy, it was her utmost reason for taking the case up anyway..

She could loosen up a bit..

I took in a deep breath as mom’s hand curled on my neck and shoulder.

‘I’m sorry Trace’

“Mom?” I called and she moaned an answer to me, her gaze still on the TV.
“There’s something I have to tell you!” I said and her gaze moved from the TV; to me. She loosened her hold on me a little so she could view my face more clearly. My fingers began intertwining themselves.

“Okay.. What is it?” She asked and I exhaled silently, giving her a look.

“I should’ve told you this a long time ago but I made a bet with Tracy that I wouldn’t” I said and her brows narrowed confusedly at me.

“Wouldn’t tell me what?” She asked, more curiously.

“T-tracy wasn’t killed by the beast!” I said and she was quiet for a split moment.. “I was there when she died, it was a hit and run case..” I stopped to take in air.

“It wasn’t the beast, mom” I said and her face suddenly grew pale with shock.

T. B. C


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