HEART DESIRE … (18+) … Part 6




***Justin managed to get the job done and I was in my study making sure that everything was in order and it was late at night…




I was in my office seated on a chair but the room was empty and it seemed like the whole building was empty then I heard an echoing voice say

“Lord please help me coz I can’t do this on my own, I’ve endured a lot and can’t go on this is just too much. Dad, mom why didn’t I just go with you?”

She kept on talking and her cries would pierce even through the coldest heart then I was disturbed by my ringing phone and I got up only to find my head rested on the laptop, I checked who was calling and it was dad then I quickly rubbed my eyes and cleared my throat before I could answer

Me: dad?

Dad: Smith, you need to fly to Morocco right now with Justin

Me: but dad it’s only 1am here

Dad: I’m not asking you what time it is but to be in Morocco as in yesterday

Me: why? What is it?

I was rushing to my bedroom to start parking because I knew that something serious had gone wrong for him to be asking for Justin and I

Dad: Andrés and Ricardo have gone too far this time, they’ve stolen all the goods I own there and killed most of my men by burning down the whole place

Me: RICARDO!! Ricardo as in Carla’s dad

Dad: yes that’s the rascal, I’ll be expecting you boys here within a few hours

Me: alright dad

I hang up and called Justin to inform him about our trip and he said he’d come to fetch me, I went back to my study to wait for him and had a down feeling as I thought of the dream I had then it immediately clicked in my mind


I sighed then I remembered that I hadn’t got her contacts

“Anyway, I’ll see her once I return since I know where she’s found”

I muttered under breath

Justin arrived shortly and drove to the private jet then we took off.

Dad had more enemies than we did but Ricardo who was once his best friend since they got in the drug dealing business together, it happened that Ricardo did dad a very huge favour and he wanted an arranged marriage for his daughter, Carla and I in return but I turned down the offer since I already had Grace. It angered Ricardo and started threatening dad so Justin agreed to marry her for peace to reign between the two, he later found out that she was an excuse of a woman who cheated on him with every guy she met after two years and he decided to let her go so there has been bad blood between him and dad and his daughter just wouldn’t let go of Justin.




We landed in the big city of Casablanca and were drove to his beach house, we found him coming up with some plan with two guys who worked for him and we joined him. We all knew that getting to Ricardo wouldn’t be an easy task.

We all went in search of him but didn’t find anything until the third day when he made a phone call to dad and we got hold of his location but we had to travel the world until we got to him and dad drove a bullet straight through his skull.

A week it had taken to complete the complete the mission and I was finally back home with Justin, I got up early and just after taking a shower and dressing up, Justin walked to my bedroom and looked surprised

Justin: going somewhere?

Me: no, I’m not

Justin: but you’re all dressed up and awake before the time you should be especially without sleeping a wink for a week

*I just chuckled

Justin: ever since your so called fiancée left this house, I finally have peace being in your house and the look in your face says you’ve got a new lady

That caught me off guard

Me: what! Am I that obvious?

Justin: no but I know you in and out so I’m listening

Me: she isn’t my lady yet coz I just met her last week before the Ricardo saga and I was taken by her innocence so I promised her that I’d see her the following day but we travelled to Morocco that night and now I have to make up for not showing up before I can do anything else

Justin: and her name?

Me: Blessings

Justin: Mmm….they have sweet names but an ugly character

Me: something tells me this one is a different breed

Justin: just hope she is coz if she’s a duplicate of Grace then I swear I’ll punch off her teeth coz you’ve been through a lot

Me: I agree on that….. But there’s one problem

Justin: let’s go to the kitchen and grab something as you tell me about it coz my tummy is speaking in tongues

Me: I’ve long been thinking of this and I think it’s time I took action

Justin: what’s that?

Me: calling off the wedding with Grace

Justin: I’ll only celebrate when you tell me the reason

Me: her actions speaks it all, just see what I go through now, I’m not willing to be tied up to such drama for the rest of my life……

We heard heels hitting the floor and we immediately to find Grace approaching us then Justin chuckled

Justin: speaking of the devil, let me love and leave you guys. I’ll be in the bedroom if you need me


She pushed him when he tried to leave

Justin: don’t yell and touch me coz I won’t hesitate to slap the nonsense out of you, know your limits

He walked out and she came crying to me but I indicated for her to stop

Me: Grace, what do you want?

Grace: are you asking me that?

Me: I don’t know who else is in the room because the last time I checked you said some really hurtful things before you left my car just to get a taxi

Grace: it’s because you annoyed me Smith

Me: just like I’m going to annoy you by asking you to leave

Grace: pardon?

Me: I didn’t stammer, did I?

Grace: so you’re asking me to leave so that you can bring in your…….

Me: Betty will show you the way out when you’re done talking, excuse me

I got annoyed and left her screaming then I went to inform Justin that I was leaving, I drove to where Blessings told me that she was found and I finally located the place. I browsed through the girls who sold fritters and the way they looked at me was inappropriate but I didn’t see her which made me think that I was in the wrong place, I went back to my car but something told me to ask if and of them knew of her so I went back and found some girl who started smiling when I approached her

Me: excuse me

Girl: yes, how many fritters do you want?

Me: it’s not exactly what I want, I’m looking for some girl named Blessings

The smile on her face instantly faded

Girl: she’s not here

Me: any idea where I could find her?

Girl: No I don’t, anything else?

Me: no there’s nothing and I’ll take my leave

Girl: but…..

I looked at her and she bit her lower lip…

To be continued…


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