HEART DESIRE … (18+) … Part 8




***I looked at the wonderful creation that was standing in front of me looking all surprised, God surely took his time creating her and I couldn’t help but admire her beauty and innocence as she was surrounded by my guys who disguised themselves in police uniforms. I asked her to get in the car and she looked around to see if anyone was looking before she did and I found myself smiling like a retard

Me: hey

Blessings: hi

She responded shyly

Me: it’s been ages, right?

Blessings: umm…yeah

Me: I’m really sorry I couldn’t make it that day, I was tied up with work

Blessings: ohh okay

The driver started off the car and it was filled with silence, I’d catch her playing with her fingers whenever I glanced at her and she was just flawless

Me: I thought you told me you sold fritters at the market?

Blessings: yes, but I had to stop

Me: why?

Blessings: because……

I could see hurt written all over her face and an involuntary tear escaped her eyes which she quickly wiped off then I cupped her face

Me: want to talk about it?

More tears fell and I handed her a handkerchief letting her cry, I called the house to confirm from Betty if Grace had left but she was the one who answered so I quickly dropped the call. I texted Justin to tell him that I’d use his house since I had a key of my own then told the driver where we where headed.

We got to the house and I led her on a couch where she sat until she was calm

Me: what’s the problem?

She narrated everything to me

Blessings: I am being forced to marry someone I don’t want to and he’s twice my age, I tried talking to grandma out of it but she wouldn’t listen. I really wish that there was a way out but there’s nothing I can do

She said between her sobs and I remembered the dream I had of a lady crying and saying some prayer then I quickly zoned out of it

Me: but why would your grandma force you to get married to someone you don’t want to?

She tried saying something but stopped which I understood because I was a complete stranger to her

Me: Blessings, I know you’re afraid to say anything to me because we don’t really know each other but believe me I mean no harm and I’m willing to help you if you let me

Blessings: I think there’s no help that can be given because I don’t want to be kicked out of the house

She told me how she was treated by her grandma and what she went through, she said the reason she was being married off was because her grandma couldn’t afford to take care of her anymore and I was angry by the time she finished narrating but I had to keep calm for the best. I asked if she had any school qualification and she told me that she only had a junior secondary school certificate. It was sad that amongst all the people, she had to encounter all that so the least I could do was to grab her hands and kneel in front of her

Me: you won’t get married to that man for any reason, okay?

She nodded

Me: let me help you out, net me be your friend

Blessings: yes

Me: trust me when I say you won’t be that man’s wife

Blessings: I’ll have a leap of blind faith and let you take care of me

I almost perked her beautiful, wet lips but I had to control myself otherwise I’d pose negative thoughts about me but one thing I knew was that I’d make her mine and it had to be soon.

I made us something to eat and we sat in the balcony enjoying each others company and my phone rang then I checked the caller ID only to find that it was Grace….


***Thomas tried to keep calm so that he couldn’t raise any suspicions to Blessings then he dropped the call and focused his attention on her then his phone beeped shortly indicating that he had received a text message which he also ignored but his caller was persistent so he excused himself and went to Justin’s bedroom where he answered


He said in a bored tone

“Babe, the baby”

She was panicking which also freaked out Thomas

“What is it? I’m on my way”

“I have stomach cramps and they’re getting worse as time passes by”

“Keep calm, I’ll be there soon”

He went back to the living room where he held Blessings and assured her that everything would fall in place then he drove her home and they held a light conversation.

Blessings got home and found everyone gathered around the dining table feasting and laughter filled the room then she stood by the door wondering if they’d behave that way if she was arrested, she then walked in and they all looked at her then continued with what they were doing after Mary’s mother clicked her tongue.

Mary’s mother joined her mother in the living room when she saw that everyone had retired to bed then she slammed herself on the couch and grandma looked at her worriedly

Grandma: I thought you’d be asleep by now

M.mom: not yet, I wanted to talk to you first

Grandma: is everything okay?

M.mom: yeah it’s just that I’ve been thinking.

Grandma: yeah?

M.mom: don’t you think Bwalya is a little too old for that girl, won’t society judge you? I’m just worried because he’s about my age

Grandma: I don’t care what society says or thinks because they don’t know our way of life in this household

M.mom: but there are other young men out there who……

She was interrupted

Grandma: you want her to leave this house along with her disease, right?

M.mom: yes

Grandma: then leave everything to me

They talked about different stuff they both left to bed but sleep had deserted grandma as she thought of how her life had turned out to be because of her actions in the past. Being a cult member for money, fame and respect, grandma was asked to kill her children one after the other every year leaving her with only Mary’s mother and her favourite son Benjamin who was just useless. She was also responsible for all her grandchildren’s promiscuous and nasty ways, she had been a member of the cult for so long that she even sacrificed her own parents. Time went by as she watched new cult members being given higher positions and power which got her frustrated so she approached the cult leader and laid out her concern then she was told that she had one special person who was neither her flesh nor blood and having her blood on the alter would make her powerful and successful but it had to be done under conditions which where the girl wouldn’t have to exceed her age which was 20, she had to be pure or marry someone older than her and that she didn’t have to be with a man who’d love her wholeheartedly. That was the reason grandma was prompt on marrying Blessings off to Bwalya so she’d die in his house when she just got married and fingers would be pointed at Bwalya’s wife and she’d finally be successful otherwise the entire community would suspect her. She pushed Bwalya into rushing the wedding because she knew that she had to have Blessings killed the same year since she was already 20…..




Thomas drove home in speed hoping his baby was fine, he also felt pity for Blessings but one thing he knew was that her grandma was going to pay so dearly and he kept thinking of ways to punish her because he couldn’t control his rage but again Grace’s panicking voice played in his mind bringing him back to reality and he thought his brains would explode as he drove ignoring road rules, overtaking other vehicles unnecessarily and drifting praying his unborn baby was safe and didn’t mind causing an accident.

He was lucky to arrive home safely and left his car in the driveway rushing to the house and called out for Grace who never responded and went searching for her in every room then got in his bedroom where he found turned down curtains, dimmed lights, rose petals everywhere and Grace was standing leaning against the wall holding a bowl of strawberries which were Thomas’ favourite and chocolates in the other hand with her hair dripping wet clad in a red lingerie which was exposed after pulling down her black robe and catwalked to Thomas who stood frozen by the door…

To be continued…


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