HEART DESIRE … (18+) … Part 7




***Grace was in her living room on a couch curled up in a ball and she kept glancing at her phone expecting a call from Thomas to ask for forgiveness for how he treated her but he didn’t neither did he text her which got her worried because it was not of him to let a day pass while he wasn’t on good terms with her. She tried calling him a few days back but his phone rang unanswered then she slammed herself on the bed as she thought of him finding solace of his bruised ego in another woman and she couldn’t stomach the thought so she ran to her bedroom where she turned her wardrobe upside down until she opted for white jeans, black knitted jersey and black ankle boots then she went to stand in front of the mirror and couldn’t think of any hairstyle so she grabbed her hair and did whatever she thought would be comfortable then applied light make up and took her phone and car keys then stormed out. Memories of how Thomas surprised her with a Ford Mustang played in her mind as she opened it then she hit the dashboard and shook her head countless times

“No, I can’t be losing Smith this isn’t happening”

She kept saying that as she drove to his place in total speed, she tried keeping calm because she feared causing an accident but she failed until she got to the place and went shouting his name from the garage where she’d parked her car. She got in the house and found him getting ready to leave then she placed both hands on her waist and shook her head in disbelief

Grace: where…where…you coming to see me?

Thomas: No, I’ve got an important meeting to attend to

*He said without even looking at her

Grace: Smith, a meeting for the love of God! How could you even think of attending a meeting when we aren’t in good terms?

Thomas: what do you want?

Grace: why are you doing this to me?

Thomas: because it’s what someone as insensitive as you deserves


He just clicked his tongue and shook his head not believing what she’d just said, the truth was that she thought throwing tantrums at him would make him hold her and ask her to calm down while she cried on his chest like he always did but she got an unexpected reaction by him just looking at her so she continued

Grace: now if you keep treating me like this, I won’t hesitate to kill this baby because it’s coming between us

Thomas: do you even listen to how ridiculous you sound?

Grace: take my warning seriously

Thomas: try me

he said in a calm and authoritative tone

He walked out on her and her jaw dropped open then he stopped on his tracks and turned to look at her

Thomas: Betty will show you the way out

He left and she sank to the floor as she thought of reasons to his behaviour and she thought maybe her pregnancy was the real reason but she quickly brushed off the thought because she knew how much Thomas wanted a child of his own and for the first time she wished she was close to Justin so he’d pump sense into Thomas’ head but she remembered how she treated him each time he visited. After what seemed like eternity, Grace finally got up from the floor and wiped a tear that escaped her eyes then wore a smile

“I’m pregnant and I can use it to my advantage, if at all there’s someone in his life then she’ll have to face Thomas’ pregnant, trained thug before she can get to him”

She went to his bedroom to check if there was any evidence that proved he was cheating but she didn’t find anything then she laid on the bed thinking that it might be her insecurities that pushed him away but there was nothing she could do about them because she couldn’t help losing him especially that most women threw themselves at him…..





Few days passed after the day Thomas failed to show up and it was a cold day with only a few customers, I sat on my spot with a wrapper wrapped around my whole body coz I had nothing warm on me. Mary walked by with her attention focused on her phone then sized me before informing me that grandma wanted to see me, I picked my bucket and left with her then the whispers among the other girls began. Mary kept distance between us making it seem like we weren’t together but I didn’t mind walking home alone coz dealing with her pride was the last thing on my mind, we got home and I was surprised to find a few cars parked outside then I saw grandma coming out of the house with a huge smile on her face and she indicated for me to hurry up which I did then she pulled me aside and whispered to me

Grandma: you will use the back door and go straight to your bedroom, I’ll meet you there

Me: what’s going on?

Grandma: just go we’ll talk there

I went in using the back door and I could hear loud chatter coming from the living room and I wondered what the special occasion was until I heard the voice I never wanted to hear, the voice that made my insides turn whenever I heard it. It was Ba Bwalya’s voice and I’d zoned out until I felt someone pull my hand and it was grandma who led me to my bedroom. I took a seat because my legs had become wobbly and I saw her smiling at me

Grandma: you’re finally getting married

She squealed

Me: grandma, wha….

Grandma: you’ll be at your best behavior and don’t you even think of denying him otherwise you will face the beast in me

Me: grandma, you’re seriously marrying me off to that man who’s old enough to be my father and as a second wife for that matter?

I tried swallowing the huge lump on my throat which was painful and tears freely made their way down my face

Grandma: SHUT UP!! how much do your dead parents bring you from the grave for your upkeep?

She snarled

Grandma: 17 years of raising you with this your disease isn’t easy at all, it’s quite risky and you should even appreciate my kind gesture instead of throwing you out on the streets

Mary walked in with one of her dresses and I was asked to wear it then they left and I cried uncontrollably until I calmed down and wore the dress then walked to the living room and everyone smiled upon seeing me, I was asked to sit then Ba Bwalya told grandma not to permit me sell fritters anymore or leave the house because he didn’t want other men looking at me since they’d come for the dowry negotiations. I was later excused and went to cry in bedroom where grandma followed me after her guests had left and started giving me tips on how to be a good house wife




I was sweeping the yard one morning with Mary’s mother giving me a hard time then two police officers knocked at the gate and Mary’s mother went to get it

Police 1: we’re looking for a lady called Blessings Mwango

Grandma: what has she done?

I didn’t notice what time she came out

Police 2: I’m Inspector George and this is my colleague Inspector Oliver

Police 1: one of the girls who happened to be Blessings’ neighbour at the spot she was selling fritters was found dead and we only want to interrogate her so we can gather useful information

Grandma: does that mean she’ll be arrested?

Police 1: only when she’s found guilty

Police 2: we have to take her now, don’t worry we’re only interrogating her and not arresting her

Grandma: please hurry up and get home once you’re done.

I took one last look at what I considered to be home and what I’d do if I didn’t return, saying the police officers didn’t freak me out would be a lie because they looked more like soldiers at the state house. We walked a certain distance then took a turn I wasn’t familiar with, I wanted to ask where were headed but I debated against it. We finally came to a stop on a black car and I couldn’t believe my eyes…

To be continued…


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